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October 10, 2013

How to Fill a Cartomizer


In e-cigarettes, “cartomizer” is a generic term for any attachment that contains both e-liquid and the heating coil needed to vaporize it. The cartomizer replaced the old style of e-cigarette cartridge which was placed on a separate atomizer. The most common type of cartomizer is the 510 cartomizer made by Boge and Smoktech, although there are also some interesting new styles that incorporate large tanks and are much easier to fill. Although there’s no way that a single article about how to fill a cartomizer could cover every type available, I will discuss how to fill the standard 510 cartomizer in detail because it’s the most difficult to get right. I’ll also provide some pointers that will help with filling almost any type of clear cartomizer or “clearomizer.”

How to Fill a Cartomizer 510 Smoktech Boge

Boge/Smoktech 510 Cartomizer — Top and Bottom View

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How to Fill a 510 Cartomizer

The standard 510 cartomizer is a black or stainless tube about the same size and shape as a cigarette filter. When you remove the soft cap, you’ll see a white filler material wrapped around an air tube. Although taste is a personal thing, this is my favorite type of cartomizer because it’s the only type that doesn’t taste like plastic to me. Unfortunately, filling this type of cartomizer can be hard. There are three common methods for doing so, and the type that works best for me actually requires the purchase of an additional accessory.

How to Fill a Cartomizer With a Syringe

Filling a CartomizerIf you’ve ever wondered why so many e-cigarette companies carry syringes or needle tip bottle caps, now you know why. To fill a cartomizer this way, fill a syringe with about 1 ml of e-liquid and place the needle between the filler material and inner wall of the cartomizer. Inject e-liquid until the top of the filler material is very wet, and then remove the syringe and inject e-liquid into the opposite side of the cartomizer. Wait a few minutes. If the filler material looks very dry, inject a bit more e-liquid before using the cartomizer. In my opinion, this is the best way to fill a cartomizer because it forces the e-liquid down to the bottom of the cartomizer — where the heating coil is — with no mess.

How to Fill a Cartomizer From the Bottom

Some people call this the “condom method” for filling a cartomizer. If you don’t have a syringe handy, this is the next best way to fill a cartomizer. You’ll need to have some paper towels, though, because it can be messy. To fill a cartomizer from the bottom, you’ll need to remove both of the soft caps. Place the bottom cap on a table and fill it at least halfway with e-liquid. Position the cartomizer directly over the cap and push down, forcing the e-liquid into the bottom of the cartomizer. You’ll most likely have a wet table and cartomizer at this point, which is where the paper towels will come in handy. If the filler material of the cartomizer looks dry after waiting a few minutes, add a little e-liquid directly from a bottle.

How to Fill a Cartomizer With a Bottle

This is my least favorite way to fill a cartomizer because it is both time-consuming and unreliable. I’m mentioning it anyway because some people do fill their cartomizers this way and are happy with the results. To fill a cartomizer with a bottle, simply hold the cartomizer at an angle and drip e-liquid from a bottle to the inner wall of the cartomizer. The e-liquid runs down the wall and soaks into the filler material. When the filler looks wet, stop and wait several minutes. When you come back to the cartomizer, the filler material should look dry again. Add more e-liquid and wait. Do this until the filler material looks wet after several minutes of waiting. In my experience, this method for filling a cartomizer has often left the heating coil dry, causing the cartomizer to produce a burned taste. You might have better luck, though.

How to Fill a Clearomizer

How to Fill a Clearomizer

The many types of clearomizers

Pictured above are just a few of the most common types of clearomizers. Although the designs being produced today are innumerable, the one thing they have in common is that the e-liquid is stored in a hollow reservoir rather than a white filler material. Also, clearomizers are almost always filled from the top. Some require a syringe or needle tip bottle cap for filling, and almost all have an air tube running down the center. To fill a clearomizer, you’ll begin by removing the top. If the clearomizer has a soft top, pry it off. If it has a hard top with threading, twist it off. Under the top, you’ll either see an open reservoir or a small filler hole. Sometimes, the filler hole is plugged with a rubber stopper that you’ll need to remove with tweezers. If the clearomizer has a filler hole, inject e-liquid with a syringe. If it has an open reservoir, you can fill the clearomizer directly from a bottle. However you fill a clearomizer, you should make sure that no e-liquid goes down the center tube.

How to Fill a Cartomizer Tank

How to Fill a Cartomizer Tank

How to fill a cartomizer tank

A cartomizer tank is essentially a long Boge-type cartomizer enclosed within a plastic or glass tank. As you use your e-cigarette, the cartomizer continually draws liquid from the tank through one or more small holes. As long as the cartomizer produces a sufficient amount of vapor, you can keep it going by simply refilling the tank rather than refilling the cartomizer repeatedly. The downside is that, with the cartomizer submerged in liquid, airflow is restricted a bit. The benefit is that many people can go all day on a single tank. To fill a cartomizer tank, you’ll first fill the cartomizer using one of the methods described above. Next, insert the cartomizer partially into the bottom of the tank so that the top of the tank is still exposed. Tilt the tank at an angle, fill the tank at least halfway and push the cartomizer through fully. The picture above illustrates these steps.

Did You KnowAccording to Wikipedia, the cartomizer was originally invented by the British founders of Gamucci e-cigarettes in 2006. In 2013, Umer and Tariq Sheikh were granted a UK patent for their invention.

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