Vaping Vamps Review

[red_box]Thanks for stopping by! Unfortunately, Vaping Vamps has gone out of business. Why not take a look at my list of the best e-cigarettes of 2016 instead?[/red_box]

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In my writing about the e-cigarette industry, I’ve alluded more than once to the fact that all of the easy money is gone. The industry is beginning to mature and the smaller companies are dropping away as the larger companies absorb their business. If you’re starting a new e-cigarette company today, you need to think in very different terms or find an underserved niche market. There are at least as many female smokers as male ones, and depending on whose statistics you believe the women may actually outnumber the men. In that sense, I suppose you could say that women smokers comprise the largest niche market possible in the e-cigarette industry.

That’s exactly the market that Vaping Vamps is attempting to capture. Vaping Vamps is the first e-cigarette brand owned by and marketed exclusively to women. Although it does show promise, I think you’d have to look fairly hard to see anything outside of the website’s marketing copy to explain why women should choose Vaping Vamps over other brands.

Vaping Vamps Review

About Vaping Vamps

One of the unique aspects of e-smoking is that the e-cigarette you use can potentially be a fashion statement. While virtually all cigarettes are simply tubes of white paper, an e-cigarette can be any color you choose. You can use a stainless steel e-cigarette, a plaid e-cigarette, a video game e-cigarette, a bling e-cigarette or anything else that strikes your fancy. Vapor Couture — the first e-cigarette for women — made a bet on the belief that women would want to use e-cigarettes and accessories that mimic the styles of the designer products they already use. Vaping Vamps put together a focus group of female smokers, though, and came to the conclusion that they might be able to capture a larger share of the market with a plain black e-cigarette.

That isn’t the only difference you’ll find when comparing Vaping Vamps vs. Vapor Couture; the Vaping Vamps battery is also shorter, wider and compatible with a larger number of third-party cartridges. Vaping Vamps is a 510 e-cigarette using one of the most common types of refill cartridges. Vapor Couture uses a proprietary cartridge and you’re unlikely to find compatible refills offered by another company.

Vapor Couture is also part of a much larger e-cigarette company — V2 Cigs — while Vaping Vamps is not. In addition, Vaping Vamps claims to donate five percent of its profits to charities that provide assistance to women.

The Vaping Vamps Deluxe Starter Kit costs $59.95. It includes two rechargeable 510 batteries, USB and wall chargers and five cartomizers.

Vaping Vamps Review

My Vaping Vamps review kit came with one sample each of the company’s five different refill flavors: Caroline, Mint Julie, Caramella, Tia Berry and Mango Lola. In addition to the Deluxe Kit, Vaping Vamps also sells a less expensive “Try Me” kit which only includes one battery and two cartridges. It costs $34.95. Although refill cartridges start at $9.95 per five-pack, you receive an automatic discount of $1.00 per pack when buying two or more. Repeat customers also receive a permanent 15 percent discount starting with their third order. Once you reach this tier, refill cartridges would only cost you $7.60 per five-pack. That’s a very competitive price; Vapor Couture cartridges start at $12.95 per five-pack by comparison.

When I reviewed the Vaping Vamps e-cigarette, I’m sad to say that I wasn’t terribly impressed by any of the five flavors. Some of them had pretty strong artificial flavor notes and none had very convincing tobacco or menthol flavors. The battery itself performed well, though, and you’ll find no shortage of companies online offering compatible cartridges that you can try. You can even fill your own. Everyone has different tastes, though, so I’d encourage you to give Vaping Vamps a try if the design and business philosophy appeal to you.

Personally, I’m not sure if the style of the Vaping Vamps e-cigarette appeals to me above other e-cigarette brands. For as long as I’ve used e-cigarettes, black has been the most common color among e-cigarette products. After all, black goes with everything, offends almost no one’s style and can’t be confused for a real cigarette. So, I have to admit that I’m left wondering how exactly the Vaping Vamps e-cigarette is designed for women when it looks like most of the other e-cigarettes on the market. If you find Vapor Couture’s style a little too attention-grabbing, though, Vaping Vamps might be more to your liking.

Vaping Vamps Review: The Pros

  • Priced lower than Vapor Couture
  • Compatible with a wide variety of third-party cartridges
  • Plain black style goes with everything and offends no one

Vaping Vamps Review: The Cons

  • Priced higher than some other low-cost e-cigarettes such as the Halo G6
  • E-liquid flavors aren’t to my liking
  • Plain black style offers little differentiation from other e-cigarettes