What Are Mesh Coil Tanks?

Mesh coil tanks are the future of vaping, and if you aren’t using one yet, you should be. Find out why in this overview of mesh coil benefits.

The vaping industry has really changed over the years. In the early days, it was all about finding the right tobacco e-liquid with the perfect throat hit and creating a vaping experience good enough to replace cigarettes. That’s still the case for the recent converts to vaping who have just recently given up smoking. Elsewhere, though, there are millions of vapers who haven’t touched cigarettes in nearly 10 years. For many of us, vaping stopped being about throat hit long ago. We’re vaping low-nicotine e-liquids, and we’re looking for new and novel flavor experiences. When we buy premium e-liquids, we want to taste every nuance.

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Mesh Coil Tanks

Phrases like “cloud chasing” and “sub-ohm” vaping are terms that hardly anyone uses anymore because having a vaping device that produces enormous clouds simply isn’t remarkable anymore. Buy just about any vaping kit with a tank included, and I guarantee that you can create your own personal weather system. Unless you happen to be the type who participates in cloud competitions, cloud chasing has never really been about the clouds themselves – it’s about getting the biggest, boldest flavors possible.

That’s why mesh coil tanks exist. If you’re not using a tank with a mesh coil yet, get ready because your vaping experience is about to change in a big way.

Maximizing Flavor and Vapor Production

So, what determines the flavor quality that you experience when you vape? Ultimately, it comes down to two factors. The first factor is the volume of vapor that you inhale, and the second factor is the amount of air that you inhale. Air, after all, dilutes the vapor because it has no flavor.

Increasing vapor production is relatively easy; if you increase the surface area of the coil, you’ll get more vapor. More surface area means more heating area, and more heating area means that the coil can vaporize the e-liquid more quickly. With a traditional spring-shaped coil, though, you can’t increase the surface area except by using a greater length of wire or a thicker wire gauge. In other words, increasing a coil’s surface area also increases the mass of the coil and the power required to drive that coil.

For several years, vaping product manufacturers continued down the track of releasing coils with ever greater mass. That culminated in the development of tanks such as the SMOK TFV12 Cloud Beast, a tank with a 12-wire coil that that requires up to 200 watts of power for effective operation.

Tanks like the TFV12 Cloud Beast are very impressive in terms of flavor and vapor production, but they simply aren’t practical for most people. They suck batteries dry, and with less powerful vaping devices, the coils take time to heat up. If your coil isn’t at its ideal temperature, much of what you inhale is air. Your powerful coil, therefore, isn’t doing a very good job of delivering rich flavor.

Mesh Coils Provide the Way Forward

If tanks like the TFV12 Cloud Beast prove anything, it’s that we’ve reached the limit of what we can do with traditional spring-shaped vaping coils. The power requirements for those coils have already gone way beyond what’s practical. The only way to move forward is to completely reimagine what the ideal shape of a vaping coil should be.

This is what the future of vaping looks like.

What Are Mesh Coils

As you can see, a mesh coil isn’t a coil at all. Instead, it’s a strip of mesh that looks a bit like a window screen. Mesh coils are extremely thin, but the surface area of a mesh coil is similar to that of a high-end spring-shaped coil. With a mesh coil, you get the vapor production of a traditional cloud chasing coil without the huge mass of metal and high wattage requirement.

So, how does it work in practice – what are the wattage requirements for high-end mesh coils? Let’s look at how they compare.

  • The 12-wire T12 coil for the SMOK TFV12 Cloud Beast tank has a recommended power range of 130-200 watts and most likely won’t give you a good vaping experience with any single-battery mod. It’ll push even a dual-battery mod to its absolute limit.
  • The quadruple mesh coil for the Freemax Mesh Pro tank has a recommended power range of 90-120 watts and will work with many modern single-battery devices. If you use the coil with a dual-battery device, you’ll get even better vapor production and excellent battery life.

The power requirements for mesh coils are extremely reasonable. If you don’t own a vaping device that operates at 90 watts, that’s no problem. Single-mesh and dual-mesh coils deliver incredible performance at just 50-60 watts.

Mesh Coils Are a Flavor Chaser’s Dream

The greatest benefit of mesh coils is that they have the vapor production that you’d expect from traditional high-end cloud chasing coils without those coils’ extreme power demands. For flavor chasers, though, mesh coils have a second benefit that’s just as important.

If you’ve used a traditional wound vaping coil with a thick wire gauge, you know that those coils can take what feels like forever to heat up. Since mesh coils have much lower mass, they heat up almost instantly. Is your vaping device completely cold? No problem. If you’re using a mesh coil, you’ll get immediate vapor when you push the button. Fast coil firing means that you’re inhaling less air, and inhaling less air means that you’re always getting the best flavor that your e-liquid can produce.

The instant heating of mesh coils also has a secondary benefit in that mesh coils also dissipate heat quickly. Have you ever noticed how hot a vaping device can get after extended use with a traditional wound coil? That’s because the coil is dissipating its heat into the body of your vaping device. That causes your battery to get hot, and heat reduces a battery’s lifespan. Since mesh coils don’t retain heat to the extent that traditional coils do, they also don’t cause excess heat to radiate into the body of your mod.