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October 20, 2016

Alice in Vapeland Review

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Not long ago, I read a thread on Reddit in which people discussed a certain e-liquid company that, perhaps because of its excellent marketing, tends to charge significantly more for its products than typical e-liquid makers. Someone commented that they get just as nice of an experience when they buy from Alice in Vapeland — a company I’d never heard of before that day. I visited the website, and looking at the whimsical artwork and product descriptions, I knew that I had to taste these e-liquids. Upon receiving my request, Alice in Vapeland was kind enough to send several review samples to my door.

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Buy Alice in Vapeland E-Liquid

Alice in Vapeland has a wholesale program, so you can find their e-liquids on third-party websites and in some local vape shops. You can also buy them directly from the Alice in Vapeland website.

Buy From Alice in Vapeland: $11.00 per bottle and up. Discounts available for larger quantities.



About Alice in Vapeland E-Liquid

alice-in-vapeland-e-liquid-reviewAs I stated above, the artwork and product descriptions on the Alice in Vapeland website are whimsical and almost dreamlike in nature. The work of Lewis Carroll obviously influences many of the product descriptions, but you can find e-liquids called “Berry Crunk” and “Zombie Apocalypse” as well so there’s obviously nothing too artsy here. The website’s bohemian atmosphere might not be everyone’s cup of tea, but I found the product descriptions rather seductive. I don’t know of another e-liquid website with quite the same atmosphere.

Alice in Vapeland’s flavor selection is large and varied — and to be honest, it isn’t all easy to find. You can find some on the “E-Juices” page, but that’s only the start. You’ll find others in the “Oddity Room.” Until I began writing this review, I didn’t even notice that there were still other flavors stashed away in the “C. Room.” There may be even more that I hadn’t discovered yet.

From a business operation standpoint, it might have been better to simply place the entire flavor selection on one page. That being said, discovery and unexpected happenings are two of Alice in Vapeland’s major themes. The website’s layout complements those themes nicely.

Alice in Vapeland’s e-liquid selection includes many tea flavors, which is rather unique. You can also find a number of floral flavors along with some of the popular fruity and dessert flavors you’d expect most e-liquid vendors to carry. I didn’t notice any tobacco or menthol flavors.

Alice in Vapeland E-Liquid Review

In the Alice in Vapeland FAQ, you’ll see some information about how the company considers its flavor profiles a bit more subtle than those of other e-liquid vendors. Although I tend to agree with that statement, it shouldn’t make you nervous — there’s nothing bland about these e-liquids. In fact, some of the flavors are among the most unique I’ve ever tasted.

The Best Alice in Vapeland E-Liquids

alice-in-vapeland-sultana-reviewIf I had to pick a favorite, it would be Sultana. It is a delightful combination of pears and honey that’s sweet enough to tickle the taste buds, but complex enough that it could be an all-day vape for many. I recently reviewed Ripe Vapes, another e-liquid company with a pear flavor in its repertoire. The pear flavor from Ripe Vapes was my favorite in the entire collection, and I actually think that Sultana might be even better.

From the oddity room, I received a sample of The 11th Rose — a combination of rose, raspberry and lychee. It was my first e-liquid with a rose flavor note. I’ve always loved the smell of rose, but this e-liquid was my first time actually tasting it. I completely expect any rose e-liquid that I might try in the future to disappoint me in comparison. The rose and lychee flavors intermingle perfectly to create an e-liquid that’s as sweet as candy without losing any of the floral complexity from the rose. The rose flavor is strong, but it doesn’t taste like perfume at all. I drained the bottle quickly.

Other Alice in Vapeland E-Liquids

One of the samples that Alice in Vapeland provided to me was Hunter, a fruit punch e-liquid that’s soon to be an exclusive of Giant Vapes. The customer reviews of this e-liquid are glowing, but it didn’t do much for me. I was never able to detect anything more than a certain non-specific fruitiness in this e-liquid.

Unfortunately, I have to say the same about A Quiet Morning. I know that tea e-liquids are some of Alice in Vapeland’s specialties, and I wish that I had requested more than one tea flavor so I could have more of a well-rounded perspective. I was never really able to pick up this e-liquid’s green tea and passion fruit notes.

April Moon and Single Bedroom Apartment were both very strong offerings, though. April Moon is an apricot/blueberry blend, and Single Bedroom Apartment is a subtle cupcake flavor. If you like the flavor of baked goods in e-liquids but want something a little less overpowering, Single Bedroom Apartment is probably going to please you. Likewise, the apricot flavor in April Moon is spot on.

Alice in Vapeland Review: The Bottom Line

As many e-liquid companies as there are — and with so many e-smokers preferring similar flavor combinations — you’d think that everything would start to taste the same after a while to someone who’s tried as many different e-liquids as I have. Alice in Vapeland is proof that there’s always something completely unique right around the corner.

Although I regret that I wasn’t able to try more of Alice in Vapeland’s tea offerings, I feel completely confident recommending this company to anyone. Sultana and The 11th Rose are two of the most delicious e-liquids that I’ve ever tried from any company — and two of the most quickly drained e-liquids I’ve ever owned.

I can’t directly compare any of the e-liquids that I tried from Alice in Vapeland, though, to any other e-liquids that I’ve tried in the past. With each flavor, I can tell that great care was taken in crafting balanced and unique blends that stand out from the rest. If you want to try a line of e-liquid that’s completely unlike anything you’ve experienced before, you need to give Alice in Vapeland a try right away.

Alice in Vapeland Review: The Pros

  • Completely unique selection of e-liquids that taste unlike anything else
  • Whimsical, seductive artwork and flavor descriptions

Alice in Vapeland Review: The Cons

  • You need to hunt around the website a bit to find the full selection of flavors

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