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September 13, 2012

Pure Cigs Review


The L88 is the smallest of the e-cigarette models available today. It’s the model that Blu and Volcano sell, and it’s popular mainly because of its extremely small size. It’s the same size as the cigarettes you’re currently smoking, which makes it feel very comfortable in the hand although it’s a bit too heavy to let it hang from your mouth. While the L88 doesn’t have the best vapor production among smaller e-cigarette models — that honor is reserved for KR-808 e-cigarettes such as the V2 e-cigarette — there’s an undeniable appeal to the small size and Pure Cigs has capitalized on that by releasing an L88-based kit of their own. For people who need increased battery life and vapor production, a larger “XL” kit is also available.

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[green_box]2014 Update: because of recurring website issues and a poor rating with the Better Business Bureau, I have decided to remove all links to Pure Cigs from my website at this time. Take a look at my article about the best e-cigarette for beginners instead.[/green_box]

View the selection of e-cigarette kits at the Pure Cigs website. Pure Cigs kits ship in 24 hours and include a 30-day money-back guarantee and lifetime warranty. Pure Cigs kits start at $19.99.

Pure Cigs Review

About Pure Cigs

The basic Pure Cigs kit costs $19.99 and includes just the basics: a battery, four refill cartridges and a USB charger. Working up, the more advanced packages offer features such as a wall charger and a portable battery charging case. The most advanced package replaces the standard cigarette-shaped batteries with much larger ones for increased vapor production and battery life. All of the kits are priced extremely reasonably, although some contain less accessories than competing e-cigarette kits sold by other companies.

Although the Pure Cigs kits are very spartan, the company’s customer service features seem just as good as those of many larger e-cigarette companies. According to the Pure Cigs website, you can return an unwanted kit within 30 days if you decide that it isn’t for you, and all products are covered by a lifetime warranty. It’s important to check the fine print on the warranty, though. If an item fails “within normal life expectancy,” it isn’t covered. That’s one area in which Pure Cigs differs from V2 Cigs; V2’s warranty covers products that fail during normal use. However, you may pay more money with some of V2’s kits, so you have to decide what your priority is: pay a little more for your e-cigarette kit now, or pay a little more for spare parts later. However, it’s not uncommon to see e-cigarette batteries last for a year or more.

Pure Cigs Review

Pure Cigs offers the standard complement of refill flavors available from most e-cigarette companies. The flavors include a couple of tobacco variations, a menthol, cherry and vanilla along with some sweeter offerings. Although I’ve certainly seen larger e-liquid selections from some companies, the Pure Cigs flavors are likely to keep you interested for a while. I particularly liked the cherry and tobacco flavors.

The vapor production of the Pure Cigs e-cigarette will be enough to satisfy most smokers as long as you select the correct nicotine strength, and the battery lasts for about an hour of constant use. If you spread your e-smoking sessions out, two batteries should be enough to last nearly all day. If you currently smoke a pack or more of real cigarettes per day, though, you might want to consider investing in the Pure Cigs Deluxe Kit, which includes a portable charging case.

Pure Cigs vs. Blu and Volcano

In the United States, the two most popular companies selling “micro” e-cigarettes are Blu Cigs and Volcano. If you’re shopping for an e-cigarette in this size, it’s likely that you’ve heard of at least one of these companies and are wondering how they compare. Pure Cigs doesn’t specify the origin of its flavored nicotine liquids, so it’s likely that they’re probably made in China. That isn’t necessarily bad, but it’s important to make the distinction because both Volcano and Blu use USA-made e-liquids.

Another area in which Pure Cigs differs from Volcano and Blu is in its warranty. While Pure Cigs offers a lifetime warranty, Volcano and Blu both offer one year warranties. However, since the Pure Cigs warranty doesn’t cover items that last through their expected lifespan, it would seem that the three companies are about equal in this regard.

The last thing worth considering is the social charging pack, which only Blu offers. The charging pack when another Blu smoker is nearby. Since Blu is one of America’s top e-cigarette brands — the other being V2  — that might happen more frequently than you’d think. It’s a bit gimmicky, but it could also be a fun way to meet someone who has something in common with you. The downside is that Blu charges more than Pure Cigs or Volcano for its starter kits.

View the selection of e-cigarette kits at the Pure Cigs website. Pure Cigs kits ship in 24 hours and include a 30-day money-back guarantee and lifetime warranty. Pure Cigs kits start at $19.99.

Pure Cigs Review: The Pros

  • Competitive prices
  • Small size
  • Good flavor selection

Pure Cigs Review: The Cons

  • E-liquids aren’t made in the United States

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