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November 19, 2015

VaporFi Grand Reserve Review


There’s something to be said about a company that never rests on its laurels. Although the e-cigarette industry has been plagued by slower growth this year in the face of looming FDA regulations, VaporFi continues to attract a great deal of attention by essentially becoming the Apple of the e-cigarette world. VaporFi boasts a carefully curated selection of vaporizers that’s always changing, along with a stellar selection of USA-made e-liquids and an intuitive system for ordering your own custom-made blends at an affordable price.

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VaporFi entered the premium e-liquid market in 2015 with the release of the Reserve Collection (Review), an e-liquid line with an impressive set of credentials and flavor profiles tailor-made for today’s sub-ohm vaporizers. I assumed that would be the last we’d see from VaporFi in terms of new e-liquids for a while, but I was surprised when VaporFi quickly followed up by announcing the Grand Reserve collection.

VaporFi Grand Reserve Collection: Overview

VaporFi Grand Reserve Review

The VaporFi Grand Reserve Collection builds upon the groundwork laid by the Reserve Collection while making every aspect, in a word, bigger. The Grand Reserve Collection features a VG/PG blend that favors vegetable glycerin more heavily than the Reserve Collection — 70/30 rather than 60/40. This means that the vapor clouds are even bigger.

Next, the VaporFi Grand Reserve Collection features bolder, more complex blends inspired by modern culinary delights. With flavor combinations such as pineapple, muddled mint, champagne infused blueberries and a lime twist, VaporFi is definitely out to please the foodies of the vaping community.

Like the original VaporFi Reserve Collection, the VaporFi Grand Reserve Collection ships in glass bottles with dropper tops. Rather than being made to order, the Grand Reserve Collection e-liquids are made in advance and pre-steeped for optimal flavor development.

It remains to be seen whether VaporFi’s plans for future e-liquid releases will involve adding new flavors to the existing Reserve and Grand Reserve collections. It is possible that the company’s future e-liquids will be released in batches as entirely new e-liquid lines.

The VaporFi Grand Reserve Collection costs just a bit more than the Reserve Collection — $21.99 rather than $19.99 per bottle.

Knowing how the VaporFi Reserve vs. Grand Reserve collections compare, let’s take a look at the flavors of the VaporFi Grand Reserve Collection:

  • Catch Ya Latte is a coffee e-liquid featuring the added flavors of hazelnut and caramel.
  • Cloud Candy is inspired by your favorite “Gummi” treats, with the flavor of cotton candy thrown in for good measure.
  • Island Frost is the tropical cocktail that I described above, featuring pineapple, blueberries, mint and lime.
  • Meringue O Tang is a custard doughnut with an irresistible hint of lemon.
  • Pineapple Pow adds the floral essence of hibiscus to the juicy blend of pineapple and melon.
  • Rainbow Custard is a blend of strawberries and cream with a hint of citrus.

VaporFi Grand Reserve Collection Review

VaporFi Grand Reserve Collection ReviewVaporFi provided three sample bottles of e-liquid for my review of the Grand Reserve Collection: Pineapple Pow, Meringue O Tang and Cloud Candy. I have a bit of a sensitivity to melon flavors, so I unfortunately wasn’t able to finish the bottle of Pineapple Pow.

The Meringue O Tang e-liquid, on the other hand, was a completely different story — I absolutely loved it. It smells and tastes remarkably like a real doughnut, and I emptied the bottle very quickly.

I also enjoyed Cloud Candy, which was probably the sweetest e-liquid in the set. While Meringue O Tang has a hint of lemon to add some tang to the sweet flavor, Cloud Candy really does taste like candy — sugar on top of sugar.

Although the VaporFi Grand Reserve Collection does seem to consist of some very sweet e-liquids, I really enjoyed the fact that none of the e-liquids had that off-putting “artificial sweetener” taste that some e-liquids have. The sweet flavor doesn’t taste fake, doesn’t become overbearing and doesn’t leave an undesirable aftertaste in the mouth.

I also like VaporFi’s decision to use an even higher percentage of vegetable glycerin for the Grand Reserve Collection. Unlike the e-cigarette cartomizers and dripping atomizers that were common in past years, today’s sub-ohm tanks really do a good job of feeding a very thick e-liquid to the heating coil consistently. As long you aren’t vaping at an overly high wattage, you’ll never have to worry about dry hits. The benefit is that the increase in vapor production is really noticeable.

VaporFi Grand Reserve Collection Review: The Bottom Line

The VaporFi Grand Reserve Collection has really surprised me. While the original Reserve Collection gave me the impression that VaporFi was beginning to favor more muted and subtle e-liquid flavors, everything about the Grand Reserve Collection is big and bold; big flavors, complex blends to keep the palate interested, and a higher percentage of vegetable glycerin for the biggest vapor production ever possible with VaporFi’s e-liquids.

All of these features come with a lot of additional benefits that only a major e-cigarette vendor such as VaporFi could provide. These include detailed lab reports that you can view online, GRAS and Kosher certified base ingredients — and all of VaporFi’s e-liquids are produced in an FDA-registered lab.

The VaporFi Grand Reserve Collection is exactly what you want if you’re looking for a collection of sweet e-liquids with flavor combinations that never grow stale even with repeated use, and you want those e-liquids to come with the guarantee of quality that only a major e-cigarette company could provide. The best part is that the VaporFi Grand Reserve Collection doesn’t even cost a lot compared to other premium e-liquids. These e-liquids are definitely recommended.

VaporFi Grand Reserve Collection Review: The Pros

  • Premium e-liquid at a fair price
  • Sweet flavors with complex blends to keep things interesting
  • Top-quality ingredients backed with extensive certifications

VaporFi Grand Reserve Collection Review: The Cons

  • Not the ideal collection for tobacco and menthol lovers

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