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November 12, 2015

NJOY Daily Review

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Are you new to e-cigarettes? Perhaps you already have some friends who vape. Watching their ritual of refilling tanks, wrapping coils and charging batteries, though, hasn’t exactly left you feeling enthusiastic about getting started. Maybe you want something that works more like a tobacco cigarette; something that just works whenever you need it. Something that needs no tinkering but still leaves you fully satisfied, every time. The NJOY Daily hopes to be exactly that.

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In short, the NJOY Daily is now the best disposable e-cigarette on the market. Aside from the NJOY King, it’s the only disposable e-cigarette I can recommend without reservation. To find out why, continue reading my NJOY Daily review below.

NJOY Daily: Overview

NJOY Daily Review

Throughout the history of the vaping industry, the disposable e-cigarette is a product that manufacturers have consistently struggled to get right. At first, disposable e-cigarettes were far too expensive to be feasible as a full-time option. A disposable e-cigarette was certainly a fine way to find out what e-cigarettes are and how they work, but it wasn’t unusual to find prices over $10 per unit. The lower cost of e-cigarettes is supposed to be one of the greatest appeals of switching to e-smoking, so I found disposable e-cigarettes very difficult to recommend.

Things started to change with the release of the NJOY King, the product that I have consistently recommended as the best disposable e-cigarette on the market. The NJOY King had a feature that was completely new in the e-cigarette industry: it was as small — and nearly as light — as a real cigarette. You could actually hold it in the mouth if you wanted, which is virtually impossible with rechargeable e-cigarettes due to the heavier metal components.

Although the NJOY King debuted with price of $7.99 per unit — still a bit higher than the price of cigarettes in many areas — the price has come down slowly to the point where the ultimate goal has finally been achieved: the NJOY King actually costs less than cigarettes. Maximum savings are achieved if you buy in packs of 100; the base price of this package is $479.99. Apply my NJOY coupon code “VAPE4LESS” for a 30 percent discount on all hardware, and that brings the price down to $335.99, or just $3.35 per unit. That’s really a fantastic price. Take advantage of NJOY’s recycling program, and you get an additional ten Kings for free. (NJOY’s recycling program also applies to the Daily, by the way.)

Unfortunately, at the time of writing, NJOY is not allowing coupon codes to be used when purchasing the NJOY Daily — which might bring you to this question:

NJOY Daily vs. King: Which is the Best Disposable E-Cigarette?

NJOY Daily Reviews

By now, you’ve certainly noticed that, without the ability to lower your price with a coupon code, the NJOY Daily actually costs a bit more per unit than the NJOY King. However, it still costs less than tobacco cigarettes in most areas, especially if you buy several NJOY Dailys at a time — and don’t forget, NJOY doesn’t charge shipping, regardless of the order size.

However, the NJOY King is now approaching three years of age. Although the technology that powers the NJOY King is still sound, it’s missing some innovations that have allowed  small e-cigarettes to produce an even higher level of satisfaction in recent years.

NJOY Daily: Battery Technology

The most important innovation in the NJOY Daily is a microprocessor designed to improve the performance of the Daily’s tiny battery. Rather than drawing steadily from the battery as you inhale, the Daily engages the battery for a lengthy stretch just at the beginning of the inhale, so the device begins to generate vapor immediately. After that, the NJOY Daily draws from the battery in brief pulses.

According to a graph on the NJOY website, this translates to a bit over 50 battery pulses over the course of a two-second puff. It’s so fast that, from a usage standpoint, you can’t notice a difference. However, this greatly prolongs the life of the battery. NJOY supplied three Dailys for this review, and I was able to fully drain the e-liquid from each one before the batteries showed any sign of dying.

The NJOY Daily lasts for about 300 puffs, which is roughly the same number of puffs you’d get out of a full pack of cigarettes.

NJOY Daily: Other Innovations

NJOY Daily Review Freshness SealThe next thing you’ll notice about the NJOY Daily if you see one in person is the revamped packaging. Although the flip-top case of the NJOY King was a fun design element that many enjoyed, it was an added expense in production and therefore increased the customer’s cost as well.

For the NJOY Daily — as well as the tanks for the NJOY Convenience Vaping System, which I’ll be reviewing soon — NJOY has decided to forgo the hard plastic case in favor of a less expensive card stock box. The added benefit of this is that the NJOY Daily itself is sealed in a foil multilaminate bag. Although I’m uncertain of the exact composition of the bag, you can see from this 2005 study that a similar type of bag can preserve an item almost indefinitely.

I’ve seen e-cigarette cartridges and other components sealed in foil or plastic before, and I can tell you that at least from visual inspection, no other e-cigarette freshness seal seems even remotely close in quality to NJOY’s new seal. It does an excellent job of preventing the NJOY Daily from ever acquiring an “old” taste in storage — a good thing, especially if you buy in bulk.

The NJOY Daily also features a new design that is much more muted than that of the NJOY King. The device itself is dark blue in color, with a few small dots on the side to indicate the flavor. The light at the tip is white and no longer emulates the ember of a real cigarette. The NJOY Daily is sleek, subtle and inconspicuous — and it looks altogether much more modern than the NJOY King.

