VaporFi Reserve Collection Review

If there’s one thing that e-cigarette owners have shown recently, it’s that they are more willing than ever to pay top dollar for e-liquids that are out of the ordinary. Single-flavor e-liquids — a generic “Tobacco” or “Strawberry,” for example — are being sold at lower prices than ever before. Often, these e-liquids are purchased in gigantic jugs and in very low nicotine strengths for people who use rebuildable atomizers or sub-ohm tanks and can go through 30 ml or more of e-liquid each day.

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People who “chain vape” are a small subset of the community, though. I use a sub-ohm tank myself, for example, but a 30 ml bottle of e-liquid still lasts several days for me. I’m someone who’s on the hunt for new experiences and willing to pay a reasonable price for an e-liquid that offers something special. E-liquid companies have risen to the challenge, offering e-liquids with organic ingredients, oak barrel steeping, natural tobacco extracts and a wide assortment of other premium features. Small e-liquid companies have become quite popular by offering premium products, and major e-cigarette vendors have begun to take notice. The VaporFi Reserve Collection is perhaps the first attempt by a major e-cigarette vendor to capture some of the premium e-liquid market, and I’ll be describing my thoughts in this review.

Browse the VaporFi Reserve Collection. The e-liquids ship in child-resistant 30 ml glass bottles and cost $9.99 each.

[green_box]Important Note: My VaporFi link contains an embedded coupon code, good for a 12 percent discount one time per customer. This coupon code is good for any hardware purchased from VaporFi but no coupon codes apply to the Reserve Collection e-liquids. If you don’t buy any hardware with the Reserve Collection, you can return, click my link again and obtain the discount later.[/green_box]

About the VaporFi Reserve Collection

The VaporFi Reserve Collection made its debut in 2015, originally dubbed the Artisan Collection. While VaporFi’s standard e-liquids contain no more than three different flavors per blend, some of the Reserve Collection e-liquids feature far more complex flavors. In addition, the Reserve Collection e-liquids are pre-steeped for ideal balance, ship in glass bottles and have a higher ratio of VG to PG for the biggest vapor clouds possible.

VaporFi Reserve Collection Review

VaporFi has documents online showing that the propylene glycol and vegetable glycerin used in the Reserve Collection e-liquids are kosher. The vegetable glycerin is sourced only from soybeans, and the nicotine is lab tested to be 99.89 percent pure. The e-liquids are mixed in an FDA-registered laboratory and all e-liquid formulas are on file with the FDA. VaporFi selected ingredients specifically designed for inhalation, and also has a lab report available showing that the Reserve Collection e-liquids are “better than food grade.” To view the lab reports and certifications for the Reserve Collection, visit this link and scroll down. If you aren’t interested in reading the lengthy reports, simply know that it appears VaporFi has gone to great lengths to ensure the purity of these e-liquids.

At the time of writing, the VaporFi Reserve Collection consists of six different flavors:

Summer Lovin’: Fruity notes including lemon and raspberry.

Northern Lights: Melon, berry and guava with mint.

Moroccan Gold: Tobacco with vanilla and coconut.

Monkey Business: Custard and banana.

Decadence: Chocolate with cream and hazelnut.

Black Velvet: Cherry cola.

VaporFi Reserve Collection Review

This review was written using samples provided by VaporFi. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to try all six of the e-liquids — the three flavors that VaporFi sent were Black Velvet, Moroccan Gold and Summer Lovin’. Of these, Black Velvet was far and away my favorite. It is the best cola flavored e-liquid I’ve ever tried, by a long shot. Moroccan Gold was a close second, with its savory, perfume-like notes somewhat resembling those of an e-liquid with a whole leaf tobacco extract. I’d also say subjectively that the vapor production of the VaporFi Reserve Collection e-liquids is substantially higher than that of my usual e-liquid, which is a 50/50 VG/PG blend.

One of the problems with a lot of single-flavor e-liquid blends is the fact that they are older products, designed for the last generation of e-cigarettes which produced far less vapor than current APVs with rebuildable atomizers and sub-ohm tanks. These e-liquids have to be very flavorful in order to be enjoyable when used with lower vapor devices. With a high vapor device, though, that level of flavor can become overwhelming and difficult to enjoy. The flavors of the Reserve Collection are much more mild, with the expectation that you’ll be making up for it by using the e-liquids with something that generates a lot of vapor. That being said, if you’re currently using something that doesn’t produce enormous vapor clouds and happen to be looking for an e-liquid that’s a bit more on the clean tasting and subtle side, the VaporFi Reserve Collection might be just the ticket.

VaporFi Reserve Collection Review: The Bottom Line

VaporFi has done an excellent job with its Reserve Collection e-liquids. The company has gone to impressive lengths to ensure the quality and purity of the base ingredients, and the subtle flavor blends are likely to please most e-smokers. The high percentage of vegetable glycerin is what many e-cigarette users tend to prefer these days, and it will lend itself well to producing big vapor clouds on any type of device. Lastly, the price of the VaporFi Reserve Collection is another feature strongly in its favor. Lately, craft e-liquid makers have begun to charge upwards of $30 for 30 ml bottles. Although many customers have been willing to pay this, the VaporFi Reserve Collection has a much lower price of entry at just $9.99 per bottle.

Browse the VaporFi Reserve Collection. The e-liquids ship in child-resistant 30 ml glass bottles and cost $9.99 each.

VaporFi Reserve Collection Review: The Pros

  • Subtle flavor blends are ideal for high-vapor devices
  • Ingredients lab-tested for the highest purity standards
  • Priced much lower than most craft e-liquids

VaporFi Reserve Collection Review: The Cons

  • Some e-smokers with low-vapor devices may find the flavors too mild

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