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October 23, 2016

Mad Hatter E-Liquid Review

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Do you love donuts? What about popcorn, taffy and cookies? I know — why should I even bother asking, right? Mad Hatter E-Juice has what must be some of the best on-package marketing I’ve ever seen. How could you not look at the blueberry-colored I <3 Donuts box and immediately want to try it? I had seen Mad Hatter e-liquids on many of my favorite e-cigarette websites for months without realizing that Mad Hatter is a product of NEWhere — one of the companies that I recommend in my article about disposable hookah pens. Upon making this discovery, I had to request a Mad Hatter E-Juice review sample. I received large bottles of the company’s entire flavor lineup and drained them all in record time.

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Buying Mad Hatter E-Juice

Mad Hatter is one of the most popular and widely distributed e-liquid companies currently in the business — the product has been a smashing success. If you have a decent local vape shop, there’s a good chance that you can buy Mad Hatter e-juice locally. You might pay less, though, by buying online.



About Mad Hatter E-Juice

NEWhere founded Mad Hatter E-Juice as a spin-off company in 2015 with a single flavor — I Love Donuts — that quickly received accolades from reviewers. In only about a year, the Mad Hatter e-liquid line has become very popular, very quickly. I actually think it’s possible that Mad Hatter could now be more popular than NEWhere. Practically every company that carries a wide assortment of third-party e-liquids carries Mad Hatter.


Mad Hatter’s flavor lineup has remained fairly small, which I actually think is to their benefit. There’s nothing gimmicky in their lineup, and there’s no attempt to offer the biggest flavor selection on the market. Absolutely every flavor in the Mad Hatter lineup could be an all-day vape. I can’t say that about very many e-liquid companies.

Mad Hatter has some of the absolute best e-liquid packaging on the market. From popcorn boxes to miniature ovens, every package is a joy to open. Many of Mad Hatter’s e-liquids also include unicorn bottles for precision filling. Some include stickers. No matter what flavor you choose, you’ll end up feeling like you’re getting a lot for your money.

Mad Hatter E-Liquid Review

Mad Hatter provided the entire four-flavor lineup of “I Love” e-liquids for the purpose of this review. I drained the four bottles incredibly quickly — and I loved my three favorite flavors so much that I couldn’t possibly choose a “best” one. Suffice it to say that I highly recommend Mad Hatter e-liquid. Whatever flavor you choose — if you like the idea of that flavor — you’re going to love the e-liquid. Mad Hatter executed each flavor concept perfectly.

I Love Popcorn

I Love Popcorn is the newest addition to the Mad Hatter e-liquid lineup. Like many candy lovers, the buttered popcorn flavor of Jelly Belly is my favorite. I Love Popcorn smells almost exactly the same, and it tastes even better. It’s very sweet, very buttery and has a distinctly nutty corn flavor. The vapor production — as is the case with all of Mad Hatter’s e-liquids — is out of this world. In short, Mad Hatter absolutely nailed I Love Popcorn. The presence of a “buttery” flavor element does concern me a little, but this e-liquid is nevertheless beyond delicious.


I Love Taffy

I enjoyed I Love Taffy just as much. It was actually the first bottle of the four that I finished. I have a local sweet shop that I visit once in a while when I want to indulge a craving for something sweet and different. They have a very large selection of saltwater taffy, and the peach flavor is one of my favorites. In other words, I’m very familiar with the flavor of peach taffy. Here again, Mad Hatter has hit the flavor exactly on the nose. While I Love Taffy may be the sweetest e-liquid in the entire Mad Hatter lineup, the creamy note and tangy peach flavor do a nice job of balancing the sweetness. Like the rest of Mad Hatter’s e-liquids, this could be an all-day vape for many people.

I Love Donuts

The flavor that launched the Mad Hatter line, I Love Donuts combines flavors such as blueberry, frosting and powdered sugar to balance the base doughnut flavor. This e-liquid contains probably the best blueberry flavor I have ever tasted in any e-liquid. In addition, the doughnut flavor is absolutely spot-on. You can really tasted the savory browned dough flavor, which nicely balances the sweet blueberry and frosting notes. I Love Donuts practically became a legend the day it was released, and I can see why. In fact, as I write this, Mad Hatter is planning to release an improved version of this e-liquid in just a few days. I can’t see what could possibly be improved about I Love Donuts, but I can’t wait to find out!


I Love Cookies

It’s hard to call I Love Cookies a miss, since in just about any other e-liquid vendor’s lineup, it might be my favorite flavor. It is my least favorite of the “I Love” e-liquid lineup, though, because I find the flavor combination perhaps a little complicated and confusing. You can definitely taste the cookie base flavor. There’s some definite browned flour and burned sugar notes adding the savory elements that accompany the sweet flavors. The sweeter flavors — caramel, milk, strawberry and coconut, I believe — just don’t mesh together quite perfectly. Taste is subjective, though. If you like the idea of I Love Cookies, you’re going to like the e-liquid because Mad Hatter’s products are uniformly excellent across the board.

Mad Hatter Juice Review: The Bottom Line

I’m not sure that I’ve ever reviewed a line of e-liquids and loved every single one until now. I also don’t think that I’ve ever found an e-liquid line with descriptions that exactly match the actual flavors, every time. So many e-liquid companies come up with flavor combinations that sound creative on the surface. They find great copywriters and photographers, and they put together websites that make every e-liquid sound nothing short of amazing. When you actually try the e-liquids, though, you find that they taste pretty much the same as everything else.

When you try Mad Hatter Juice, you’re definitely not going to go away feeling as though you’ve just repeated an experience you’ve already had a million times. Instead, you’re going to taste something entirely unique and delicious. As I said above, every one of these e-liquids is absolutely capable of being an all-day vape for many. Although all of Mad Hatter’s e-liquids are very sweet, each one has savory and/or creamy elements balancing the sweetness out and making you want more. Speaking of “more,” all four of my bottles are empty now. May I have some more?

Mad Hatter E-Liquid: The Pros

  • Across the board, all of the flavors match their descriptions exactly
  • Every flavor is perfectly balanced and capable of becoming an all-day vape
  • Some of the most realistic popcorn, taffy and doughnut flavors I’ve ever tried

Mad Hatter E-Liquid: The Cons

  • I personally found the I Love Cookies flavor a little muddled and overly complicated

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