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November 8, 2016

Vaporesso Transformer Review

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So, you’re curious about the pros and cons of postless atomizers? You’ve come to the right place. Welcome to my Vaporesso Transformer review. The Vaporesso Transformer is a rebuildable atomizer with velocity posts that you can use — or not, if you prefer postless coils. It also comes with two top caps and two drip tips. With all of the possible part combinations, you can use just about any type of coil design that you could possibly imagine.

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[yellow_box]Thanks very much to GearBest for providing the Vaporesso Transformer review sample used for this article. Buy the Vaporesso Transformer now starting at $21.84. This item ships worldwide with free shipping to many areas.[/yellow_box]


What Is the Vaporesso Transformer?

The Vaporesso Transformer is a rebuildable dripping atomizer that supports a great many possible configurations in the same package. In the box, you’ll find the following:

  • Four-hole postless build deck
  • Two velocity build posts
  • One short cap with delrin drip tip for postless builds
  • One tall cap with stainless steel drip tip for velocity builds
  • Two pre-built coils
  • Micro screwdriver
  • Plenty of spare parts

The idea behind the Vaporesso Transformer is that it’s a single RDA that can support virtually every coil configuration you can imagine. You can use one, two or four coils, build with or without the velocity posts and use the short cap or the tall one. You can even swap out the center post to use the Transformer with a bottom feeding mod. In reality, you’ll probably find a favorite configuration and use that the majority of the time. If you like to tinker, though, the Vaporesso Transformer may be an excellent choice for you because all of these components come at an extremely low cost.

Vaporesso Transformer Review

Fit and Finish

I received the Vaporesso Transformer from GearBest for the purpose of writing this review. I was given the “colorful” version, in which both of the caps and one of the drip tips have a sort of rainbow anodized color. Personally, I find the color very appealing. I haven’t had another e-cigarette product to date that looks quite like it. All of the parts fit together extremely well.

The Transformer RDA uses grub screws to secure the coils and posts. It also comes with a small hex screwdriver for loosening and tightening the grub screws. The screws seem very durable to me; I haven’t come close to stripping one yet as I have with some other rebuildable atomizers.

Between the tall cap and the short cap, I like the appearance of the short cap slightly more. Atomizer builds look a little cleaner without posts, and I simply like the appearance of the shorter cap. Experimenting with the Vaporesso Transformer, though, I actually had a better overall experience with the tall cap. I’ll explain why shortly.

One potential drawback of the tall cap is that it doesn’t allow you to adjust the airflow at all. You can place the delrin drip tip and airflow collar on the tall cap, but the fins of the airflow collar will not reach the air holes. They’ll only reach if you use the collar with the short cap. In other words, if you use the tall cap, you’ll get maximum airflow only. That’s not a problem for me, but some people may dislike it.

Ease of Use


As I mentioned above, the grub screws included with the Vaporesso Transformer seem exceptionally durable. They loosen and tighten very easily, and I have no fear of stripping one any time soon. I find the build deck extremely easy to work with. There’s plenty of room for getting things arranged — particularly if you use the velocity posts.

If you’re new to postless build decks, you may find the postless deck a little difficult to work with at first — but you’ll get used to it. The potential difficulty comes from the fact that you can’t trim the coil leads after they’re in the holes. You’ll have to trim the coils to the length that you want, and then install them. When you’re still getting used to postless coil builds, you may occasionally trim the leads too short.

Is the Vaporesso Transformer Actually Any Good?

vaporesso-transformer-rebuildable-atomizer-reviewOverall, my experience with the Vaporesso Transformer was excellent. With the tall cap and the velocity posts, I found it easy to build simple dual-coil atomizers that produced absolutely enormous clouds. I expect to continue using the Transformer as my primary rebuildable atomizer for quite some time. I’m not bothered at all by the lack of an airflow control, because I typically use all of my attachments at the maximum possible airflow settings anyway.

The Transformer’s stainless steel mouthpiece has an extremely wide opening, and its position is close to the coils. The mouthpiece also doesn’t have a screen or anything else for blocking droplets, so the Transformer does spit a bit if you add too much e-liquid.

Pros and Cons of Postless Coils

My experience with postless coils wasn’t quite as positive. I do like the very clean look that results when you can insert the coil leads directly into the build deck. In practice, though, this creates a situation in which the coils have very little elevation from the build deck and the wicks. If you over-drip — even just a little — the coils will pop and spit quite a lot. Since the mouthpiece is so close to the coils, you’ll get a lot of that e-liquid in your mouth and throat.

Perhaps it’s just that postless coils make it difficult to gauge the correct amount of e-liquid to use when dripping. I found, though, that I got much better vapor production when I used the tall cap and velocity posts. Just using simple dual-coil builds at .4 ohms, I was able to get enormous, flavorful clouds out of the Vaporesso Transformer.

Any Negatives With the Vaporesso Transformer?

My only real negative comment about the Vaporesso Transformer — apart from the fact that postless coils aren’t really for me — is that I found the pre-built coils completely useless. When I attempted to use them, my resistance meter read between 0.0 and 0.1 ohms. I’m not sure if the coils had faults or if they were temperature control coils, since the Transformer’s manual and packaging don’t discuss the coils at all. With the resistance looking dangerously low, I opted not to use the coils.

Vaporesso Transformer Review: The Bottom Line

Although I don’t really think that postless coils are for me, my overall exprience when writing this Vaporesso Transformer review was excellent. Without any sort of fancy coil designs — just simple dual-coil Kanthal builds that took minutes to put together — I was able to get some of the best vapor production that I’ve experienced with any e-cigarette attachment. I also love the appearance and build quality of the Transformer. The nice, thick metal seems exceptionally durable, and it does a great job of dissipating heat as well. At just a touch over $20 for so many coil building options, buying the Vaporesso Transformer feels like a no-brainer to me.

[yellow_box]Thanks very much to GearBest for providing the Vaporesso Transformer review sample used for this article. Buy the Vaporesso Transformer now starting at $21.84. This item ships worldwide with free shipping to many areas.[/yellow_box]

Vaporesso Transformer Review: The Pros

  • A single package with almost infinite coil building options
  • Comes with velocity posts, so you can build velocity or postless coils
  • Comes with a short sleeve and a tall sleeve to accommodate different coil sizes
  • Very easy to use and produces a ton of vapor

Vaporesso Transformer Review: The Cons

  • Can spit a bit — especially with postless coils
  • I wasn’t able to use the pre-built coils

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