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July 17, 2015

Vapor4Life Wow Vapor V-Kit Review


Going through my email inbox recently, I noticed several messages from an e-cigarette company called Vapor4Life dating all the way back to August of 2013. Owing to my extremely poor email organization skills, Vapor4Life repeatedly attempted to get in touch with me about writing a review of their products for nearly two years before I finally noticed and sent a reply. Within a few days, I received the company’s new Wow Vapor V-Kit for review. I’m sorry that it took me so long, because the Vapor4Life e-cigarette is an entirely unique product that I think some people are going to be really excited about.

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Looking at the Wow Vapor website, the pictures make it appear as though the V-Kit contains a typical KR-808 e-cigarette. I wouldn’t have been particularly enthused about writing a Wow Vapor review, except there was a little bullet point in the email from Vapor4Life that caught my eye: the battery operates at 5 volts. The majority of the small e-cigarettes on the market operate at 3.7 volts, while the slightly larger KR-808 battery usually runs at 4.2 volts. An e-cigarette with an automatic 5 volt battery, though? That sounded like something entirely new.

View the Wow Vapor V-Kit. The kit costs $69.99 and includes a one year warranty and 30 day money-back guarantee. Use the coupon code VAPEGRL when checking out for a 25% discount on any Vapor4Life starter kit.

Wow Vapor V-Kit Review

About the Wow Vapor V-Kit

Upon opening the Wow Vapor V-Kit from Vapor4Life, I could immediately see that this was an e-cigarette unlike any I’d ever reviewed. Although the Wow Vapor e-cigarette does indeed have KR-808 threading, it is much longer and wider — closer in size to an eGo e-cigarette or a small cigar. However, there are two key differences between Wow Vapor and a standard eGo e-cigarette. An eGo e-cigarette almost always has a battery with a manual fire button, while the Wow Vapor battery is fully automatic. In addition, there is a massive power difference — an eGo battery usually operates at 3.7 volts, while the Wow Vapor e-cigarette uses a 5 volt battery. This results in vastly increased vapor production.

The Wow Vapor e-cigarette also includes a large refillable cartridge with a silicone tip that’s just begging to be chomped on. Structurally, this makes the product very similar to the Vapor Zeus, also from Vapor4Life. However, the V-Kit includes a unique carrying case as well as another special addition: a vial of nicotine-free e-liquid. This gives you the ability, if you choose, to top up the Wow Vapor tank with nicotine-free e-liquid as you use it, slowly tapering off your nicotine consumption until you use no nicotine at all. Likewise, every bottle of e-liquid or pre-filled cartridge from Wow Vapor includes a smaller vial of nicotine-free e-liquid in the same flavor. This is a really interesting idea that, as far as I can tell, is an industry first.

The Wow Vapor e-cigarette battery has a maximum charge capacity of 650 mAh and is regulated to operate at 5 volts for the full duration of its life. It lasts up to eight hours on a charge. Pre-filled cartridges cost $9.99 each and hold 3.5 ml of e-liquid, while bottled e-liquids cost $4.99 for each 6 ml bottle. As I mentioned above, the pre-filled cartridges and bottled e-liquids also include smaller 2 ml vials of the same e-liquid without nicotine. On the main Vapor4Life website, you can also find empty cartridges individually or in bulk.

Vapor4Life Wow Vapor Review V-Kit

Wow Vapor V-Kit Review

If I could summarize my opinion of the Wow Vapor V-Kit, I would say it is an e-cigarette that deftly straddles the line between convenience and performance. It’s so easy to use that I would have no problem recommending it to a complete beginner. At the time time, when I look back on my own personal evolution in vaping, I must have upgraded my vaping setup at least four times before I owned something that produced anywhere near the volume of vapor that the Wow Vapor e-cigarette is capable of generating.

In terms of performance, the Wow Vapor V-Kit absolutely trounces anything that isn’t an advanced vaporizer such as the VaporFi VOX II, If you don’t know anything yet about how e-cigarettes work but you want something entirely certain to deliver the nicotine and throat hit necessary to keep you satisfied after switching from tobacco cigarettes, the Wow Vapor V-Kit is absolutely it.

The included carrying case is another aspect of Wow Vapor that differentiates it from Vapor4Life’s other products. The case  consists of two plastic halves — large enough to hold the battery and any combination of two refill cartridges or e-liquid bottles — that snap together magnetically. The bottom half of the case has a hole, allowing the battery to be charged during storage. Alternatively, the battery can also be left out and used during charging, eliminating the need to purchase a second battery.

Wow Vapor V-Kit Vapor4Life Review

In my opinion, the carrying case is the only misstep with the Wow Vapor V-Kit. The outside of the case is a metallic plastic which reminds me of inexpensive mirrors or makeup cases. In other words, it’s a fingerprint magnet, which probably isn’t what you’re looking for in something that you’ll touch constantly. The case does do a good job of protecting the Wow Vapor e-cigarette, but I’d really love to see it made from a different material.

Wow Vapor V-Kit Review: The Bottom Line

Whether you’re shopping for your first e-cigarette or looking for an upgrade that doesn’t compromise convenience and simplicity, the Wow Vapor V-Kit is easily one of the best e-cigarettes that you could choose. With the only five-volt automatic battery on the market that I’m aware of, the Wow Vapor e-cigarette has the vapor production to compete with much larger vaporizers. At the same time, the simple design is easy to understand even for someone who has never used another e-cigarette.

Wow Vapor V-Kit Review: The Pros

  • Superb vapor production; only five-volt automatic battery on the market
  • Vial of nicotine-free e-liquid included free with every cartridge or bottle of e-liquid
  • Simple design works for newbies as well as experienced e-smokers
  • Silicone tip for those who like to chomp

Wow Vapor V-Kit Review: The Cons

  • Carrying case smudges easily


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