In the “Why didn’t anyone think of this before?” department, an additional aspect of the NJOY Daily that I find interesting is NJOY’s claim that the coloring used for the mouth tip is food grade. Although you would think that e-cigarettes would have begun featuring food grade colors long ago, this is the first time I’ve ever seen such a claim.

NJOY Daily Review: More Like a Real Cigarette?

This brings us to the final — and perhaps most important — marketing claim regarding the NJOY Daily. According to NJOY, the Daily delivers a satisfaction level that is “more like a real cigarette.” The website, however, doesn’t go into detail about how the Daily achieves this claim. Specifically, NJOY says that the daily achieves 90 percent of the satisfaction you’d get from a real cigarette within seven minutes of use.

NJOY Daily Nicotine Content

You might assume that NJOY can make this claim simply because the NJOY Daily contains more nicotine than the NJOY King. In fact, they are the same; the nicotine content varies by flavor, but the NJOY Daily and NJOY King both have the same maximum nicotine concentration of 45 mg/ml or 4.5 percent by volume.

I suspect that NJOY’s claims regarding the satisfaction level achieved by the NJOY Daily stem from three important features.

First, there’s the battery pulsing feature that I described above. I have used several NJOY Dailys as well as several NJOY Kings. I can attest to the fact that the NJOY Daily generates more vapor per puff and that the quantity of vapor does not decrease until the e-liquid is fully consumed.

NJOY Daily PG/VG Blend

Second, the NJOY Daily uses the 50/50 blend of VG and PG that most e-cigarette users prefer these days. This results in vapor clouds with a larger appearance and fuller mouth feel than an e-liquid consisting primarily of propylene glycol. However, a higher percentage of vegetable glycerin often results in slightly reduced throat hit. This brings us to the third feature:

Lactic Acid as a Throat Hit Enhancer

Lastly, the NJOY Daily features an interesting new e-liquid innovation that I haven’t seen elsewhere — one that, by the way, is also present in the new NJOY Convenience Vaping line. NJOY has made the decision to use lactic acid in its new e-liquid formulations as a throat hit enhancer. Lactic acid is generated by muscles during exertion and occurs naturally in many fermented foods, although lactic acid for commercial applications is generally synthesized in labs.

A quick glance at the MSDS for lactic acid on the CDC website suggests that lactic acid is basically safe to inhale, with the acute inhalation symptoms consisting of a burning sensation, cough, sore throat and shortness of breath. Of course, like every other component of e-liquid, I’m unable to find data indicating the possible effects of long-term exposure by inhalation. I can say, though, that it definitely works as a throat hit enhancer.

NJOY Daily Review

NJOY Daily E-Cigarette Review

After fully using all three of the NJOY Daily review samples provided to me, I can say that the Daily definitely feels satisfying in a unique way that I can’t quite put my finger on. It’s probably a combination of the factors I mentioned above, and the extra throat hit generated by the lactic acid is very noticeable. While I use the larger VOX II vaporizer at home, I have carried an NJOY Daily outside the house each day while preparing for this review and have never felt unsatisfied.

The NJOY Daily comes in three flavors: Rich Tobacco, Menthol and Blue + Black Berry. All three flavors are delicious and rich without being overpowering. I preferred the Tobacco and Berry flavors over the Menthol, but all three are terrific and superior, in my opinion, to the flavors of the NJOY King.

NJOY’s new multilaminate seal does an excellent job of preserving the freshness of the NJOY Daily. This means that, even if you use one over the course of several days, it’ll taste the same in the end as it did when you first opened the package. This is greatly helped by NJOY’s improved battery management, which keeps the vapor volume consistent until all of the e-liquid is depleted.

At $5.99 for each unit, the asking price for the NJOY Daily is much more reasonable than the initial $7.99 price of the NJOY King three years ago. However, the savings really stack up when you buy in bulk. The NJOY Daily costs roughly $4.79 each in packs of five, $4.49 in packs of 20 and $3.99 in packs of 100. This means that, if you buy at least five at a time, the NJOY Daily costs less per unit than the average price of a pack of cigarettes in all 50 states.

NJOY Daily Review: The Bottom Line

The NJOY Daily features a reasonable price and some very impressive technical innovations. It is a pleasure to use and fully satisfying — even for someone accustomed to much larger personal vaporizers. The modernized styling doesn’t attempt to emulate the look of a tobacco cigarette and doesn’t draw undue attention. In short, if you are looking for an introduction to e-cigarettes or simply prefer disposable e-cigarettes over rechargeable models, the NJOY Daily is the only product I’d recommend.

NJOY Daily Review: The Pros

  • Best disposable e-cigarette of 2016
  • Better battery management, VG/PG blend and lactic acid make for improved vapor production, longer life and unique sense of satisfaction
  • Attractive modern design
  • Best freshness seal on the market
  • Costs less than smoking, unlike most disposable e-cigarettes

NJOY Daily Review: The Cons

  • Nothing; among disposable e-cigarettes, the NJOY Daily is the new “King”

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  1. JR Deaton

    Thank You — This review answered a lot of my questions about the Daily! (that I could not find answers to before). Very clear and full of info. I’m 61 and new to vaping and have been trying the disposables because the “coils and tanks and cleaning” of the vaping machines are too intimidating to me. Is the company staying in business despite the bankruptcy? — I hope so.

  2. Pamela vancleave

    Are you still reviewing? I am not finding many 2020 reviews.