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November 7, 2014

Virgin Vapor Review


Virgin Vapor ReviewAs you my already know, I have long considered Virgin Vapor one of America’s best e-liquid companies. I admire their dedication to selecting only top quality natural flavorings. I also find organic e-liquids extremely attractive due to the concern about possible pesticide residues that might be present in the flavors and extracts used in conventional e-liquids.

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Organic e-liquids may not be for everyone, though. In general, many organic e-liquids may taste milder than their conventional counterparts because they lack artificial flavors. I have sampled many of Virgin Vapor’s e-liquids. While the majority were delicious, a few didn’t taste exactly as I would have suspected. I imagine is because I’m accustomed to consuming many of those flavors in forms that have been augmented artificially. In my Virgin Vapor review, I’ll present my tasting notes for all of the Virgin Vapor e-liquids I’ve sampled to date. These are in order of my personal preference. I hope you find this review useful.

Virgin Vapor Review: Table of Contents

  1. Kona Coffee Milkshake
  2. Best Damn Tobacco
  3. Black Cherry Marshmallow
  4. Peppermint Chill
  5. Darjeeling Sweet Tea
  6. Lemon Rosewater
  7. Pina Colada
  8. Root Beer Float
  9. Strawberry Shortcake
  10. Strawberry Lime Cooler
  11. Menthol Moon Drops

Virgin Vapor Kona Coffee Milkshake

Among Virgin Vapor’s e-liquids, Kona Coffee Milkshake is legendary. As long as I’ve been aware of the company, this has been their most popular flavor — and with good reason. Kona Coffee Milkshake isn’t just Virgin Vapor’s best e-liquid; it’s one of the best e-liquids ever created. If you’ve never purchased anything from Virgin Vapor, this is the one you need to try.

Although Kona Coffee Milkshake is a bit too sweet for me to use every day, I really like the great coffee flavor that Virgin Vapor used to create this e-liquid. No, it doesn’t taste exactly like I’m vaping real Kona coffee, but it is by far a more realistic coffee flavor than in any e-liquid I’ve ever tried. The ice cream flavor notes really come through, too; during a long session of vaping Kona Coffee Milkshake in preparation for this review, I noticed that my mouth actually tasted like I’ve been eating ice cream. Not bad for something without any calories or fat to worry about!

A lot of Virgin Vapor’s e-liquids can be quite mild; you taste almost nothing while inhaling them, and the full range of flavors comes through only on the exhale. That is definitely not the case with this e-liquid. The taste of coffee is quite strong on the inhale, and the ice cream notes come through on the exhale. Adding to the overall pleasure is the fact that this e-liquid has an absolutely wonderful smell. For a few seconds after you exhale the vapor, Kona Coffee Milkshake fills an entire room with the scent of a coffee shop.

Virgin Vapor Best Damn Tobacco

Best Damn Tobacco is Virgin Vapor’s second attempt at creating a tobacco e-liquid flavored with real tobacco extract. The first one, simply called “Organic Tobacco,” was awful. It tasted and smelled like an ashtray. Virgin Vapor quickly scrapped the product and came up with this new version, which is brilliant. Not only does Virgin Vapor’s Best Damn tobacco contain real tobacco extract, but it’s made from organic tobacco extracted without hexane. No pesticides!

It has to be said that Best Damn Tobacco — and naturally extracted tobacco e-liquids in general — might not be for everyone. Alcohol is used to extract the tobacco and some of that flavor will persist in the final product. Some people really can’t stand the flavor of alcohol vapor, and I can hardly blame them. The good news is that you can simply leave the bottle open in a safe place for a day or two and most of the alcohol will dissipate.

The second reason why some people don’t care for e-liquids with real tobacco is because the taste might not be what you’d expect. After all, the taste that you get from using tobacco products results from burning the tobacco. If you simply create an extract from the tobacco, you’re losing most of that flavor. To create an e-liquid with a tobacco extract, therefore, you have to combine the extract with other flavors.

Virgin Vapor has done a really great job with their Best Damn Tobacco e-liquid. The flavor is warm, ashy and musty — one of the most accurate simulations of real tobacco I’ve tasted to date. If you’ve tried other tobacco e-liquids and found them overly sweet, this is one that you ought to try.

Virgin Vapor Black Cherry Marshmallow

Black Cherry Marshmallow is consistently one of Virgin Vapor’s best sellers, so I ordered it with high expectations. When I opened the bottle, the smell didn’t disappoint. It’s a very sweet note that smells exactly like real cherries. It’s practically strong enough to be an air freshener, and the smell permeates the room when you vape it.

Unfortunately, the smell of Virgin Vapor’s Black Cherry Marshmallow doesn’t quite translate into a powerful cherry flavor when the e-liquid is used. This is another one of those Virgin Vapor e-liquids that tastes like almost nothing when it enters your mouth, only to build slowly on your tongue after you exhale the vapor. The taste is a realistic black cherry with a bit of creamy sweetness in the background that suggests marshmallow.

