How to Drip With an E-Cigarette

You’ve probably heard the term “dripping” applied to e-cigarettes more than once if you’ve done any reading on forums. Although the term might sound a little strange, it actually refers to a way of delivering e-liquid to an atomizer by dripping it directly from a bottle or other container rather than using a cartridge, cartomizer or tank. In this article, I’ll explain how to drip with an e-cigarette and tell you why you might want to do so. I’ll also explain why e-cigarette dripping may not be for everyone.

E-Cigarette Dripping

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Why Should I Drip With an E-Cigarette?

Compared to other methods of e-liquid delivery, dripping is a lot of work because it requires you to keep e-liquid nearby while you use your e-cigarette. People who prefer dripping, though, like it for the fact that it removes all obstructions between the vapor and your mouth. Instead of traveling through a filler material or plastic tank, the vapor only has to travel through a hollow tube before reaching your mouth. Therefore, it could be said that dripping results in the most vapor and purest flavor possible from an e-cigarette. If you’ve tried many types of cartomizers, clearomizers and tanks and are of the opinion that they all make the vapor taste like plastic, you’ll probably love dripping.

Why Shouldn’t I Drip With an E-Cigarette?

My first e-cigarette was one of the old three-part models that few companies still sell. I found that the filler material in the disposable cartridges failed to deliver e-liquid to the atomizer consistently. When the cartridges did work, the vapor tasted like plastic. Dripping turned out to be a perfect solution for me because it resolved these problems while allowing me to use the e-cigarette I already had. When I found a cartomizer I liked, though, I began using that instead of dripping. If you started with a newer two-part e-cigarette, there may be no need to consider dripping because the e-cigarette that you’re using already works perfectly well. A two-part e-cigarette is also less of a hassle; with dripping, a few drops of e-liquid will last for just a few puffs before you’ll need to drip again. If you try dripping at work, in your car or just about anywhere other than home, you’ll quickly find that it’s quite inconvenient.

What do I Need for E-Cigarette Dripping?

To try dripping with an e-cigarette, you’ll need to purchase a drip tip compatible with your e-cigarette atomizer. If you aren’t currently using an e-cigarette with an atomizer, you’ll also need to buy an atomizer compatible with your battery. The most common types of atomizers used for dripping are 306 and 510 atomizers, both of which are compatible with eGo batteries and most USA-made e-cigarettes. You’ll also need an e-liquid container that allows you to release e-liquid in a controlled manner; plastic bottles work best for this.

[green_box]Tip: Remember to select the correct atomizer resistance for your e-cigarette. Large eGo batteries tend to work best with low-resistance atomizers, while mods with the ability to operate at multiple voltage levels work best with high-resistance atomizers.[/green_box]

How to Drip With an E-Cigarette

If you’re using a brand new atomizer, you’ll want to get the wick and heating coil nice and wet before you begin. I like to put the drip tip over the atomizer and send about ten drops of e-liquid down the drip tip. Some of the e-liquid may leave the atomizer through the hole in the bottom, so you’ll want to have a paper towel handy. After you’ve allowed a few seconds for the e-liquid to penetrate the wick, gently blow through the drip tip into the paper towel to remove the excess e-liquid.

Next, twist the atomizer into the threading of the e-cigarette, hold the fire button and puff. You should get a full, satisfying puff of vapor. If the e-cigarette gurgles, remove the atomizer and blow the excess e-liquid out again. If the vapor tastes burned or dry, add a few more drops of e-liquid through the drip tip.

Now you’re off and running. You’ll continue using the e-cigarette in this fashion until the quality of the flavor starts to decrease, at which point you’ll add a few drops of e-liquid. Expect to add more e-liquid after about every ten uses of the e-cigarette. If you want to change e-liquid flavors, you may find my advice about how to clean an atomizer helpful.

[green_box]Did You KnowA study published in 2013 by The Lancet suggests that e-cigarettes may be as effective as nicotine patches in helping smokers discontinue tobacco usage.[/green_box]