Who Is Vapegrl

Hi, I’m Vapegrl.

Welcome! I am Vapegrl, and Vapegrl.com has been my home on the web since 2012. I am a professional writer whose life was changed with the discovery of e-cigarettes in 2010. I was a smoker for more than ten years, and I doubted that I’d ever be able to stop. I simply knew of nothing else that came close to mimicking the sensation that made smoking so addictive — until I found e-cigarettes.

My Vaping Story

From the moment that I first touched an e-cigarette, I never used tobacco again. I smelled better, felt better and spent a whole lot less money. It’s been seven years now, and I’ve never looked back.

The e-cigarettes that were available back then were very different from the ones on the market today. The “three-piece micro e-cigarette” was the norm in those days. You’d connect an atomizer to a battery, and then you’d place a capsule containing a wet sponge on top of the atomizer. When you inhaled, the atomizer would draw nicotine liquid called “e-liquid” from the sponge and vaporize it.


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