Vaping Without Nicotine: Why It’s More Worthwhile Than You Think

Many people vape without ever using nicotine, and they’re doing just fine. Here’s why nicotine-free vapes are more popular than you think.

It might seem completely self-evident to you that people who vape do it for the nicotine. They use vaping to replace the nicotine in conventional cigarettes – and in doing so, they eventually wean themselves off of tobacco. The truth, though, is that there are thousands – perhaps even millions – of people around the world who don’t actually do things that way. They use nicotine-free vapes, and they’re completely happy doing so.

Vaping Without Nicotine

How satisfying can nicotine-free vapes be? Just ask the Norwegians. In Norway, vaping is completely legal, but vaping products with nicotine can’t be legally sold unless they’ve been approved for medical use. So far, that hasn’t happened for any vaping product – and yet, as of 2023, there were a reported 150,000 vapers in Norway enjoying their “e-sigaretter” instead of smoking cigarettes. Clearly, vaping can still be a completely enjoyable and satisfying experience even without nicotine.

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How is it possible that nicotine-free vapes can be so enjoyable? In this article, I’ll explain it all. You may find that this information changes your perspective and introduces you to a completely new way of doing things.

Nicotine-Free Vapes Duplicate the Motions and Rituals of Smoking

When people discuss how addictive smoking is, they often focus on the chemical aspect because nicotine is one of the most powerfully addictive chemicals known. There are some people, though, who actually find it surprisingly easy to quit nicotine but still can’t resist the allure of smoking. For those people, the mental aspect of addiction has a greater hold than the chemical aspect. If that’s true for you, you’ve probably found it difficult to quit smoking with traditional nicotine replacement products because those products don’t replicate the rituals of smoking. Using a nicotine replacement product means that you’re still getting your nicotine – but because you’re not bringing something up to your mouth or exhaling a cloud, it just doesn’t feel the same.

One of the biggest reasons why nicotine-free vapes work for people is because they replicate the familiar motions and sensations of smoking. You’re bringing something to your mouth and puffing on it. You’re tasting the vapor and blowing a cloud across the room. For some people, those features outweigh the fact that there’s no nicotine. Don’t forget that if you live in a nation that doesn’t permit the sale of vaping products with nicotine, there’s nothing stopping you from using a nicotine-free vape and a traditional nicotine replacement product at the same time.

Nicotine-Free Vapes Put Flavor at the Forefront

One of the biggest differences between vapes with and without nicotine is that you’ll only experience throat hit if you use a vape juice with nicotine. For some people, the lack of throat hit is a drawback of nicotine-free e-liquid. That’s why people who live in places where vapes with nicotine aren’t allowed will sometimes use menthol e-liquid – because the menthol creates a pleasant sensation that simulates the throat hit of nicotine.

There are some vapers, though, who actually don’t enjoy throat hit because the strong sensation and the peppery flavor of the nicotine make the e-liquid difficult to taste. That’s particularly a detriment for those who vape more for the flavor than for the nicotine. Maybe you’ve been vaping for so long that nicotine doesn’t really factor into your pleasure or satisfaction at all anymore. Mainly, you’re just vaping because you enjoy the flavors. If that’s the case, it might be time for you to consider switching to nicotine-free vapes.

Nicotine-Free Vapes Can Be Useful for Part-Time Use

Another reason why many people use nicotine-free vapes is because they’re useful in specific situations. Remember – the fact that you’re interested in vaping without nicotine doesn’t mean that you need to do so all of the time. You could use vapes both with and without nicotine and switch between the two as needed. Here are a few reasons why you might want to do that.

  • You enjoy vaping so much that you do it almost constantly, and you’re afraid that you might be consuming more nicotine than you should. In this case, you can switch to a nicotine-free vape when you start to feel overly buzzed.
  • You’re trying to reduce your nicotine intake and are already using the lowest nicotine strength available for your device or vape juice brand. In this case, using vapes without nicotine on a part-time basis can help you reduce your nicotine consumption further.
  • You want to reduce your nicotine consumption in the evening to improve your sleep quality. In this case, you may find it useful to switch from your usual vape juice to a nicotine-free e-liquid an hour or two before going to bed.

