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December 2, 2016


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The ability to play with gadgets is probably the aspect of writing e-cigarette reviews that’s most fun. I love seeing all of the cutting-edge technology and finding out what the manufacturers have come up with to make vaping a little better every month. Every once in a while, though, I come across an e-cigarette with some truly exceptional innovations. My XEO VOID review will describe one of those e-cigarettes. Some of the features of the XEO VOID are really remarkable, and I’d love to see other e-cigarette manufacturers implement them.

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View the XEO VOID now. The VOID kit costs $59.99. Use the coupon code VAPEGRL when checking out for a 10 percent discount.

What Is the XEO VOID E-Cigarette?


The XEO VOID is a compact and highly innovative example of German engineering. Roughly the size of a thick pen, it’s equipped with a number of features including child proofing, leak proofing and massive vapor production. Although it’s technologically advanced, it remains user friendly and is intuitive enough for complete beginners. It’s equipped for both direct-to-lung inhalation with a sub-ohm atomizer or mouth-to-lung inhalation with an above-ohm atomizer. If none of that makes sense to you, don’t worry. I’ll clarify in a moment.

Why Will Beginners Love the XEO VOID?

Sealed Easy-Fill Tank

Most beginner-friendly cigalikes use replaceable e-liquid cartridges. however, the XEO VOID uses an internal e-liquid tank you can fill yourself. The tank is essentially a leak-proof cup. More on this later.

Easy-to-Replace Atomizer Coil

The XEO VOID’s atomizer coils do need to be replaced on occasion. The coil works by contacting a metal plate at the bottom of the tank to form an electrical connection. Replacing the coil couldn’t be simpler; just twist off the old one and twist on the new one.

Sleek Industrial Design

The XEO VOID is a stunning example of user-friendly engineering. It excels ergonomically, aesthetically and functionally. Features like the drip-proof mouthpiece and the heat vent at the base of it make it a joy to own and use.

Who Is the XEO VOID E-Cigarette for?

  • First-timers. The XEO VOID is easier to fill and use than most other e-cigarettes on the market. Its high level of performance belies its outstanding ease of use.
  • Parents. The XEO VOID comes equipped with an activation button that turns the device off. Additionally, the cap and mouthpiece are child resistant.
  • E-smokers who love a simple upgrade path. To get the XEO VOID to produce more vapor, simply install the included .6 ohm resistance atomizer coil. Switch back to the 1.0 ohm coil when you want a smoother, cooler, more cigarette-like experience.
  • Lovers of beauty. The brushed metal of the XEO VOID is gorgeous. I received mine in the Burst Silver color, and couldn’t be happier with its appearance and the way the unit feels in the hand.



Setting up the XEO VOID is simple. Before your first use, simply connect it to a USB port via the included cable.

Once it’s fully charged, depress the ridged collar beneath the mouthpiece and twist left to release the mouthpiece and atomizer assembly.

Pour in your e-liquid to the fill line. Replace the mouthpiece and twist the assembly back in.

Wait five minutes so that the wick can become saturated with e-liquid. Do this each time you change the coils.

To activate the unit, depress the activation button five times in rapid succession. Hold the button, and inhale the vapor. As I mentioned above, the XEO VOID works equally well whether you inhale from the mouth to the lungs or directly to the lungs.

General Use

You can expect to go through about one atomizer coil per week with the XEO VOID. Spare coils are available from V2 in packs of five for $19.99. The life of the coil may decrease if you use sweet e-liquids or don’t wait long enough between puffs for the wick to become wet again.



The Built-In Tank

As noted before, the interior tank of the XEO VOID is cup-like and won’t leak from the bottom. Unlike most e-cig tanks, which have several options for opening — and therefore several avenues for potential leakage — the XEO VOID has only one opening and only one avenue for potential leaking. That avenue is the mouthpiece, but XEO has done something to make leaking almost impossible.


Most e-cigarette tanks feature a long tube connecting the atomizer and mouthpiece. This seals the atomizer so it can retain dampness for vapor production without drowning in e-liquid. However, the tube is subject to retaining condensed vapor which can leak out if you turn the e-cigarette upside down.

To solve this problem, the XEO VOID uses a plastic vortex inside the mouthpiece. Any condensed liquid inside is trapped by the barrier of the plastic and automatically falls back into the atomizer, thanks to the vortex’s shape. This reduces e-liquid waste. It also helps to make the possibility of e-liquid exposure to children almost nil.

Works With All E-Liquid

The greatest benefit of buying the XEO VOID rather than a cigalike is the fact that you can use any e-liquid you want. The VOID is optimized for the maximum level of flexibility. If you want to use a thinner PG-based e-liquid, you’ll have a great experience with the 1.0 ohm coil. If you prefer a thicker VG-based e-liquid, switch to the 0.6 ohm coil.

What Does “Sub-Ohm” Mean?

Ohms tell us how much an atomizer will hamper the electrical current running through your e-cig. Provided the battery voltage is the same, the lower resistance the atomizer has, the more wattage it will produce when you vape. An atomizer whose ohms are under 1 is considered sub-ohm and can operate at a higher wattage.

Because the XEO VOID supports sub-ohm atomizers, it can produce more vapor than any other e-cig of its size. If you’re a beginner, start with 1 ohm, and work your way down. Also, inhale from mouth to lungs unless you’re using the sub-ohm atomizer.

Inside the Box

Your new XEO VOID will include the vaporizer itself, two coils, a user’s manual and USB cable. Use the 1.0 ohm coil first.

Machining Quality

As mentioned before, this is the most well-designed vape at its price point. It’s child-proof, leak-proof and cosmetically perfect. The charging cable is wobble-free, and the activation button has the perfect tension.

Vapor Production

You can inhale vapor directly into your lungs or hold it in your mouth before inhaling. Most beginners start with mouth-to-lung.

With most vaping units, there is an unrestricted airflow that facilitates the need for direct inhalation to get the most vapor. If more vapor per puff is desired, an e-cig or tank upgrade is in order, possibly both.

However, with the XEO VOID e-cigarette, you can simply replace the 1.0 ohm atomizer coil with the 0.6 ohm atomizer coil for more vapor clouds immediately. No other upgrades required. This makes the XEO VOID one of the rare vapes that works equally well for mouth-to-lung as direct-to-lung.

Battery Life

The battery has a nice long life, and you can use the unit while the battery charges. Note, however that it is best to wait to have a full charge before using. Otherwise, the unit will waver between charging and discharging which diminishes its longevity.

XEO VOID Vaporizer Review: The Bottom Line

The XEO VOID is among my favorite e-cigarettes to date. For the price, its performance is incredible. It’s probably the most child-resistant e-cigarette on the market — a trend that I’d really like to see other e-cigarette manufacturers adopt. The VOID is also one of the best looking e-cigarettes — with just about the best fit and finish — that I’ve ever seen in any price range. This e-cigarette gets my highest recommendation.

View the XEO VOID now. The VOID kit costs $59.99. Use the coupon code VAPEGRL when checking out for a 10 percent discount.

XEO VOID Review: The Pros

  • Great price for its capabilities
  • Perfect fit and finish
  • Easy to use
  • Child-resistant design

XEO VOID Review: The Cons

  • Nothing; the VOID executes its design perfectly

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  1. serge

    Smoked cigs for 35 years..been solely on this for two months now…i like it..saves me a lot of money i dont stink like an ashtray all day long..and i sumply feel better..