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E-Cigarette Brands at Walgreens

I’m continually surprised by the large number of visitors who discover each day by searching for information about e-cigarette brands at Walgreens. Although I’ve written a larger overview about where to find e-cigarettes locally, I’ve never covered Walgreens specifically and I think the topic is deserving of a larger article, especially since Walgreens doesn’t list e-cigarettes on their website even though their stores clearly sell them.


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I’ve researched which e-cigarette brands you can buy at Walgreens, and as it turns out, the popular pharmacy chain is as fragmented as the rest of the e-cigarette industry. Not only might you find different e-cigarettes at different Walgreens locations, but you may buy a starter kit one week only to find that your local Walgreens is carrying a different e-cigarette brand the following week. As always, I recommend buying e-cigarettes online instead to decrease the likelihood of your being burned when your preferred brand suddenly becomes unavailable. I present my recommendation regarding the best e-cigarette for beginners elsewhere on this website. For your convenience, though, here is what I have been able to find out about the e-cigarette brands at Walgreens. Please contact me if you’ve found a brand that isn’t listed here.

E-Cigarette Brands Walgreens

Found online: Blu e-cigarettes at Walgreens in Fisherman’s Wharf in San Francisco, CA.

Blu E-Cigarette Brand at Walgreens

Many Walgreens locations carry the Blu e-cigarette brand. This is a brand I’m fairly familiar with and you can find my Blu Cigs review elsewhere on this website. Of the e-cigarette brands at Walgreens, the Blu brand is the only one to my knowledge that uses e-liquids made in the United States. Although prices may differ in stores, the retail price of the base Blu rechargeable e-cigarette kit is $34.99. Refill cartridges cost $12.80 per pack or $13.80 for the slightly larger “Premium 100” size. Blu also sells disposable e-cigarettes at $39.95 per four-pack or most likely slightly more at Walgreens. Although the Blu e-cigarette brand isn’t my favorite, it’s probably your best choice among the e-cigarettes at Walgreens because it is the only one with USA-made e-liquids. You’ll most likely pay more at Walgreens than you would ordering online, though.

Fin E-Cigarette Brand at Walgreens

Some Walgreens locations carry the FIN e-cigarette brand. I have no personal experience with FIN yet but my understanding is that they sell a 510 e-cigarette as well as a disposable model. It appears that FIN starter kits retail or $15.99 or $29.99 depending on the number of batteries included, while refill cartridges cost $15.99 and disposable e-cigarettes cost $8.99 each. To the best of my knowledge, FIN sources its e-liquids from China.

Finiti E-Cigarette Brand at Walgreens

Finiti is formerly the brand of FIN. They have since changed their name. This means that if you happen to find the Finiti e-cigarette brand at Walgreens, you’re looking at old stock and should probably pick something else.

NJOY E-Cigarette Brand at Walgreens

I found a report on the E-Cigarette Forum from 2014 in which a user reported finding NJOY’s eGo e-cigarette kit at Walgreens. Although I’m unable to find price information, the NJOY website lists this model at $49.99 and up with e-liquid bottles running $7.99 for 10 ml bottles. In addition, another report on the V2 Cigs forum suggests that Walgreens is also carrying the NJOY King disposable e-cigarette. The retail price of the NJOY King is $8.99. I would expect to see NJOY’s new small rechargeable e-cigarette at Walgreens soon, too — at the time of writing, they’re just getting ready to roll it out.

Vuse E-Cigarette Brand at Walgreens

In September 2014, an E-Cigarette Forum member reported seeing a Vuse e-cigarette display at her local Walgreens store. The Vuse e-cigarette is the e-cigarette that Reynolds American released to compete with Lorillard’s Blu and Altria’s MarkTen e-cigarette brands. At this point, it’s hard to say how popular the Vuse e-cigarette has been and I believe the brand hasn’t gone through a full nationwide rollout yet. An article that I wrote about the Vuse e-cigarette for eCig One has received plenty of traffic from people claiming to have received a coupon for a free sample. Lorillard has reported that Blu’s market share has decreased as a result. On the other hand, Reynolds seems intent on stamping out the e-cigarette industry, which suggests the Vuse isn’t the game changer they hoped for. Either way, it’s a Chinese e-cigarette with Chinese e-liquids and likely to perform like pretty much any other e-cigarette at Walgreens.

MarkTen E-Cigarette Brand at Walgreens

Given the fact that Marlboro outsells every other cigarette brand in the United States by a large margin, I wouldn’t be surprised to find the MarkTen e-cigarette at Walgreens as long as they continue to carry Altria products. However, I have been unable to find any reports confirming this. It may be simply because the MarkTen e-cigarette hasn’t been rolled out nationally yet.

NEWhere E-Cigarettes at Walgreens

According to a blog post from 2012, some Walgreens locations carry — or carried — the NEWhere e-cigarette brand. This is a brand I hadn’t heard of before researching this article. I’m also not sure if this information is still true given the age of the blog post.

Did You KnowIn 2014, the CVS pharmacy chain announced that it would stop selling all tobacco products at an estimated loss of $2 billion in yearly revenue. Walgreens still sells tobacco products and has not disclosed the amount of revenue generated by these sales.


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