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May 21, 2016

Vista Vapors Happy Tongue E-Liquid Review

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Sweet e-liquids are all the rage right now, and I think it’s no coincidence that the explosion in popularity of sweeter e-liquids occurred around the same time that sub-ohm vaping really took off. Nicotine has a bit of flavor on its own, after all, and sub-ohm vaping has enabled many e-smokers to lower their preferred nicotine strengths drastically. Without the nicotine providing some of the flavor in your e-liquids, it’s only natural that you’d want to push the envelope in other areas.

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If this sounds like you — and you happen to have a bit of a sweet tooth — the Happy Tongue e-liquid line from Vista Vapors might be exactly what the doctor ordered. This premium line of dessert-inspired e-liquids is high on flavor and big on sweetness, and all of it comes at a surprisingly affordable price.

View the Happy Tongue bundle at the Vista Vapors website. The full bundle costs $69.95 and ships for free. Individual flavors cost $14.99 each.

Vista Vapors Happy Tongue E-Liquid Review

Vista Vapors: Happy Tongue E-Liquid Overview

The Vista Vapors Happy Tongue collection includes five flavors: Tropical Snowman, Scoopernova, Perfect Peel, Fiz Whiz and Circus Ring. Although each e-liquid in the collection features different flavors, the overall collection profiles as a sweet and fruity e-liquid line with some occasional creamy or sour elements. All Happy Tongue e-liquids are designed with max-VG blends. The exact blend isn’t disclosed, and some of the flavors in the collection seem thicker to me than others. So, I’d suspect that the VG/PG blend varies depending on the flavor.

Vista Vapors backs every e-liquid purchase with an interesting satisfaction guarantee. If you don’t like a particular flavor, you can send it back within 45 days — the bottle must be more than half full — to receive a store credit for a free 10 ml bottle of e-liquid in a different flavor. Having a return policy for e-liquid is rare, since e-liquids are consumable products that can’t be resold. It’s especially beneficial with a company like Vista Vapors, though, since their e-liquid selection is so enormous that it might be difficult to make a selection. The replacement policy shows that Vista Vapors isn’t just interested in making a sale — they want to gain a loyal customer.

Vista Vapors Happy Tongue E-Liquid Review

Vista Vapors provided the full Happy Tongue bundle to me for the purpose of writing this review, so I was able to taste all five flavors. Of these, Tropical Snowman is my favorite. Of all the flavors in the bundle, Tropical Snowman is the one that — for me — gets the balance of sweet, sour and creamy just right. Imagine a Hawaiian shaved ice dessert with a slightly sour mango syrup, maybe a little blue raspberry and a dollop of sweetened condensed milk on top, and you begin to get an idea of what this e-liquid is about.

Fiz Whiz is an e-liquid designed to please soda lovers. The Vista Vapors website describes this e-liquid as containing the flavor of “everyone’s favorite fizzy soda,” which leaves a bit to the imagination. A customer review describes the soda flavor as ginger ale, but I personally think it tastes more like cola — or perhaps Dr. Pepper. This e-liquid’s addition of blueberry and citrus flavors, though, makes it taste entirely different from any soda I’ve ever had. It’s interesting to note that Fiz Whiz creates a feeling on the tongue that’s very similar to carbonation, which is quite fun!

Scoopernova is another interesting flavor in the Happy Tongue collection. This flavor blends yogurt and cream notes with the fruity flavors of strawberries and peaches. The fruity flavors in Scoopernova sort of blend together into a non-specific sweet fruitiness, making the individual fruits a little difficult to detect. Nevertheless, this e-liquid might be a good choice if you’re looking for something in the “strawberries and cream” genre that doesn’t have an over-the-top artificial strawberry note.

Melon e-liquids have to be some of the most popular fruity flavors right now, because I’ve noticed that just about every line of premium e-liquids released in the past year or so seems to include something with melon as a flavor note. Personally, although I’ve always enjoyed actual melons, I have never been a big fan of artificial melon flavors — so the melon trend hasn’t really caught on with me. Circus Ring is a rare exception; with the melon flavor in the background, I don’t find this e-liquid unpleasant at all and actually quite like it.

Rounding out the Vista Vapors Happy Tongue e-liquid collection is Perfect Peel, an e-liquid featuring the flavors of berries, vanilla and banana. This is the only e-liquid in the collection that really didn’t do it for me. I thought that the banana flavor could have been a little more forward, and in a collection of e-liquids featuring really similar creamy-fruity flavor profiles, Perfect Peel didn’t have a lot of differentiation and didn’t really stand out compared to the others.

Vista Vapors Happy Tongue E-Liquid Review: The Bottom Line

The Vista Vapors Happy Tongue collection is a tasty line of low-priced e-liquids with a varied blend of sweet, creamy and fruity flavors. If you buy the full bundle of five flavors, it works out to a cost of just $13.99 per 30 ml bottle, which is better than average for premium e-liquids — and you’re almost certain to find something you like if you enjoy very sweet flavors. Give these e-liquids a try; I think you’ll enjoy them.

View the Happy Tongue bundle at the Vista Vapors website. The full bundle costs $69.95 and ships for free. Individual flavors cost $14.99 each.

Vista Vapors Happy Tongue E-Liquid Review: The Pros

  • Interesting variety of flavors, certain to please fans of fruity and sweet e-liquids
  • Max-VG blend, as many e-smokers currently prefer
  • Low price for premium e-liquids

Vista Vapors Happy Tongue E-Liquid Review: The Cons

  • Individual flavor notes can sometimes be a little difficult to detect

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