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September 21, 2016

Vapor4Life Disposable E-Cigarette Review

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As the recent NJOY bankruptcy filing proves, there just isn’t as much of a market for disposable e-cigarettes today as there once was. Still, a disposable e-cigarette is a great introduction to a company’s product range — and to e-smoking in general. It’s a great idea for a company to offer disposable e-cigarettes, as long as it isn’t the company’s only focus. The Vapor4Life disposable e-cigarette will introduce you to a range of vaping products that’s completely unlike anything else out there.

Revolutionary New Disposable Vape

The new Lost Mary MT15000 lasts up to 15,000 puffs and features the incredible new Pulse Mode that allows you to get double the vapor on demand. A front display shows the device's e-liquid supply and battery life at a glance. Try the Lost Mary MT15000 Sample Pack, which includes three different flavors, for just $39.99. Take an additional 20% off with the coupon code VAPEGRL.


View the Vapor4Life disposable e-cigarette. It costs $7.99, but quantity discounts are available. Use the coupon code VAPEGRL to save 25 percent on any Vapor4Life starter kit. Note that the coupon code does not apply to disposable e-cigarettes.

About Vapor4Life

In order to understand what the Vapor4Life disposable e-cigarette is all about, you need to begin with a history of Vapor4Life itself. This is a company with a founder who smoked for 40 years. Apparently, between his 4-6 pack per day smoking habit and related medical bills, he was spending upwards of $30,000 per year. He discovered e-cigarettes in 2008 and never smoked another cigarette. At that point, he set about designing an improved e-cigarette with the features that would keep him from craving tobacco forever. That product was the original Vapor4Life Vapor King e-cigarette — a product that still exists today.

Vapor4Life began doing business in 2009, making them one of the few e-cigarette companies still in business today that launched before I became an e-smoker myself in 2010. I still have yet to try the original Vapor King. Being one of the first companies to use cartomizers in its e-cigarettes, though, must have given Vapor4Life quite a head start.

Vapor4Life continues to sell somewhat unusual products today compared to other companies. Take the WOW Vapor V-Kit, for example. It’s based on the Vapor Zeus e-cigarette, which looks like a standard e-cigarette with twist-on cartridges. The difference is that it’s much larger — similar in size to a cigar. Since it uses 5.0 volt batteries, it puts out an impressive amount of vapor for a small thing. Even the cartridges are unique — they have silicone tips, so you can chomp on them as much as you like. Lastly, every cartridge or bottle of e-liquid for the V-Kit includes a free vial of zero-nicotine e-liquid in the same flavor. Using the non-nicotine e-liquid, you can either adjust the nicotine strength of your cartridges or work toward the goal of becoming nicotine-free.

Vapor4Life Disposable E-Cigarette Review

vapor4life-disposable-e-cigarette-reviewHave you tried some of the many sweet-flavored e-cigarettes on the market? Did you wish that they could have tasted more like real cigarettes? That’s what Vapor4Life has tried to do with its disposable e-cigarette — something that, until recently, the company didn’t even have in its lineup. Vapor4Life might be a little late to the disposable e-cigarette party, but they’re doing it big.

If no disposable e-cigarette quite satisfies you, the Vapor4Life disposable e-cigarette is exactly what you want. Are you tired of e-cigarette companies trying to tell you that a combination of some generic nutty flavor and sweetener tastes like tobacco? Well, the Vapor4Life disposable e-cigarette doesn’t try to taste like tobacco. It tries to taste like tobacco smoke. The experience includes all of the harshness, the nicotine blast and the lung hit that you’d expect from the real thing.

Recently, I’ve preferred mostly sweeter e-liquids. For me, reviewing the Vapor4Life disposable e-cigarette was a bit of an eye-opener. Although e-liquids with tobacco extracts are available, they still only replicate the flavor of tobacco. Tobacco smoke, though? Almost no one even tries anymore because smoke is a really difficult flavor to mimic without combustion. I’m not saying that the Vapor4Life disposable e-cigarette is an exact match for real tobacco smoke. I’m just saying that if any product has some closer, I haven’t found it.

Vapor4Life Disposable E-Cigarette Review: The Bottom Line

The Vapor4Life disposable e-cigarette isn’t a perfect product. It does have one weakness: the price. At $7.99 per unit, using one disposable e-cigarette daily could potentially cost some people more than smoking. You can save close to 40 percent on that price by buying in bulk, though.

In spite of the cost, it’s hard for me not to recommend the Vapor4Life disposable e-cigarette. This is especially true if you’ve disliked other e-cigarettes because they didn’t do a good job of replicating the real smoking experience. From the squishy feel in the hand to the blast of smoky nicotine hitting the lungs, that’s exactly what the Vapor4Life disposable e-cigarette does. You won’t find anything quite like it anywhere else.

View the Vapor4Life disposable e-cigarette. It costs $7.99, but quantity discounts are available. Use the coupon code VAPEGRL to save 25 percent on any Vapor4Life starter kit. Note that the coupon code does not apply to disposable e-cigarettes.

Vapor4Life Disposable E-Cigarette Review: The Pros

  • Replicates the real smoking experience like no other disposable e-cigarette to date
  • Long-lasting battery, good vapor production
  • Slightly harsh flavor tastes remarkably like real cigarette smoke

Vapor4Life Disposable E-Cigarette Review: The Cons

  • Price is a bit on the high side

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