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March 3, 2024

Vape Gurgling? I’ve Got the Fix!

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If your vape makes a gurgling sound when you try to use it, you aren’t alone. Gurgling noises are some of the most common sources of complaints for new vapers, and the problem usually comes down to one simple cause: your device has vape juice in a place where it shouldn’t be. Either excess e-liquid has flooded your device’s coil, or excess condensation is clogging the airflow chimney. Luckily, the fix is usually simple — so let’s get right down to it. Why is your vape gurgling, and what can you do about it?

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Understanding the Gurgling Sound

The gurgling sound in a vaping device typically arises when e-liquid gets into areas where air is supposed to flow, such as the central airflow tube of your tank. This situation is akin to drinking through a straw that has a bit of a liquid blockage – the presence of liquid where only air should pass through creates that distinctive gurgling noise.

Common Causes of a Gurgling Vape

  1. Overfilling the Tank: Filling your tank to the brim can cause e-liquid to seep into the airflow passages, leading to gurgling.
  2. Excessive Priming: While priming your coil with e-liquid is crucial for preventing dry hits, overdoing it can cause excess liquid to flood the coil, resulting in gurgling.
  3. Condensation Build-up: Regular use leads to condensation within the device’s airway, which can mix with e-liquid and create a gurgling sound.
  4. Incorrect Inhaling Technique: Inhaling too sharply or with too much force can pull more liquid into the coil than it can vaporize, leading to flooding and gurgling.

Solutions to Fix the Gurgling Sound

  1. Adjust Your Filling Technique: Ensure not to overfill your tank. Leave a small air pocket at the top to help prevent e-liquid from flooding the central tube.
  2. Check and Clean the Airflow Tube: Regularly disassemble your device and clean any e-liquid from the airflow tube using a paper towel or a small cloth. This can prevent liquid from accumulating and causing gurgling.
  3. Proper Priming: When priming your coil, apply e-liquid directly to the cotton until it looks saturated but not drenched. This balance is crucial for avoiding flooding.
  4. Alter Your Inhaling Technique: Try taking gentler, longer drags instead of sharp, quick inhales. This adjustment can help prevent excess e-liquid from entering the coil.
  5. Increase Power Settings (Cautiously): If your device allows for wattage adjustments, slightly increasing the power can help vaporize more liquid and reduce gurgling. Be careful not to exceed the recommended settings for your coil to avoid burning.
  6. Use Thicker E-Liquid: E-liquids with a higher VG (vegetable glycerin) content are thicker and less likely to flood the coil. Consider switching to a higher VG ratio if gurgling is a frequent issue. Note that high-PG e-liquids are very thin and tend not to work well with sub-ohm tanks. Learn more about PG and VG in vape juice.
  7. Replace the Coil: Sometimes, a worn-out coil can be the culprit. If the gurgling persists despite trying the above solutions, it might be time to replace the coil.

Other Considerations to Prevent Your Vape from Gurgling

Don’t Use an All-in-One (AIO) Vape Pen

Using an all-in-one (AIO) vaping device with a built-in tank can sometimes lead to a gurgling vape, primarily due to airflow issues associated with these integrated tanks. In AIO devices, the compact design and closer proximity of components mean that there’s less room for air to circulate freely around the coil and through the device. This reduced airflow can make it easier for e-liquid to condense or accumulate in the air passages, especially if the device is not held upright or if the e-liquid viscosity doesn’t match the device’s design.

Additionally, the fixed nature of built-in tanks limits the ability to adjust airflow settings to accommodate different vaping styles, which can exacerbate the problem. As e-liquid pools in areas intended for air, the restricted flow causes the e-liquid to be drawn up into the mouthpiece more readily, leading to the characteristic gurgling sound and a less satisfying vaping experience. Understanding and addressing these airflow limitations is key to mitigating gurgling issues in AIO vaping devices.

Do Buy a Vape Tank with a Mesh Coil

Investing in a vape tank equipped with a mesh coil can be a game-changer for vapers looking to eliminate the annoying gurgling sounds associated with their devices. The fundamental advantage of mesh coils lies in their design; the flatter profile of a mesh heating element allows for firmer and more uniform contact with the coil’s wick.

Unlike traditional vape coils, which are made from wound wire and can create uneven hotspots and less efficient wicking, mesh coils distribute heat more evenly across the wick. This efficiency not only enhances the vapor production and flavor but also significantly reduces the likelihood of e-liquid pooling and entering the airflow system, a common cause of gurgling sounds. By ensuring a more consistent vaporization of e-liquid, mesh coils address the root cause of gurgling, offering a smoother and more satisfying vaping experience without the disruptive noise.

Do Rinse and Dry Your Vape Tank When Changing Coils

Rinsing and thoroughly drying your vape tank during each coil change is a simple yet highly effective practice to eliminate gurgling sounds, often overlooked by many vapers. This routine maintenance step addresses the issue of excess condensation, a primary culprit behind the gurgling noise.

Over time, condensation naturally accumulates in the tank’s base, chimney, and especially within the airflow channels, mixing with the e-liquid and leading to inconsistent airflow which causes the undesirable gurgling sound. By disassembling and rinsing the tank components, you effectively remove this condensation buildup, along with any residual e-liquid that could contribute to the problem.

Drying the parts completely before reassembly ensures that the airflow is clear and unobstructed, restoring the device’s efficiency and eliminating the gurgling sound. This preventive measure not only enhances the overall vaping experience but also prolongs the life of your device by maintaining optimal functionality.

Have You Fixed Your Gurgling Vape?

Remember, the key to a smooth vaping experience is regular maintenance and understanding your device’s needs. By addressing the gurgling sound promptly and effectively, you can enhance the quality of your vape and enjoy a seamless experience.

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