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October 31, 2014

VaporFi Rocket Review


VaporFi is a relatively new e-cigarette brand that I’ve seen popping up in more and more discussions recently. Evidently, they were formerly known as Vapor Zone and have since changed their name and relaunched with a wide variety of new products. VaporFi contacted me and asked if I’d like to review one of their kits, and I was shortly thereafter provided with the VaporFi Rocket. It’s a small variable-voltage e-cigarette with a power range up to 4.8 volts and a custom low-resistance e-liquid tank, and VaporFi hopes it’ll attract customers who might otherwise buy something along the lines of an eGo e-cigarette. Overall I’d call the product a success, and I’ll tell you why in my VaporFi Rocket review.

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VaporFi Rocket Review

About the VaporFi Rocket

Opening the VaporFi Rocket kit, you’ll find the VaporFi Rocket itself, an e-liquid tank with an atomizer coil pre-installed, five replacement atomizer coils and USB and wall chargers. Off the bat, the fact that VaporFi includes five replacement coils with the Rocket kit makes a really good first impression; since every coil is likely to last around 2-4 weeks, you’ll be using the rocket for months before you’ll need to start thinking about buying some replacement coils. When you do need to replace them, the coils cost $19.99 per five-pack. The VaporFi Rocket tank costs $39.99, but it’s unlikely that you’ll ever need to replace the one included with the kit unless you want to have more than one flavor of e-liquid ready to use at all times.

The construction of the VaporFi Rocket tank is excellent. If you’ve seen the e-liquid tanks included with most e-cigarettes of this type, it’ll be immediately obvious to you why the VaporFi Rocket costs a little more than some similar-looking e-cigarettes. Most e-liquid tanks are constructed from plastic and a light metal such as thin steel or aluminum. Invariably, clearomizers and e-liquid tanks that are made of plastic taste like plastic. I’ve never found one I liked. All-glass tanks have their own major problem, though, in that they’re so easy to break. The VaporFi Rocket tank is an effective solution to this problem. Although the wall of the tank is glass, it’s surrounded by a stainless steel shell. If you drop it — as I unfortunately have — it won’t break.

VaporFi Rocket Review

VaporFi Rocket ReviewsOnce I finished noting my first impressions, it was time to get down to business with my full VaporFi Rocket review. Charging the unit, I encountered the only real problem that I have with the Rocket — the battery is permanent and the attachment threading also serves as the charging port. This means that you can’t use the Rocket while charging it. Extra batteries are available, but they cost $39.99. Nevertheless, an extra battery might be a good investment if the Rocket doesn’t last for an entire day on one charge for your usage patterns. The good news is that, for many, the VaporFi Rocket will last a full day on one charge thanks to its capacity of 1600 mAh.

I imagine that the single charging port may have something to do with the fact that the bottom of the VaporFi Rocket battery is a voltage dial. Using the dial, you can vary the voltage of the device between 3.2 and 4.8 volts. Given the fact that the Rocket includes an e-liquid tank with low-resistance coils, you’ll want to start at the low end of the power spectrum and dial it up slowly until you achieve the vapor strength you want.

Preparing the Rocket tank for use is a breeze; simply twist off the bottom to expose the e-liquid chamber and twist the bottom back on when you’re done. On the bottom of the tank, you’ll also notice several air holes. Twist the bottom to expose more air holes and the VaporFi Rocket will give produce airy, cool vapor. As you cover the holes, the draw will tighten and the vapor will become warmer. In writing this VaporFi Rocket review, I found that my preference was to leave just one air hole open.

Overall, I found the performance of the VaporFi Rocket to be excellent. It compares extremely favorably to the eGo e-cigarette with which it competes. It’s only slightly larger than most eGo models, but the smooth stainless exterior makes it much easier to pocket than many of the rubberized eGo e-cigarettes many companies are selling. More importantly, the difference in vapor production between the Rocket and an eGo e-cigarette is massive. The VaporFi isn’t cheap, but it’s high on quality and I think that both new and experienced e-smokers will find it very compelling.

VaporFi Rocket Review: The Pros

  • Plenty of power in a small package
  • Removable collar allows support for 510 and eGo attachments
  • High-quality e-liquid tank — adjustable airflow, stainless steel and glass design, six atomizer coils included

VaporFi Rocket Review: The Cons

  • Battery is permanent and doesn’t work while charging

Did You KnowMany e-liquid tanks and clearomizers are made from polycarbonate plastic. Some e-liquids — notably certain menthol and citrus flavors — contain oils that bind with the plastic and weaken it, leading to cracking. If you have a plastic tank that you don’t want to ruin, test your e-liquid by placing a few drops on the bottom of a compact disc. If the e-liquid cracks the disc, it will also crack your tank.

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