Digiflavor Lynx RDA Review

The Digiflavor Lynx RDA is a workhorse with great build quality and superb airflow characteristics. I’m not crazy about the mounting clamps, though. Read my review.

It’s taken me a long time to warm up to rebuildable atomizers. At first, I dismissed them as the tools of vaping elitists — and perhaps even the unsafe accessories of people who were sold way more than they could handle by overzealous vape shop employees. After a while, though, rebuildable atomizers became more mainstream. I had to learn how to compare and contrast them, or this little corner of the web would have become irrelevant. I have been using nothing but rebuildable e-cigarette attachments for quite some time now, and I have to say that I am fully sold on them. The Digiflavor Lynx is a pure RDA — it’s a rebuildable atomizer for dripping only. Since it does only one job, it has a fairly minimal design. It’s also not very finicky as some rebuildable e-cigarette accessories can be. The Digiflavor Lynx also has excellent airflow characteristics — something that I’ve increasingly come to believe is extremely important in an RDA.

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About the Digiflavor Lynx

Digiflavor Lynx Review

The Digiflavor Lynx is an RDA designed for dual-coil operation. It has two clamps — each secured with one screw — and two airflow channels for each coil. If you screw the cover almost all of the way on, air comes in under the coils only. If you unscrew the cover a little more, you open two additional air channels on the sides of the RDA.

Digiflavor advertises that using the bottom air channels only is the ideal configuration for mouth-to-lung vaping. In my experience, the bottom air channels provide more airflow than most mouth-to-lung vapers are going to want. This configuration does do a good job of focusing the flavor, though.

The Lynx comes with a screwdriver, some replacement o-rings, extra screws and an adapter for 510 drip tips.

Digiflavor Lynx Review

Build Quality

In reading about the Digiflavor Lynx, one thing I’ve noticed is that there aren’t as many people talking online about this RDA as there really ought to be. The Lynx is really well built. It uses nice, thick metal for the housing, it has few moving parts and the screws are big and durable. This is an RDA that’s built to last a long, long time.

This RDA has a lot going for it in addition to the excellent build quality. The drip well is incredibly deep, making the Lynx RDA very difficult to flood. The build deck is large enough to accommodate many different coil designs. The large deck also means that there’s plenty of room for your hands.


As I mentioned at the beginning of the review, the Digiflavor Lynx has excellent airflow characteristics. It is capable of generating some extremely huge clouds. More importantly, opening the airflow doesn’t just result in an airy draw with muted flavor — it actually results in more vapor and better flavor. I also found that my wicks and coils seemed to last longer with the Lynx than they do with many other rebuildable e-cigarette accessories. I’m not sure why the Lynx seems to resist coil gunk more than some other e-cigarette accessories. I can only surmise that it’s the result of good airflow planning.

Coil Mounting Clamps

Digiflavor Lynx RDA Review

One thing that I don’t personally care for is the clamp system for attaching coil leads. Since one clamp holds two coil leads, you have to hold two coils in place on opposite sides of the RDA when screwing a clamp down. Inevitably, you’ll tighten a clamp fully and find that one of the leads is too long or short. I much prefer having a dedicated mounting point for each coil lead. That way, it’s easier to build an atomizer with with two symmetrical coils.

There are some benefits, though, to attaching coils with clamps rather than screws. For one, the clamps can easily accommodate coils with very thick leads. Also, when each coil lead has its own small mounting screw, the small screws can be very easy to strip. That’s unlikely to be a problem with the Digiflavor Lynx since the screws are very large. My coils aren’t typically very thick, though, so I prefer individual mount points.

Digiflavor Lynx Review: The Bottom Line

Digiflavor Lynx Review: The Pros

  • Excellent airflow charactersistics — superlative vapor prodution and rich flavor
  • Very durable build quality

Digiflavor Lynx Review: The Cons

  • Using two clamps to secure four leads can sometimes feel a bit clumsy