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April 24, 2020

O2VAPE Duo Pro Dip & Dab Vape Pen Review

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The greatest benefit of vaping concentrates with a dab or a wax pen is the fact that no other type of material is as potent or as discreet. The drawback of concentrates, though, is that they come in a variety of different consistencies depending on the processing method. A single vape pen doesn’t always work well with all types of concentrates, and the type of concentrate that you prefer may not always be available to you when you’re ready to buy. Ordinarily, the solution for that problem would be to buy multiple vape pens. You have your wax pen with the traditional bucket and atomizer, a dab rig, and you have your oil rig for vape cartridges, normally using a 510 thread battery. While those solutions work just fine alone, not everyone has unlimited funds to spend on their vape gear.

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o2vape duo review

The people at O2VAPE have a long history of thinking differently when it comes to vaping hardware, and nowhere is that more evident than with the Duo Pro Dip & Dab Vape Pen. This is a device that’s ready out of the box to handle your thickest resins and concentrates – and even powdered materials like CBD isolate. Since it has a standard 510 attachment threading, it’ll also work with your favorite oil cartridges. With its variable-voltage operation, the Duo Pro is compatible with a wide variety of oil and wax atomizers and cartridges, and you’ll have no trouble dialing in the vapor warmth that you want with whatever attachment you decide to use.

View the Duo Pro Dab Pen at the O2VAPE website. It costs $34.95 and includes a fee-based lifetime warranty.

dab pen kit o2vape duo

What Is the Duo Pro Dab Pen?

dab pens by o2vape

I’ve been vaping for a very long time, but until I saw the O2VAPE Duo Pro, the idea of a double-ended vape pen was completely foreign to me. This might be an unfamiliar design to you as well, so I’ll explain how it works.

The Duo Pro comes with two atomizer heads, and with the default head installed, it looks basically like a standard vape pen. The default atomizer handles your waxy concentrates that liquefy when heated. If you’re used to wax vaping, this aspect of the Duo Pro will be completely familiar to you.

Suppose you have material, however, that’s not waxy at room temperature. Instead, it’s liquid and oily. As you’ve no doubt discovered, it’s difficult to load that type of material into a traditional wax atomizer without making a huge mess.

Well, that’s when the Duo Pro works its magic.

When you have a concentrate that’s too runny to load with a dab tool, you’ll replace the Duo Pro’s wax atomizer with the ceramic touch tip. You’ll turn the vaporizer upside down, and you’ll remove the bottom cover. That’s right – with the Duo Pro, you can actually inhale through both sides of the device. When the ceramic touch tip is hot, simply touch it to your concentrate while inhaling through the bottom of the vaporizer.

dab pen tip o2vape duo

The idea of inhaling through the bottom of your vaporizer might seem strange at first, but it’ll quickly become second nature. It’s the most elegant and mess-free solution I’ve seen for handling both waxy and oily concentrates with the same device.

Using the Duo Pro Vape Pen

If you’ve ever used a wax pen before, the O2VAPE Duo Pro will be completely familiar to you. The big difference here, though, is that O2VAPE really put some thought into developing a portable wax vaporizer that isn’t harsh on the throat and lungs and isn’t likely to leak.

The leak resistance comes from the fact that the wax atomizer has a screw-on cap. Once you’ve loaded the atomizer and screwed the cap on, the only way for your material to escape is through the small holes in the cap. The holes are plenty big enough for vapor, but your wax isn’t likely to get through them. The fact that the Duo Pro has a snap-on cap means that you won’t have to worry about excess heat on your lips or in your throat when vaping. The entire experience of using the Duo Pro is really well thought out.

wax pen vape o2vape

Likewise, it’s obvious that O2VAPE designed the dipping aspect of the Duo Pro’s functionality with great care. Loading an atomizer with an oily concentrate is often a pain. Oils are often so sticky that it’s difficult to get them off of your dab tool – and transferring an oily concentrate from a container to an atomizer often results in a huge mess. With the Duo Pro, you can just leave your concentrate in a container made from a heat-resistant material like silicone. No loading and no mess. It’s great.

How Does the O2VAPE Lifetime Warranty Work?

Warranty support is a great thing, and we don’t see nearly enough of it in the vaping industry today. Companies manufacture their vaporizers cheaply, and many brands only guarantee their devices for around half a year or so. That’s a bit problematic when you consider the fact that the average vaporizer battery is unlikely to last more than a year or so.

o2vape duo wax and dab pens

Well, O2VAPE is a company that has the warranty problem completely solved. Like the company’s other products, the Duo Pro includes a lifetime warranty. If and when your device eventually develops a problem, you can simply contact O2VAPE for a replacement. There’s a fee involved when you replace your device. The fee depends on the device you’re replacing; for the Duo Pro, it’s $14.99. The fee is quite reasonable for a warranty that never expires, and you even get a new device rather than a refurbished one.

View the Duo Pro Dip & Dab Vape Pen now at the O2VAPE website. It costs $34.95 and includes a fee-based lifetime warranty.

O2VAPE Duo Pro Vape Pen: The Bottom Line

The Duo Pro by O2VAPE is really everything that you could possibly want in a portable wax pen. It’s tiny, light and pocketable. Between the small size and the leak resistance, it’s definitely a vaporizer that’s ideal for pocket carrying. It uses the industry standard 510 thread, so it’ll work with pretty much any wax atomizer you’d like to throw at it – even those not made by O2VAPE. The dual-mouthpiece design seems like a gimmick on the surface, but it’s actually a completely elegant solution for vaping messy oils. The best part of the Duo Pro is that, with all of these features, it still costs less than $35 and includes a lifetime warranty. I doubt that you’ll find another wax pen anywhere with the same combination of price and functionality.

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