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Crescent Canna 9,000 MG Max Strength CBD Drops Review: Strongest CBD Oil on the Market

A few years back, the vaping industry began to experience some growing pains. Vaping equipment was becoming more powerful, so people were using more e-liquid than ever. For a while, though, the e-liquid makers of the world steadfastly resisted making their prices more affordable. All it took was one company willing to start selling e-liquid in a larger bottle, though, and that’s when the dam broke. Everyone else followed suit, and all at once, e-liquid became a lot more affordable for everyone.

Crescent Canna 9000 MG CBD Drops Review

Well, if you’re a CBD user, you should be feeling very happy right now because the same thing is about to happen in your industry. Crescent Canna has finally broken the bubble. They’ve begun marketing the most powerful – and most affordable – CBD oil ever, and the entire industry is about to change for the better because of it.

View Crescent Canna’s 9,000 mg Max Strength CBD Drops now. The bottle costs $229.99. Use the coupon code CBDMAX for an additional 20 percent off. 

What’s Special About Crescent Canna’s CBD Oil?

When a company prices a product significantly below the average for the industry, your first reaction might be to assume that there’s something cheap about the product that makes it possible to charge such a low price. The truth, though, is that the profit margins in the CBD industry are truly astronomical. CBD is expensive to produce, it’s true, but some companies take advantage of that fact by keeping prices artificially high because that’s what the market will bear. At any time, any company could have decided to charge a fair price instead. Crescent Canna was just there first.

Crescent Canna is extremely serious about the quality of its products. That means their CBD oils are:

  • Extracted from organic USA-grown hemp
  • Batch tested for quality and potency
  • Free of pesticides, solvents and heavy metals
  • Free of THC
  • Non-GMO
  • Vegan

Crescent Canna 9000 MG CBD Oil Review

Here’s what you get when you buy Crescent Canna CBD.

  • Crescent Canna’s High-Potency CBD Drops contain 9,000 mg of total CBD per bottle. That’s about 300 mg of CBD per dropper, which is as much CBD as some brands give you in an entire bottle. Crescent Canna also offers 5,000 mg Extra Strength CBD Drops for $149.99.
  • Both CBD oils are available in two tasty flavors: Peppermint and Mandarin Lime. Both flavors are completely natural.
  • Crescent Canna makes its products from organic hemp grown in the United States. That’s important because most of the world’s industrial hemp supply comes from China. Among the many other problems associated with Chinese-grown produce, China’s soil is heavily polluted with heavy metals. If a CBD brand doesn’t specifically say where its hemp is grown, you should assume it’s from China.
  • You know exactly what you’re getting when you buy Crescent Canna CBD oil, thanks to an extensive library of lab tests that you can download on demand. The tests verify the products’ CBD content. The tests also verify that the products contain no detectable THC, solvents, heavy metals, mycotoxins or pesticides.

You’re Paying Way Too Much for CBD

CBD might be one of the most beneficial supplements on the market, but it doesn’t come cheap. It’s a natural extract from plants that require extensive labor to cultivate and can take months from planting before they’re ready to harvest. Once the hemp is finally harvested, it requires curing to remove excess moisture. Finally, it takes a large amount of plant material to make just a little CBD extract – so the end result is that CBD can be quite expensive. For a long time, though, some CBD brands have gotten away with selling their products at inflated prices because that’s what consumers expect to pay.

So, how does Crescent Canna’s 9,000 mg CBD oil compare in price to one of the older CBD brands? Let’s look at Crescent Canna vs. Charlotte’s Web.

  • Charlotte’s Web charges $119.99 for a bottle of CBD oil containing 1,500 mg of CBD. That’s 7.9 cents per mg of CBD.
  • Crescent Canna charges $229.99 for a bottle of CBD oil containing 9,000 mg of CBD. That’s 2.5 cents per mg of CBD.

How would you like to pay less than a third of what you’re currently paying for CBD? Yeah, that sounds pretty good to me, too.

Crescent Canna High Potency CBD Oil Review

When CBD was still a niche supplement produced by only a few companies, it might have made sense to charge top dollar for it. These days, though, CBD production has been streamlined to the point where it’s no longer necessary to charge such high prices. There are plenty of farmers growing hemp, and there are plenty of companies extracting it. There’s more than enough hemp distillate to go around.

Why Do You Need the Strongest CBD Oil?

So far, I’ve mainly talked about Crescent Canna’s 9,000 mg CBD drops in terms of the amount of money you can save by buying them rather than your usual brand. If you don’t change your current dosage, switching to Crescent Canna CBD will dramatically cut the amount of money you spend.

Let’s suppose, though, that you don’t want to cut your dosage. What if your real problem with CBD is that you can’t get enough of it into your system without going broke? Just look at the dosages used in some of these CBD studies.

  • A 2015 report summarizing the available medical literature on CBD and anxiety noted that the typical dosage for human studies was 300-600 mg.
  • A 2003 study on CBD and cerebral blood flow used a dosage of 300 mg.
  • A 2016 study on CBD and arthritis used a dosage of up to 62.3 mg/day on rats, which would translate to a significantly larger dosage for humans.

So, let’s say that you wanted to try the same dosage of CBD used in a clinical study and see whether that dosage did anything for you. What are you going to do – buy a CBD brand like the one described above and down a whole bottle every two days? No; you’re going to use the amount that you can afford to use and hope that it works. With Crescent Canna’s 9,000 mg CBD drops, cost no longer has to be a barrier to using the amount of CBD that works for you.

View Crescent Canna’s 9,000 mg Max Strength CBD Drops now. The bottle costs $229.99. Use the coupon code CBDMAX for an additional 20 percent off. 

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