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July 9, 2015

Hookah Pens: a New Trend in Disposable E-Cigarettes


As the e-cigarette industry has matured and reached a consolidation phase over the past few years, it has become increasingly difficult for a new company to get any kind of attention in the marketplace. Companies routinely contact me — and owners of other websites like mine — to ask for review placement. More and more often, the review packages I’ve received have included a new type of disposable e-cigarette called a “hookah pen.” At first, I assumed that hookah pens were merely an attempt to create a new keyword niche in the search engines because competition for the short-tail keywords has become too difficult to overcome. Whether or not that was initially the case, hookah pens have evolved into an entirely new type of product with features that tend to differ from those of traditional disposable e-cigarettes.

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What are the Best Hookah Pens?

Vapes Hookah Pens

Vapes Hookah Pen$4.95 and up — Shop Now

Vapes has actually structured quite a lot of its business around hookah pens, with three different designs available. The smallest is available in five flavors and is actually the only hookah pen on this list that includes nicotine (6 mg). Vapes also has two larger designs. The Fantasia hookah pen is available in ten flavors and costs $8.00, while a larger $9.99 hookah pen with a whopping 23 different flavors is also available.

NEwhere Hookah Pen

NEWhere Hookah Pen$9.99 Each — Shop Now

NEwhere products are available in many convenience stores around the United States, or you can buy online and have your order shipped via USPS for free. NEwhere hookah pens are available in 12 flavors and feature a silver metallic design with a color-coded strip to signify the flavor.

Hookah Pens Appeal to Social Hookah Smokers

As you may already know, a hookah is a form of pipe in which a sweetened, flavored tobacco mixture called shisha is smoked. The hookah bowl contains water, which filters and cools the smoke before it is inhaled. In the United States, a culture has evolved around hookah smoking, creating a new type of “social smoker” who doesn’t smoke cigarettes, but does go to the hookah bar with his or friends on weekends to share a bowl of shisha. So, while a traditional disposable e-cigarette presents a smoking alternative for a person who smokes cigarettes, a hookah pen is a disposable e-cigarette that presents an alternative to the experience of smoking a hookah. The technology is the same, but the implementation is often very different.

Hookah Pens Typically Have No Nicotine

Although I have been around hookahs and am familiar with their operation, I haven’t used one myself. I have known individuals, however, who didn’t smoke at all except for occasional hookah usage on the weekends. With this type of usage, a person would consume very little nicotine. It stands to reason, therefore, that such a person might not be addicted to nicotine at all and could easily omit it from the hookah smoking experience. As a result, hookah pens generally use nicotine-free e-liquid. Thus, they should appeal to someone who enjoys the flavors and rituals associated with hookah smoking but doesn’t want to consume nicotine on a daily basis. Instead, hookah pens often feature exotic sounding flavors such as pumpkin chai spice.

Hookah Pens Often Feature Extravagant Designs

Many people consider the beautiful design of a hookah to be an important feature of the hookah smoking experience. Hookahs are often adorned in beautiful colors, crystals, mirrors and such as a result. Makers of hookah pens have used real hookahs as inspiration when creating their often extravagant designs. You can typically expect a hookah pen to be colorful and attention-grabbing. Many hookah pens feature crystal tips, and some also have mouthpieces similar to those found on real hookahs.

Hookah Pens are Ready to Use

Like other disposable e-cigarettes and unlike full-blown e-hookahs, almost all hookah pens are single-use devices. Each one arrives fully charged and ready to use, which means that you don’t need to worry about traditional e-cigarette accessories such as charging cables, car adapters and so on. You can generally expect a hookah pen to last through at least one evening of heavy usage. Some hookah pen designs are even larger, similar in size to eGo e-cigarettes. You can expect these hookah pens to last upwards of 800 puffs before the battery dies or the flavor quality suffers.

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