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December 12, 2016

VaporFi VAIO Review

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Do you ever get a little tired of seeing a gigantic tank sticking out the top of your box mod? The idea of an e-cigarette with a built-in sub-ohm tank is a bit seductive, isn’t it? A svelte, easily pocketed design, capacity for lots of e-liquid — and no more need for a non-matching monstrosity sticking out of tiny threading at the top of your device. That’s what the VaporFi VAIO promises to be. As it turns out, though, the VAIO is the first real miss that I’ve owned from VaporFi. Though I was initially excited about the opportunity to try a box mod with an internal tank, my experience left me believing that the VAIO is really lacking for a device costing over $100.

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View the VAIO and other advanced mods at the VaporFi website. The VaporFi VAIO collection starts at $129.99. My link includes an embedded coupon code good for a 12 percent discount on your order.

About the VaporFi VAIO

VaporFi VAIO Review

The VaporFi VAIO comes in two flavors. One has a removable battery and a maximum power of 75 watts, and the other has a permanent battery and a maximum power of 80 watts. If you buy the VAIO 75, you’ll need to bring your own battery.

The VAIO comes with two coils. Both are stainless steel. One is a standard twisted coil, and the other is a notch coil. You can learn more about notch coils in this guide to sub-ohm vaping. I was very excited to try a notch coil for the first time, although my experience didn’t turn out so great. More on that in a bit.

You don’t have to use the VAIO with the built-in tank if you don’t want to. It also includes a stem that closes the tank and replaces the mouthpiece at the top of the mod with threading so you can use your own tank. Though no one would buy a mod with a built-in tank solely to use it with a different tank, it’s nice to know it’s an option.

VaporFi VAIO Review

First, the Problems

VaporFi’s prices aren’t exactly low. VaporFi can still be an excellent choice, though, for e-cigarette users who want to buy just one device rather than picking up every single new mod that comes along. For the price, you get an English user manual, technical support and a 30-day money-back guarantee. In this case, though, I’m not sure that the product quite lives up to the price.

Magnetic Door

I received the VAIO 75 from VaporFi, which uses a removable 18650 battery. The battery goes into a side compartment, and it’s secured with a magnetic door. I had consistent problems, though, with the door — the magnet kept falling out. Without the magnet, of course, the door wouldn’t stay on. After several times replacing the magnet, it eventually flipped in my hand and settled backwards into its slot. With the magnet reversed, it then repelled the door instead of holding it shut. I was never able to fix that problem, which pretty much made the VAIO unusable.

It’s important to note that you’ll never encounter a problem with the magnetic door if you simply charge the VAIO 75 via USB — or if you buy the VAIO 80, which has a built-in battery. Nevertheless, it was a pretty big problem for me.

Notch Coil

My second problem with the VaporFi VAIO 75 was the notch coil. I couldn’t use it at all. Every time I tried, it popped and spat painfully hot e-liquid into my mouth. I tried several things to fix this problem. I tried lowering the wattage to get the coil to heat more slowly. That didn’t work — the coil still popped and spat as soon as I pressed the fire button. I tried raising the wattage to get the coil to heat instantly. That made things worse. I blew the coil out to clear away excess e-liquid. I even took the coil apart and replaced the cotton wick. Nothing resolved the problem.

I might have concluded that I’d simply received a bad coil, but it turns out that atomizer spitting is actually a pretty common issue with notch coils in integrated tanks. Something about the airflow characteristics of that tank style, I imagine — or the fact that a very powerful coil is enclosed in a very tiny capsule. Whatever the reason, I was never able to use the VAIO notch coil.

Now, the Good

VaporFi VAIO Mod Review

Vapor Production

Are you surprised that I would praise the vapor production of a device right after saying that I couldn’t use its primary coil? That’s because the secondary coil — a standard wrapped coil made from stainless steel — actually works incredibly well. Since it’s stainless steel, it heats incredibly quickly — as in, maximum vapor the instant you press the button. The quality of the vapor is very smooth, and the flavor is pleasurably warm. The quantity of vapor is spectacular as well.

The VaporFi VAIO’s 0.5 ohm stainless steel coil heats up so fast, in fact, that it is very easy to torch the cotton if you don’t allow plenty of time for it to re-saturate between puffs — so watch out for that. On the bright side, re-wicking is incredibly easy if you have some cotton on hand.

Fit and Finish

Apart from the issue with the magnet, the fit and finish of the VaporFi VAIO are excellent. The buttons have the perfect firmness — they’re slightly “clicky” and respond immediately. The internal tank is extremely easy to work with — simply twist the mouthpiece out to fill the chamber or change the atomizer coil. With only one avenue for e-liquid to escape — through the top — leaking is almost impossible. I would probably suggest getting the VAIO 80, though, so you don’t have to deal with the magnetic door.

My experience with the 510 thread adapter was just so-so. I’m glad that VaporFi included it, because few would want to buy a box mod that can only use one tank ever. The stem really works best with a top-filling tank. That’s because it’s very easy to unscrew the stem when what you really wanted to do was remove the tank. Nevertheless, I’m glad that VaporFi offered it as an option.

VaporFi VAIO Review: The Bottom Line

When I used it with the 0.5 ohm wrapped stainless steel coil, my experience with the VaporFi VAIO 75 was great — really great. I loved the smooth, flavorful vapor clouds and the fact that the VAIO created vapor with absolutely no ramp-up time. Completely cold coil? No problem. Press the button — instant vapor.

Sadly, though, the things that I didn’t like about the VaporFi VAIO were kind of big. I have never had an experience with a pre-made coil that was as bad as the experience I had with the VaporFi notch coil. The coil spitting was so painful and unpleasant that I wondered whether anyone had ever really tested the design at all.

The magnetic battery door was also bad. I suppose that I could have been more careful when replacing the magnet that kept falling out to prevent it from flipping in my hand — but I was getting impatient after dealing with the magnet so many times. Also, the magnet isn’t supposed to fall out.

Overall, although my experience with one of the coils was excellent, I find the VaporFi VAIO difficult to recommend. The device simply has too many problems for something costing over $100. At that price, I do expect everything to work as it should — and the VaporFi VAIO failed in some important areas.

View the VAIO and other advanced mods at the VaporFi website. The VaporFi VAIO collection starts at $129.99. My link includes an embedded coupon code good for a 12 percent discount on your order.

VaporFi VAIO Review: The Pros

  • Excellent experience with the 0.5 ohm stainless steel wrapped coil

VaporFi VAIO Review: The Cons

  • Very poor experience with the notch coil
  • Poor magnetic battery door design
  • Too expensive for what you get

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