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January 13, 2017

iJOY Limitless RDTA Box Review

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Recently, I reviewed the VaporFi VAIO — a box mod with a built-in tank system. My experience was really problematic. I ultimately concluded that a built-in tank may not actually be the best idea with a box mod. Too little flexibility, and too much potential for airflow issues. Not long after, though, I received the iJOY Limitless RDTA Box. At first, I had an excellent experience. Its design eliminates the potential for airflow issues, and you can build coils to your specifications — so there’s plenty of variety. Unfortunately, the mod’s screen failed on me after less than two weeks of use. Since the screen is pretty much an essential component of the iJOY Limitless RDTA Box, I find this device impossible to recommend. You might consider it with a really good warranty. Otherwise, take a look at my box mod guide for alternatives.

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The RDTA itself, though? That’s pretty darn good — and you can buy it separately.

Thanks to Heaven Gifts for providing the iJOY Limitless RDTA Box and RDTA for this review. View it on their website. The Limitless RDTA Box costs $79.50 and ships worldwide. Use the coupon code AGRL10 to save 10 percent on your order.

About the iJOY Limitless RDTA Box

iJOY Limitless RDTA Box Review


RDTA is a term invented by iJOY to describe the capabilities of its rebuildable tank system, which essentially combines the features of a rebuildable atomizer and rebuildable tank system. The RDTA system has a whopping 11 different interchangeable build platforms and pre-built coils, and you can use it either as a dripping atomizer or as a rebuildable tank.

What is the iJOY Limitless RDTA Box?

The Limitless RDTA Box is a dual-battery, 200-watt box mod that has the Limitless RDTA system built in. It comes with a velocity build platform — which is probably what most users will prefer — and one pre-built 0.15-ohm triple-coil atomizer head. When you build a coil, you’ll build it with the wicks descending into the cavity of the mod. The wicks pick up e-liquid from the cavity and draw it up toward the coils. The tank has a removable cap, so you can refill it without removing the atomizer.

The Limitless RDTA Box has a USB port, but iJOY specifies that it is for firmware upgrades only — not for charging. Thankfully, this device has one of the best battery compartments of any dual-battery mod I’ve ever used. You simply slide the mod’s outer sleeve off, put your finger behind one of the batteries and push to pop it out. The compartment holds the batteries securely, but it isn’t such a tight fit that you risk damaging the wrappers of your batteries when you install them. The mod has an enormous 12.8 ml of e-liquid storage, so it lasts an extremely long time between refills.

The Most Flexible Built-In Tank System

iJOY Limitless RDTA Box Coils

The biggest problem with built-in tank systems is that they usually lack flexibility. If you don’t like the coil heads available for your device, you’ll need to get a different device. With all of its different build platforms, the Limitless RDTA Box has no lack of flexibility. You can build coils exactly to your specifications — and with 200 watts of headroom, your specifications can be just about as rigorous as you want. Since iJOY includes a 0.15 ohm coil with this device, they obviously have great confidence in its ability to handle a load.

iJOY Limitless RDTA Box Review

As you already know, the screen of my Limitless RDTA Box stopped working after I’d used the device for less than two weeks. Heaven Gifts offers a three-month warranty on this device, so I could have gotten it replaced if I’d been a customer. After my device’s screen failed, though, I did a web search and found that I wasn’t the only person with this issue.

At first, I suspected that the tank must have a leak. I disassembled the mod to look at the electronics — and the inside was completely dry. The screen simply failed.

Since the screen appears to be a common weak point on this device, I can’t recommend it. Nevertheless, I’ll proceed with a thorough overview of its strengths and weaknesses.

Build Quality

The build quality of the Limitless RDTA Box is excellent. As I mentioned previously, it has the best battery bay of any dual-battery mod I’ve ever used. All of the parts fit together well. The atomizer build platforms twist on and off easily. The fire button is large and very responsive.

