Cigavette Review

The profit margins for e-cigarette companies have always been enviably high. E-cigarette accessories such as batteries, chargers and cartomizers are bought in bulk from manufacturers in China — often for under $10 per set — and resold to customers in the United States and elsewhere at a markup of several hundred percent. That trend has begun to change, though, as the market has become flooded with new companies and owners have begun to realize that the days of easy money in the e-cigarette industry are long over. Cigavette is part of the new breed of e-cigarette companies; their product selection is lean, mean and priced to sell. I recently added the Cigavette e-cigarette and the Cuvana e-cigar to my collection, and with both priced under $25 I’d say Cigavette is a company poised to gain a lot of new customers in 2014 and beyond. So, how do these products fare? Read on as I give you my take in this Cigavette review.

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Shop the selection of Cigavette e-cigarettes. Starter kits begin at $24.95 and orders over $50 ship free with the coupon code FREESHIP.

Cigavette Review

About Cigavette E-Cigarettes

Although Cigavette has larger and more expensive e-cigarette kits available, they’re really focusing on the sub-$30 price point and I see the $29.95 Starter Pack as their flagship product. The Starter Pack is only available in Tobacco and Menthol flavors and you can select one of several nicotine strengths between 0 and 24 mg. The included KR-808 battery is rated at 4.2 volts and carries a maximum charge capacity of 280 mAh. Refill cartridges are also only available in Tobacco and Menthol flavors, and although the price of $12.95 for five cartridges is about average, the bulk price of $99.95 for 50 cartridges is quite a bit higher on a per-cartridge basis than the V2 Cigs bulk price of $119.95 for 80 cartridges.

If you’d rather try some sweeter e-cigarette flavors, the Cigavette E-Hookah line is also available. No, these aren’t actual e-hookahs; they’re just disposable e-cigarettes with flavors designed to resemble hookah shisha. The available flavors include Berry and Watermelon and the e-cigarettes start at $7.95 each.

Lastly, Cigavette sells a very large disposable e-cigarette called the Cuvana e-cigar. Like the Starter Pack, the Cuvana sells for $29.95. However, it lasts for close to 2,000 puffs, which is the equivalent of several standard disposable e-cigarettes. It has a size, shape and appearance designed to mimic a real cigar.

Cigavette obtains its e-liquid from China. Although I tend not to be very fond of mass-produced e-liquids, it has to be said that people who enjoy sweeter tasting tobaccos will probably enjoy Cigavette’s selection. In addition, you can use cartomizers from any company with your Cigavette e-cigarette as long as the threading matches.

Cigavette Review

In the Cigavette Starter Pack, you’ll find a single KR-808 battery in your choice of white, black and stainless colors, a USB charger and two atomized refill cartridges — enough to try your new e-cigarette for up to three days or so. Although I’d love to see an extra battery or more refill cartridges at the $29.95 price point, it’s a pretty good deal nonetheless. If you want an extra battery, it’ll set you back $12.95 or $14.95 depending on the size.

Testing the Cigavette e-cigarette, I did experience some occasional sensitivity issues with the battery. Sometimes, I’d try taking a puff and nothing would happen. I’d try again, and the battery would turn on. This can happen when the air-activated membrane in an automatic e-cigarette battery is a little tight, but when this is the case you can at least be certain that the battery won’t turn on and cause the Cigavette e-cigarette to leak e-liquid when you carry it in your pocket.

Cigavette E-Cigar

As I mentioned above, the Tobacco flavor used in Cigavette’s refill cartridges is quite sweet. If you’ve ever enjoyed sweeter flavors such as clove cigarettes and honey-toasted tobacco, Cigavette’s Tobacco flavor might appeal to you. If it doesn’t, I highly recommend checking out the Cuvana e-cigar instead. Although I’d personally call the flavor a bit more “pipe tobacco” than “cigar tobacco,” it’s a very realistic flavor and the Cuvana e-cigar generates a massive amount of vapor for a disposable e-cigarette. The downside, of course, is that you may not want to be seen walking around in public with a fake cigar unless you’re exclusively a cigar smoker.

Shop the selection of Cigavette e-cigarettes. Starter kits begin at $24.95 and orders over $50 ship free with the coupon code FREESHIP.

Cigavette Review: The Pros

  • $29.95 price is very attractive for e-cigarette first-timers
  • Maximum nicotine strength of 24 mg is higher than what some companies offer
  • Cuvana e-cigar tobacco taste is very realistic

Cigavette Review: The Cons

  • Starter kit only includes one battery and two refill cartridges
  • Refill cartridge price is higher than average