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February 15, 2016

I’ve written about V2 Cigs before, in my article describing the best e-cigarette for beginners. In that article, I describe how V2 has managed to set themselves apart in an industry full of overwhelming sameness and explain why those differences make V2 the ideal company for complete beginners to choose. If you’re looking for a comprehensive V2 Cigs review, you might want to read that article in addition to this one, because I’m going to focus less on V2’s customer service policies in this article and more on the product itself.

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As you may already know, V2 Cigs receives more Web traffic than the rest of the top ten e-cigarette vendors in the United States combined. That’s how incredibly popular they’ve become in just a few short years of doing business. They’ve accomplished that on the back of a KR-808 e-cigarette, frequent tweaks and improvements and a large selection of accessories. No e-cigarette is completely perfect, and the V2 e-cigarette is not without its flaws. I still believe the product is a winner if you’re shopping for your first e-cigarette, though, and I’ll tell you why in my V2 Cigs review.

View the selection of V2 Cigs starter kits. Kits start at $34.95 and ship worldwide. Use the coupon vapegrl15 to save 15% on V2 Cigs starter kits or vapegrl to save 10% on all other products. European readers, click here instead!

V2 Cigs Review

About V2 Cigs

The V2 e-cigarette is a fully customizable electronic cigarette available with three different battery sizes, two different battery types — automatic and manual — and several different colors. Most V2 starter kits allow you to select batteries in any size, type and color you like, which is refreshing compared to the many “one size fits all” starter kits available from other companies. Of the available kits, I like the Standard Kit ($59.95 before coupon) and the Ultimate Kit ($169.95 before coupon).

The V2 Cigs Standard Kit includes two batteries, USB and wall chargers and ten refill cartridges — enough to last up to about two weeks. The V2 Cigs Ultimate Kit ups the ante with three batteries, USB, wall and car chargers, an e-cigarette that works directly from a USB port without charging, a portable case that charges dead batteries, a portable carrying case and a whopping 25 cartridges — enough to last most people a month or more.

The KR-808 e-cigarette is one of the most popular models on the market, and V2 is far from the only company selling KR-808 packages. The Halo G6 is another KR-808 e-cigarette of which I’ve spoken highly. I discuss the features that set V2 apart in detail in the article mentioned at the beginning of this V2 Cigs review, but it’s worthwhile to mention the two most important features here as well. The first is that V2 Cigs offers a lifetime warranty on all products except refill cartridges. Unlike every other “lifetime warranty” I’ve ever seen on an e-cigarette, the V2 warranty covers batteries and portable battery charging cases. As long as you’ve remained a V2 customer — meaning that you’ve purchased refill cartridges in the past few months — you can return any failed component to V2 for a replacement. Every lithium ion battery in the world is guaranteed to fail eventually, so V2’s warranty is bound to save you a lot of money in the long run.

The second important feature is the extensive quality control process for e-liquids. If you go to the home page of the V2 Cigs website, you’ll see a little text field with the label “E-Liquid Test Results.” Every box of cartridges and bottle of e-liquid sold by V2 has a four-character code printed on it. Enter the code in that field and you can instantly download a PDF file showing that no toxins or contaminants were found in the e-liquid. Every single batch of e-liquid produced by V2’s lab is tested in this manner — no other company does this.

V2 Cigs Refill Cartridges

An additional feature of V2 Cigs is their extremely low price for refill cartridges if you buy in bulk. I personally prefer to buy my e-liquids by the bottle and fill my own cartridges. I don’t think that’s true for most mainstream e-smokers, though; I think most people would rather pop a cartridge out of the pack, twist it on and go. Unfortunately, some companies have been known to charge as much as $17.00 for packs of cartridges, because that’s where the majority of their profits come from. Here, V2’s popularity is really an asset; they can buy cartridges in massive volume, sell them for less and still make an acceptable profit. V2’s best deal on bulk cartridges gives you 80 cartridges at a price of $119.95. Now, remember the coupon vapegrl gives you 10 percent off any purchase that isn’t a starter kit, so you’ll pay $107.95 instead, for 16 packs of cartridges. That’s $6.74 per pack — a great deal by anyone’s standards.

V2 Cigs Review

V2 Cigs Review Charging CaseSo, ultimately you’re reading my V2 Cigs review because you want to know if the V2 e-cigarette is any good. I’ve tested dozens of e-cigarettes, and my answer is “you bet it is.” It produces absolutely the most vapor I’ve ever gotten from a small e-cigarette, and vapor production is the single most important factor that will decide whether your switch from cigarettes to e-cigarettes is successful.

V2 has a large selection of refill flavors that’s certain to keep you busy for a while, and if you ever get bored, they even allow you to create your own custom cartridges from a massive list of base flavors. It’s also worth noting that V2 seals its cartridges in foil — something few other companies do. This ensures that you’ll never receive a stale or dry cartridge.

As I mentioned above, V2 allows you to mix and match batteries when you order a starter kit. If this is going to be your first e-cigarette, I highly recommend buying a kit that allows you to try both automatic and manual batteries. A lot of people like automatic batteries, because they allow you to hold your e-cigarette just like a real cigarette. You have to hold a manual battery differently so you can push the button while you puff. However, manual batteries always produce more vapor. The Halo G6 is available with a manual battery, but somehow it still lags behind in vapor production and battery life.

If there’s any knock against V2 Cigs, it’s the fact that you can find e-cigarette kits for less that are basically comparable in terms of what accessories you receive for the price. However, many of the companies selling these kits expect you to pay $15 or more for packs of refill cartridges. None of them offer a lifetime warranty that covers all components, and a few of the kits are just bad knock-offs. There are great deals to be had on e-cigarettes, but sometimes the adage “you get what you pay for” really does apply. V2 Cigs offers a great product and stands behind it to an extent that no other company can match.

View the selection of V2 Cigs starter kits. Kits start at $34.95 and ship worldwide. Use the coupon vapegrl15 to save 15% on V2 Cigs starter kits or vapegrl to save 10% on all other products.

V2 Cigs Review: The Pros

  • Great vapor production
  • Foil-sealed cartridges for freshness
  • Best e-liquid quality control
  • Lifetime warranty on all components
  • Lowest price for refill cartridges

V2 Cigs Review: The Cons

  • More expensive than some e-cigarette brands

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  1. caressa alqanni

    Looking for an e-cigarette as you mentioned at the beginning of your blog, no liquid nicotine. Does that exists?

    • Vapegrl

      Hi Caressa,

      Everything that V2 Cigs makes is available without nicotine.