That being said, the flavor of this e-liquid is truly excellent — you’ll find it a real revelation if you’ve tried cherry e-liquids in the past and been put off by the “cough syrup” flavor many of them seem to have. There’s none of that here; just pure, natural cherry flavor. I’d love this e-liquid even more if the flavor were just a touch more prominent.

Virgin Vapor Peppermint Chill

Virgin Vapor’s Peppermint Chill is an e-liquid created using a combination of peppermint flavor and menthol. I can also taste a bit of sweetness, which may result from the inclusion of stevia or agave nectar. If you prefer your mint e-liquids without menthol, take note that Peppermint Chill actually has enough menthol to compete with some of the stronger menthol e-liquids I’ve tried. Menthol occurs naturally in real peppermint, though, so to combine the two is just fine by me. Without the menthol, Pepermint Chill would be more like peppermint candy.

I’m not a big fan of artificial sweeteners. I don’t mind them if I can’t taste them, but any artificial sweetener that leaves a detectable aftertaste bugs me. I’m glad to report that Virgin Vapor’s Peppermint Chill manages to be mildly sweet without having any noticeable artificial sweetener taste that I can detect. In fact, the only aftertaste I can detect is the same aftertaste that I get when I drink mint tea, a beverage I’ve always been fond of.

Out of all the Virgin Vapor e-liquids I’ve tried to date, I think that Peppermint Chill may be the one that succeeds most fully in achieving its goal. In mint e-liquids, the difference between natural and artificial flavors is like night and day. If you’re tired of vaping mint e-liquids that taste more like candy canes than real mint, Virgin Vapor’s Peppermint Chill is an e-liquid worth adding to your next order.

Virgin Vapor Darjeeling Sweet Tea

Virgin Vapor’s Darjeeling Sweet Tea is completely unlike any other e-liquid I’ve ever tried. Having never tried a tea-flavored e-liquid before, it’s difficult to do an apples-to-apples comparison. However, I really have to say that Virgin Vapor has gotten the flavor just about exactly right. I can actually feel the tannin on my tongue while vaping. It’s a really interesting effect, although it does leave me feeling a touch thirsty.

The other flavor notes I pick up in Darjeeling Sweet Tea are milk (vanilla, perhaps) and bergamot. It’s quite nice. The full flavor profile and sweetness really come to life on the exhale; the e-liquid almost resembles a cup of hot Earl Grey tea with sugar and milk thanks to the addition of the bergamot. Although Darjeeling Sweet Tea is a very sweet e-liquid, the sweetness fades almost immediately, leaving only the lingering taste of tea on the tongue.

Virgin Vapor Lemon Rosewater

When I first discovered Virgin Vapor long ago, the now discontinued Luscious Lime flavor was part of my first order. In the process, I learned something I hadn’t realized before — I actually don’t care for real lime flavor unless it comes from an actual lime. In other products such as lime candies, real lime flavor is augmented with artificial flavors. In Virgin Vapor’s lime e-liquid, the all-natural flavor tasted more like furniture polish than fresh limes.

Virgin Vapor’s Lemon Rosewater e-liquid is a more recent release and has a far better citrus flavor; this e-liquid has a very clean citrus taste, while any “furniture polish” notes are tempered by the addition of the rosewater. The lemon flavor is definitely up front here, though; I can’t really taste or smell the rosewater. Nevertheless, this is an excellent choice if you’re looking for a citrus e-liquid that tastes real and doesn’t remind you of a can of Pledge.

Virgin Vapor Pina Colada

While reviewing Virgin Vapor’s Root Beer Float e-liquid, I noticed that there was a bit of strangeness in vaping an e-liquid designed to taste like a beverage you’d consume cold. Somehow, though, I find that Pina Colada works better. Maybe it’s the addition of a third flavor note, which reminds me of the rum that a pina colada cocktail usually contains. Of course, the requisite coconut and pineapple notes are there as well. The two primary flavor notes are clear and balanced, with neither overpowering the other.

This e-liquid has a pretty powerful throat hit at low nicotine levels. If you are looking for an e-liquid that offers a bit of sweetness as well as a strong sensation of nicotine, this would be one to try.

Although I’ve experienced a few misses while reviewing Virgin Vapor’s e-liquids, Pina Colada is one that I can recommend to just about anyone. If you like a bit of sweetness, you’ve got it here — and with none of the “artificial sweetener” note that I detected in Virgin Vapor’s Root Beer Float e-liquid. If you like throat hit, Pina Colada definitely delivers. If you’ve ever tried fruit-flavored or tropical e-liquids in the past and been put off by a “Jolly Rancher candy” flavor, try this e-liquid.

