Hardtime E-Liquid Review

Hardtime E-Liquid may not have the most variety of any e-liquid company on the planet, but they’ve got a strong start with a flavor combination that works.

Hardtime E-Liquid is a new e-liquid company that I discovered only recently because one of my favorite e-cigarette companies — Volcano — began carrying it. Though Hardtime offers just four flavors to date, I find most of them quite delicious. For a new company, they’ve also built up quite a following on social media. Upon discovering Hardtime, I wrote to ask for a review sample. Within a few days, I had all four flavors waiting in my mailbox.

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View the Hardtime E-Liquid or Lips & Drips line at Volcano. Each 60 ml bottle costs $27.99.

About Hardtime E-Liquid


Upon receiving my review package from Hardtime E-Liquid, I noticed that the e-liquids had very similar scents. Let’s examine the flavor profiles, and we’ll see if you notice the similarity.

  • Slammin Snowcone: Strawberry and watermelon snow cone topped with vanilla ice cream.
  • Slammin Cereal Bar: Strawberry cereal bar with vanilla frosting.
  • Slammin Milk Shake: Vanilla milkshake topped with strawberries.
  • Cupcake Kisses (Lips & Drips label): Vanilla cupcake topped with strawberry frosting.

So, there’s definitely a lot of strawberry and vanilla here. If you happen to like strawberry and vanilla, though — which I do — Hardtime E-Liquid has a lot of interesting variations on a theme that works really well.

Hardtime E-Liquid Review


Of the four flavors from Hardtime E-Liquid, only the Slammin Snowcone flavor is really drastically different from the others. Though it does contain the same strawberry and vanilla base, the watermelon snowcone flavor is quite strong and covers everything else. The Slammin Snowcone flavor does work — if you’re into that type of flavor — but I tend not to be the biggest fan of snowcone flavors, slushie flavors and the like.

The other three flavors, though — they’re top notch.

My first reaction to Slammin Cereal Bar, Slammin Milk shake and Cupcake Kisses was that all three e-liquids smelled and tasted the same. They do have exactly the same strawberry-vanilla base, after all. After I spent some time with the e-liquids, though, I began to pick up on subtle differences between them. Of the three, Slammin Cereal Bar is my favorite. It’s a variation of a flavor I’ve had several times recently — the new VaporFi by Cosmic Fog collection has a very similar flavor — and it works really well. After I spent some time with the e-liquid, I could definitely taste a savory cereal note that set it apart from the rest.


Cupcake Kisses is from the Lips & Drips e-liquid line, which presently consists of just one flavor. It doesn’t taste terribly different from the other two flavors that I mentioned, but it does have a “frosted” or “baked good” flavor that sets it apart.

Finally, the Slammin Milkshake e-liquid has a darker flavor note that tastes a bit like brown sugar or caramel.

Hardtime E-Liquid Review: The Bottom Line

So far, Hardtime E-Liquid really does one thing — e-liquids with strawberry and vanilla flavors — but they do it well. I happen to enjoy strawberry and vanilla flavors very much, so the lack of variety didn’t bother me at all when I reviewed these e-liquids. If you enjoy that flavor combination as well, you should definitely give Hardtime E-Liquid a try.

View the Hardtime E-Liquid or Lips & Drips line at Volcano. Each 60 ml bottle costs $27.99.

Hardtime E-Liquid Review: The Pros

  • Although all of the flavors are variations on the same theme, they’re all tasty and executed well

Hardtime E-Liquid Review: The Cons

  • If you don’t like strawberry and vanilla, there’s nothing here for you yet