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June 10, 2020

How to Make Your Own CBD Vape Juice


You don’t need me to tell you that CBD is the hottest thing going in herbal supplements these days. CBD isn’t just the biggest product at health food stores and places like GNC and Vitamin Shoppe; it’s also available in every type of retailer from big box stores and pharmacies to convenience stores and vape shops. It’s unlikely that any other herbal supplement has captured the public’s imagination in quite the way that CBD has.

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How to Make CBD Vape Juice

An interesting aspect of CBD is the fact that there are so many different ways of using it. Some people take CBD in the form of oral drops, capsules or gummies. Others use CBD topically with creams, gels, rollers and patches.

Still others use CBD by vaping it, and that’s what we’re going to talk about today: how to make your own CBD vape juice. Before we begin, though, let’s talk a bit about why you might want to vape CBD in the first place.

Why Vape CBD?

So, why might you want to vape CBD when you could just take it by swallowing an oil or chewing on a gummy? Well, anyone who’s ever studied the pros and cons of e-cigarettes already knows the answer to that question. The benefit of vaping CBD compared to taking it orally is the same as the benefit of vaping nicotine rather than using a product like nicotine gum.

When you vape nicotine, it gets into your bloodstream more quickly via absorption through the lungs. The experience is much more satisfying. Although you can’t really feel CBD acting on your body in the way that you can feel nicotine, the benefit is the same. When you take CBD orally, it can take up to two hours to peak in your bloodstream. When you vape CBD, it’s in your bloodstream within seconds.

The second benefit of vaping CBD is the fact that, like other active compounds, CBD is dramatically more bioavailable when you inhale it. Higher bioavailability means that a greater percentage of the CBD actually reaches your bloodstream as opposed to simply being metabolized by your liver and wasted.

So, if you want to:

  • Get the most CBD for your money
  • Enjoy the benefits of CBD as quickly as possible

You definitely want to try vaping CBD.

Why Make Your Own CBD Vape Juice?

There are plenty of pre-bottled CBD vape juices in the world. Why would you want to make your own rather than buying a product that’s ready to use? Actually, there are several reasons why making your own CBD e-liquid makes perfect sense.

  • If you already vape, you already have the e-liquid. Aside from the CBD itself, a pre-packaged CBD vape juice is just propylene glycol and vegetable glycerin. Why buy more of what you already have?
  • If you already vape, you already know what your favorite flavors are. Wouldn’t you rather use those instead of something that’s designed for CBD delivery first and flavor second?
  • If you make your own CBD e-liquid, you know exactly what’s in it. You know precisely what dosage you’re getting, and you know that the e-liquid doesn’t contain dangerous additives like Vitamin E acetate. Some CBD vape juices even include MCT oil. Do you want to inhale that? I don’t.
  • Pre-packaged CBD vape oil may have the wrong VG/PG ratio for your vaping device. A high-PG e-liquid works best in a small vape pen, and many CBD e-liquids are high in PG. If you use a larger sub-ohm tank, though, a high-PG e-liquid will probably leak.

How to Make Your Own CBD Vape Juice

In this article, I’m going to describe two ways of making your own CBD vape juice: The easy way and the even easier way.

Make Your Own CBD E-Liquid the Easier Way

I’ll start with the easier way: CBD Vape Shot is a company that makes a CBD shot specifically designed for adding to an existing e-liquid. A shot contains 250, 500 or 1,000 mg of pure CBD isolate dissolved in 2 ml of propylene glycol. Just pry the top off of any bottle of e-liquid, dump in the CBD vape shot, shake up your e-liquid, and you’re good to go.

CBD Vape Shot’s products contain nothing but CBD isolate and PG – no oils and no flavors – and it’s the only type of CBD vape additive that I would suggest using.

You shouldn’t ever vape oral CBD oil or any other CBD product containing oil.

Make Your Own CBD E-Liquid the Easy Way

CBD Vape Shot is certainly the easiest way of making your own CBD vape juice, but it’s also possible to make your own from scratch if you’d rather do that. That gives you absolute control over ingredients and dosage, but it does have two drawbacks.

What are the drawbacks of making your own CBD vape juice from scratch?

The first drawback is that you can’t just add CBD isolate to your favorite e-liquid, because you’ll have difficulty getting it to dissolve. That’s because vegetable glycerin – the majority of what’s in any modern e-liquid – isn’t an effective solvent for CBD. Propylene glycol is. So, you’ll want to make your own shot of concentrated CBD vape additive that you can then add to the e-liquid of your choice.

The second drawback of making your own CBD e-liquid is that it simply isn’t that easy to do. The companies that produce CBD vape additives commercially use industrial equipment to ensure that the CBD isolate dissolves into the solution and stays dissolved. When you make your own, you may find that it isn’t easy to achieve the same result.

With those things said, here’s how to do it.

Start by getting yourself a small bottle of plain food-grade propylene glycol. You can get it from shops that sell supplies for making DIY e-liquids. You’ll also need a container of CBD isolate and a small bottle for mixing. Remember that since your goal is to add the CBD to an existing e-liquid, you want to use as little PG as possible.

Using a digital kitchen scale, dispense a few milliliters of PG into your mixing bottle. Next, measure out the amount of CBD isolate that you want to use. Since CBD isolate is over 99 percent pure, a milligram of CBD isolate is roughly a milligram of CBD.

Finally, close the bottle and shake it vigorously until the CBD isolate dissolves. If you have trouble getting the CBD to dissolve, you can close it tightly and put the bottle in a hot water bath to warm the mixture up. You may have to warm the mixture again in the future if the CBD crystals precipitate out of the solution before you have a chance to use it all.

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