Virgin Vapor Root Beer Float

Upon opening the bottle, the first thing I noticed about Virgin Vapor’s Root Beer Float e-liquid is that it smells amazing. It smells just like Hires root beer — or possibly A&W — and reminds me of childhood. As for the taste, it definitely tastes like root beer with a dash of vanilla, making this e-liquid very reminiscent of a real root beer float. On the inhale, there’s even a slight tingle on the tongue, just like with real root beer.

There is a little strangeness, though, to this e-liquid because the vapor is warm but tastes like a beverage that would be consumed cold. I thought I’d try counteracting that with a couple drops of Virgin Vapor’s Menthol Moon Drops e-liquid, and I liked the effect.

The second thing to note about this e-liquid is that it has a bit of an artificial sweetener aftertaste. Since Virgin Vapor doesn’t use artificial ingredients, my guess is that the agent used to sweeten this e-liquid might be stevia, which to me has a little bit of an aftertaste.

If you like root beer — or soda in general — and have been disappointed by other e-liquid flavors that don’t quite taste like what they are named after, Root Beer Float might be the e-liquid for you. Although I wasn’t able to get over the strangeness of the “warm root beer” sensation, the flavor is entirely convincing and quite tasty.

Virgin Vapor Strawberry Shortcake

After spending a few days with Virgin Vapor’s Strawberry Shortcake e-liquid, I find that it’s a little odd on the inhale. I’ve tried it at many different power levels between 3.7 and 6.0 volts on my ProVari, and I just can’t taste anything until I exhale the vapor. On the inhale, I mostly taste a sort of non-specific sweetness. On the exhale, though, I get a very nice strawberry flavor that somehow becomes richer as I grow accustomed to the flavor. The cream and shortcake flavors are way in the background, but they do give Virgin Vapor’s Strawberry Shortcake an overall flavor profile that’s more “strawberry dessert” than “just strawberry.”

One thing I especially like about Virgin Vapor’s Strawberry Shortcake is that, while it is sweet, it’s far less sweet than a lot of other dessert e-liquids. I feel as though a person who loves strawberries could easily vape this all day without risk of getting sick of it from too much lingering sweetness on the tongue.

Virgin Vapor Strawberry Lime Cooler

Opening the bottle, you can clearly smell the strawberry and lime in this e-liquid. The two smells complement each other perfectly. The lime keeps the strawberry from smelling overly sweet, while the strawberry covers the “furniture polish” note that I detected when I reviewed Virgin Vapor’s Luscious Lime e-liquid. It smells just about good enough to drink.

Unfortunately, Virgin Vapor Strawberry Lime Cooler begins to fall apart a bit when you actually vape it because the amazing smell doesn’t seem to carry over to the taste. On the inhale, I have difficulty detecting any flavor at all. On the exhale, the same thing happens; the vapor tastes incredibly neutral and not much at all like the flavor I expected from the scent in the bottle. It’s only after fully exhaling the vapor that I begin to taste a bit of those strawberry and lime flavors lingering on my tongue.

With this e-liquid, I was looking for something that would fall a bit into the “sweet and fruity” category. In practice, though, Virgin Vapor Strawberry Lime Cooler is a lot more neutral than I was expecting. It reminds me quite a bit of those zero-calorie bottled water drinks with fruit flavors but no sweeteners, natural or artificial. With those, I also find that the flavor doesn’t really come through until after I’ve swallowed the water. If you’ve had one of those beverages and the idea sounds intriguing to you, pick up a bottle of Strawberry Lime Cooler. If you’re looking for something with a more pronounced flavor, this isn’t it.

Virgin Vapor Menthol Moon Drops

I should have read Virgin Vapor’s description of its Menthol Moon Drops flavor very carefully before purchasing it. According to the company’s description, this e-liquid “contains nicotine, USP (pharmaceutical grade) vegetable glycerin, third party certified organic menthol, pure distilled water, pure grain alcohol and NOTHING ELSE.” For some reason, when I skimmed the description it didn’t dawn on me that Menthol Moon Drops is actually a flavorless e-liquid intended for adding menthol to other e-liquids. So, I experienced quite a surprise when I tasted it.

According to Virgin Vapor’s description of Menthol Moon Drops, this e-liquid is so saturated with menthol that the crystals can start to re-form after the bottle has been stored for some time. That happened with my bottle, and the condition was easily rectified by a dip in hot water — although this made the label come off. Given the visible density of the menthol crystals, I was really expecting this to be quite an intense menthol e-liquid on the level of Volcano Menthol Burst. However, I actually found the intensity of the menthol to be quite mild. Reading customers’ comments, I know that a lot of people disagree with me on this. For me, though, Menthol Moon Drops is a disappointment.

Did You KnowTo be certified “organic,” the USDA requires products to be produced without genetic engineering, ionizing radiation, synthetic fertilizers and sewage sludge.

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