The RDTA Box looks great, in my opinion. The race car aesthetic might not be to everyone’s liking, but I appreciate the fact that the RDTA Box is well differentiated from other box mods. The RDTA Box is the biggest two-battery box mod I’ve ever owned, but I guess that’s just a side effect of having an enormous built-in reservoir for e-liquid.


iJOY Limitless Box Review

The performance of the Limitless RDTA Box is impressive. The RDTA really does perform much like a rebuildable dripping atomizer — with one exception. With a standard RDA, the wicks are immediately below the coils — so the wicks draw e-liquid to the coils quickly. With the RDTA — or any rebuildable tank system that stores the e-liquid under the coils — the e-liquid has a long distance to travel before it reaches the coils. You can’t take excessively long puffs, and you can’t chain vape — otherwise, the coils will dry out. If you want to chain vape with a rebuildable system, it really needs to be a dripping atomizer.

The Limitless RDTA Box includes a triple-coil atomizer head that performs excellently. I tended to operate it at around 115 watts, and I found that it produced copious amounts of vapor with excellent flavor and very little gurgling. I was able to use it for about a week before it started to develop coil gunk.

You can fit the contents of nearly half of a standard 30 ml bottle of e-liquid in the reservoir of the Limitless RDTA Box. That is a lot of e-liquid. The reservoir is horizontal, though, with the wicks positioned at one end. The wick positioning means that you have to tilt the mod occasionally to keep the wicks wet as the tank begins to run low. Because the tank has four large wick holes leading into an enormous reservoir, the RDTA Box may occasionally leak a little if you place it on its side. To prevent leaking, the RDTA Box should really be stored straight up and down.

Why the Limitless RDTA Box Screen Is So Important

I’ve had a box mod with a broken screen before. If you only ever use a mod in wattage mode, a broken screen doesn’t have to be an enormous problem. You can guess your current wattage setting simply by using the device.

With the Limitless RDTA Box, the screen is an absolute requirement because you can’t remove the build platform and put it on a resistance tester. You have to build coils on the device itself, and you have to use the device’s resistance meter before dry firing the coils. If the screen doesn’t work, you’ll have to dry fire without checking the resistance — and I’m not comfortable with that at all.

iJOY Limitless RDTA Box Review: The Bottom Line

The iJOY Limitless RDTA Box is a great idea that doesn’t quite seem ready for prime time. With its interchangeable build decks, the RDTA Box doesn’t limit you to a single type of coil head as many devices with built-in tanks do. There’s no need to worry that you’ll eventually “outgrow” the device — because you can build coils in any way you like. The fact that it tends to leak a little if you place it on its side is annoying, but that’s not an unusual problem for rebuildable tank systems.

The major problem with the RDTA Box is the fact that the screen seems prone to failure. I don’t know why it happens, but I do know that I’m not the only person who has experienced this problem. If iJOY announces a recall — or fixes the problem in a future version of the device — it might be worth buying. As things currently stand, though, I can’t recommend it.

Thanks to Heaven Gifts for providing the iJOY Limitless RDTA Box and RDTA for this review. View it on their website. The Limitless RDTA Box costs $79.50 and ships worldwide. Use the coupon code AGRL10 to save 10 percent on your order.

iJOY Limitless RDTA Box Review: The Pros

  • Good build quality
  • Enormous e-liquid capacity
  • Interchangeable build platforms remove the limitations of using a device with a built-in tank system
  • 200 watts of headroom allow for great flexibility in coil designs

iJOY Limitless RDTA Box Review: The Cons

  • Screen stopped working after less than two weeks
  • Same wicking limitations as other rebuildable tank systems
  • Need to tip the device occasionally to keep the wicks wet — and if tipped, the tank can occasionally leak a little

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  1. Lancaster

    My screen failed on the IJOY RDTA after less than a week (2nd full day of use)

    • Vapegrl

      Hi Lancaster,

      It seems to be a problem that’s all too common. I found a few examples on YouTube, too. I have no idea why an LCD screen would fail so easily, but it sure makes the RDTA Box difficult to recommend even though it actually works very well.