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Victory E-Cigarette Review

Update: Although I have left the text of the below Victory e-cigarette review as it was, Victory raised their prices in 2013 and as a result I can no longer give their product the strong recommendation I once did. Consider V2 Cigs as an alternative; use the coupon code vapegrl15 to save 15% on any starter kit. See why I recommend V2 so strongly in my article about the best e-cigarette for beginners.

Convenience is the name of the game for many e-smokers. Unlike tobacco products, you can have e-cigarettes shipped to your door, so why not take advantage of that feature and arrange to have all of your e-cigarette refill cartridges shipped automatically? At $29.99, Victory sells one of the least expensive e-cigarette kits on the market. However, they also offer a program that gives customers significant savings on their refill cartridges and occasional free batteries to boot. If you choose to subscribe, you can even get the Victory e-cigarette for free. It’s an interesting business model that I’ll be examining in this Victory e-cigarette review. Read on for the details.

Victory E-Cigarette Review

Victory E-Cigarette

See the Victory e-cigarette at Victory’s website. The Victory starter kit costs $29.99. Note that you must click through the link to see this price — if you browse directly to the website, the price of the kit will be $59.99. Alternatively, click to see Victory’s free e-cigarette offer.

About the Victory E-Cigarette

At $29.99, the Victory e-cigarette kit includes a bit more than you’d normally expect to receive in this price range: one 510-threaded battery good for up to around 100 puffs per charge, six Tobacco or Menthol refill cartridges and USB, wall and car battery chargers. A lot of the starter kits under $50 only include USB chargers and forgo the wall and car chargers, so that’s a pretty significant plus in favor of the Victory e-cigarette.

I’ve tried Victory’s Tobacco flavor and find it significantly better than your standard Chinese tobacco e-liquid. It’s completely free of chemical tastes and neither too sweet nor too savory. If you’ve never used an e-cigarette before, it’s important to remember that the taste an e-liquid manufacturer attempts to recreate is that of tobacco, not tobacco¬†smoke. The feeling that you get in the lungs is just about exactly the same as what you’d get with a real cigarette, though, so you have to give your taste buds a couple of days to adjust. I find cigarette smoke absolutely disgusting now, and I smoked for years.

The Victory e-cigarette is about 100 mm long or similar in length to a “100s” cigarette. E-smokers call this a “mini” e-cigarette, usually with a bit of derision because e-cigarettes in this size range aren’t exactly known for having spectacular vapor production. That’s not the case with my Victory e-cigarette, though; the volume of vapor is actually similar to the quantity of smoke you’d get from a real cigarette.

Victory E-Cigarette Membership

Victory offers a membership program through which you can have refill cartridges shipped automatically each month. This service costs $19.95 for ten cartridges per month or $26.95 for 15 cartridges. In addition, the membership includes a free battery every three months. Since Victory normally charges $14.99 for five cartridges and $19.99 for batteries, the membership is a pretty attractive deal — the $26.95 monthly fee for the cartridges alone is significantly less per cartridge than what other e-cigarette companies charge.

Free Victory E-Cigarette?

So, if you’ve been reading this far, you’re probably curious about the free Victory e-cigarette option I mentioned at the beginning of the review. When you buy the Victory e-cigarette, you actually have two purchase options. The first option is to buy the starter kit at half off by clicking through my link. Instead of the normal $59.99 price, you’ll pay $29.99 and can choose whether or not to sign up for a membership.

If you do want to sign up for a membership, though, you can get the Victory starter kit for free. If you take this option, you’ll receive the starter kit immediately, and one month later you’ll be charged $31.90 for your first month’s supply of refill cartridges. If you’d like to cancel after that, you can do so without paying any fees; you just have to provide 30 days notice.

Overall I’m quite pleased with the Victory e-cigarette. My unit performs admirably and I think that the Tobacco flavor has a nice mild smoothness that most e-smokers are going to enjoy. I also think it’s exciting to see an e-cigarette company finally offer a free starter kit with no strings attached. I think that a lot of people are going to be very interested in that offer.

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