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E-Cigarette Tank

The e-cigarette tank is an accessory that resolves one of the most common problems faced by owners of large e-cigarettes such as the Inferno and Lavatube. With these large e-cigarettes, so much vapor is produced that it often becomes necessary to refill a standard attachment such as a Boge cartomizer several times each day. This makes it necessary to bring a bottle of e-liquid if you’re going to be out of the house for a while. An e-cigarette tank surrounds a cartomizer with a small hole punched in the side. As you use the cartomizer, osmosis draws e-liquid from the tank into the cartomizer through the punched hole. As a result, an e-cigarette tank holds a great deal more e-liquid than other e-cigarette attachments.

The most popular e-cigarette tank is perhaps the Tube Tank by Volcano. It’s available in two sizes, holding either 4 or 7 ml of e-liquid. It’s also available in a low-resistance version for single-voltage e-cigarettes and a high-resistance version for variable-voltage e-cigarettes. It starts at $16.99. Is it actually worth your while, though? In this article I’ll explain the basics of the e-cigarette tank and help you come to your own conclusion.

E Cigarette Tank

Filling an E-Cigarette Tank

The image above details the process of filling an e-cigarette tank. To fill one, pull the cartomizer straight down until you can drip e-liquid from a bottle into the tank’s reservoir. Do this until you’ve got a good amount of e-liquid in the tank and push the cartomizer back up. Fill the cartomizer as you would any standard Boge-type cartomizer, pop on a drip tip and go. The picture suggests filling the cartomizer directly from a bottle, but I prefer to use a syringe or needle tip bottle to inject the e-liquid directly to the bottom of the cartomizer.

You only need to go through this complicated process the first time you fill your e-cigarette tank and again each time you buy a new cartomizer, which you’ll probably need to do about once every month. While you continue to use the original cartomizer, you can refill the e-cigarette tank periodically by pushing the cartomizer down and adding e-liquid directly to the tank.

E-Cigarette Tank Cartomizer Resistance

You should only buy an e-cigarette tank from a company that allows you to select the resistance of the cartomizer because one resistance definitely isn’t appropriate for all e-cigarettes. A low-resistance cartomizer allows an e-cigarette that operates at 3.7 volts to produce the most possible vapor. If your e-cigarette doesn’t have stacked batteries and doesn’t allow you to adjust the voltage, it operates at or near 3.7 volts. Buy an e-cigarette tank with a low-resistance cartomizer. Low-resistance cartomizers don’t work on most variable-voltage devices above around four volts, however. For this reason, good e-cigarette companies also offer e-cigarette tanks with high-resistance cartomizers. An e-cigarette tank with a high-resistance cartomizer operates at up to six volts with no problem.

E-Cigarette Tank Maintenance and Troubleshooting

As I mentioned above, you’ll need to replace the center cartomizer in your e-cigarette tank periodically. You’ll know it’s time to do this because the vapor production will start to drop or because nothing will happen when you push the activation button on your e-cigarette.

Some people have reported getting a burned taste when using an e-cigarette tank. This can happen because you’re using a low-resistance cartomizer and the voltage on your e-cigarette is set too high. It can also happen because the e-liquid in the cartomizer isn’t reaching the heating coil, which is why I suggest filling the cartomizer with a needle.

There may be some cases, though, when no amount of troubleshooting will stop your e-cigarette tank from producing a burned taste. This happens because the hole drilled into the side of the cartomizer is too small, preventing e-liquid from feeding through from the tank. Unless you have the equipment necessary to expand the hole yourself, you’ve got a faulty product and should return the cartomizer to the vendor for a replacement.

Should I Buy an E-Cigarette Tank?

I’ve owned two Volcano Tube Tanks and believe it is an excellent e-cigarette tank. It produces an excellent amount of vapor and holds enough e-liquid to last at least a day, if not several days. However, it has two drawbacks compared to a standard cartomizer or atomizer and drip tip. The first is flavor purity; I feel that an e-cigarette tank mutes the flavor of an e-liquid slightly, making the details less apparent. I also feel that an e-cigarette tank cartomizer can sometimes have a very tight draw. Both of these problems may stem from the fact that e-cigarette tank cartomizers are longer than tank cartomizers, which may impede airflow slightly. The extra e-liquid storage offered by an e-cigarette tank is an excellent value proposition. If you’re looking for the utmost in flavor purity, though, your purchase might result in disappointment.

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