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December 16, 2014

ProVari P3 Review

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For many years, the ProVape ProVari was unquestionably the best overall e-cigarette/personal vaporizer on the market. Not only were its performance and build quality second to none, but it was also a USA-made product that people could feel good about buying. More recently, though, people have begun to comment that the ProVari has grown a bit long in the tooth. Today, you can find a wider variety of personal vaporizers than ever, from Bluetooth e-cigarettes to vaporizers that can handle both e-liquid and loose leaf tobacco. Most of these, being made in China, cost significantly less than the ProVari.

The people at ProVape have been in the lab, though. Just in time for Christmas, they’ve released the ProVari P3. It starts at $90 more than the original ProVari — which is still being offered — and at first glance appears to have very similar features. It wasn’t until I received a ProVari P3 review sample from ProVape that I truly began to appreciate the differences between the ProVari P3 and the ProVari Classic.

ProVari P3 Review

About the ProVari P3

ProVape has greatly updated their packaging for the ProVari P3. While I have never owned a ProVari 2.5, my original ProVari and ProVari 2 were both shipped in bubble wrap. The ProVari P3 ships in a full retail box and includes an extension collar for larger batteries and a USB key containing the instruction manual. It’s a big step up and one that I imagine will help get the ProVari P3 into more stores around the world.

Out of the box, the ProVari P3 supports all three of the most common battery sizes for personal vaporizers: 18350, 18500 and 18650. To use a different battery, you simply need to add or remove one of the two included extension collars. This is one reason for the higher cost of the ProVari P3 compared to that of previous models; the original ProVari and ProVari Mini supported just one battery size each. Using a larger battery required an extension cap, which was a separate purchase. Neither of the original ProVari models supported the 18350 battery. Even with a large tank installed, the ProVari P3 feels dramatically smaller in the hand than the ProVari Mini while producing more power.

ProVari P3 Review

So, you know that the ProVari P3 features a new smaller size and boasts the same impressive USA-made build quality as the previous ProVari models. How well does it actually work, though? The ProVari P3 corrects a number of problems that I had with the ProVari Classic and ProVari Mini. First, the ProVari P3 ditches the old beveled top in favor of a flat top for a nicer look with the tank systems that many e-smokers prefer today. This, in turn, makes tanks and other attachments feel more secure and less wobbly during use. If you prefer eGo attachments, the flat top can be removed in favor of a beveled top and eGo adapter, available separately from ProVape.

One of the primary gripes that I had with the previous ProVari models was the brightness of the display; my eyes are very sensitive to light and I hated looking directly at the display while I was making adjustments. The ProVari P3 features an improved OLED screen with several brightness settings. While the screen is bright enough for easy reading, it doesn’t quite reach the retina searing brightness of the old ProVari.

The ProVari P3 also features a completely new menu system. As with previous ProVari models, all of the device’s functions and settings are accessed via a single button. Press the button four times in succession to enter the menu system. From this point, the options scroll by automatically; you only need to press the button once to enter a sub-menu or make a selection. Not only does this make navigating the menu system — which is more complicated than ever — much easier, but it also reduces wear and tear on the button.

ProVari P3 Performance

The ProVari P3 supports both variable-voltage and variable-wattage operation, with a supported power range from 2.9-6.0 volts or 3-20 watts. It also features a battery meter, which is something that’s still extremely rare among e-cigarettes. It also has a few unique features that don’t really merit lengthy discussion here, such as a color-changing fire button and battery input quality tester. Suffice it to say that the ProVari P3 includes more than enough bells and whistles to justify the price. I’m also convinced that it is most likely the safest personal vaporizer available.

One feature of the ProVari P3 that I’ve never seen elsewhere is a vapor boosting function that ProVape has called “HotShot.” This feature allows the ProVari P3 to temporarily operate at a slightly higher power level than the one you select. After you’ve held the fire button for a moment, the ProVari P3 automatically lowers the power level to the selected voltage or wattage. If you tend to hold your vaporizer’s fire button and take several small puffs while waiting for the coil to warm up, HotShot may eliminate the need to do that. HotShot has five modes, allowing the ProVari P3 to automatically boost its vapor production for between 0.25 and 1.25 seconds before returning to its normal power level.

The ProVari P3 features the same stellar vapor production as the previous ProVari models. In fact, for those who prefer to vape at higher wattages, the ProVari P3 features more reliable power output than ever before. It automatically checks the quality of the power input, rating it on a scale of 0-100. A rating of 60 or lower indicates a problem with the battery or the connection between it and the terminals of the ProVari P3. In this case, operation is limited to 15 watts or below. In the process of writing my ProVari P3 review, I used several batteries — some of which are quite old — and none of them were rated lower than 61. If you like to push your vaporizer to its limits, the ProVari P3 will help to ensure your safety by preventing the use of batteries that aren’t up to the task.

ProVari P3 Review: Conclusion

The ProVari P3 has all of the same features that have led many to consider the ProVari the world’s best e-cigarette, from the top quality fit and finish to the consistent performance that remains exactly the same until the battery is dead. However, it also has a lot more — support for more battery types, more safety features than ever, better vapor production — and a higher price. Without a doubt, the ProVari P3 is the best ProVari — and the best e-cigarette, I’d argue — ever made. Time will tell, though, whether e-smokers are willing to accept the higher price tag. What I do know is that those who buy the ProVari P3 will be extremely happy with it.

ProVari P3 Review: The Pros

  • Included extension collars allow support for all three common battery types
  • Terrific fit and finish; improved display, battery monitoring and more safety features
  • Top-notch performance; vapor production remains consistent until the battery is fully drained

ProVari P3 Review: The Cons

  • Some people will have difficulty coming to terms with the price


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    E la migliore, senza dubbio. Che batteria posso usare? Quelle della sony si scaricano molto in fretta. Grazie!