Nicotine-Free Vapes Are Great for Trying New Flavors

One of the things you’ve learned as you’ve read this article is that nicotine-free e-liquids are more popular than you might think. That’s why companies make vapes without nicotine even where nicotine is allowed – because people really do use them even in places where nicotine is available. That’s why you can always find nicotine-free vape juice at any good vape shop.

Although there are people everywhere who use vapes without nicotine, it’s also true that nicotine is definitely the more popular option in places where it’s available. So, when your favorite vape shop’s stock of vape juice gets older and needs to be replaced before it expires, nicotine-free e-liquids will always go on sale first because 0 mg is always the last nicotine strength to sell out. That can be a good thing for you, though – even if nicotine-free e-liquid isn’t what you normally use. You can grab those cheap vape juices and try some new flavors without spending full price for them.

Nicotine-Free Vape Juice Is Useful as a Mixer

Are you trying to reduce your nicotine intake by switching to e-liquids with progressively lower strengths? If that’s the case, you’ve probably noticed that there isn’t really any further progress to make once you’ve reached a strength of 3 mg. Although e-liquids with strengths below 3 mg do exist, they’re not common and can be quite hard to find. What you might not have realized, though, is that you can actually make lower-nicotine e-liquids on your own. All that you need is a bottle, and you can mix two different e-liquids in the proportion of your choice to make any nicotine strength. The easiest nicotine strength to make is 1.5 mg, which results from blending a 3 mg e-liquid and a nicotine-free e-liquid in a half-and-half ratio. Just adjust the ratio when you want to reduce your nicotine strength further.

5 Vaping Essentials Every Beginner Should Have in Their Arsenal

Although there are several kinds of vape devices, every essential part of your vape kit poses a risk of malfunction and might render you unable to vape at all should it fail. To make sure you can continue vaping even if a crucial piece of equipment breaks down suddenly, make it a point to buy one or two additional spare products.

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Crescent Canna is America's leading source for federally legal, potent THC products shipped straight to your door nationwide. Crescent's unique line of THC edibles includes gummies, cereal bars, seltzer and more. Shop the selection now. Use the coupon code "25MOON" when checking out for a 25% discount on all products excluding powders, bundles and seltzers.

Keep reading to learn about the most important vaping accessories that you should have in your emergency kit arsenal.

5 Vaping Essentials

Extra E-Liquids

The first item on our list of necessary vaping supplies isn’t a piece of hardware or an accessory but unquestionably the most crucial piece of vape equipment. Your vaping device has no use unless it is filled with e-liquid. E-liquids are just like car fuel and can be used by all vaping devices. They are available in a wide range of flavors, including fruits, menthol flavors, etc. Most vapers would likely stock up on e-liquid by purchasing numerous bottles of more interesting flavors of vapes from their preferred brands.

However, the issue with merely stocking up on your regular vape juice is that you’re likely to wait until you’re almost out of juice before you go shopping for vape supplies once again. We advise purchasing a minimum of one e-liquid that, while you would be pleased to use in an emergency, you wouldn’t normally use if you had your preferred flavor on hand.

Extra Batteries

Your vape device’s battery is what powers the coil, heats it, and causes it to vaporize the e-liquid, which then soaks the wick. How long you may use a device before recharging depends on the power output and battery capacity. Lithium-ion batteries, however, have a limited lifespan. A worn-out battery eventually reaches the point where it can no longer maintain a viable charge, thereby rendering your gadget worthless until the battery is replaced. You should always keep at least one spare battery if you use vaping equipment with a removable battery. Utilizing one battery while the other is being charged will extend the lives of both batteries and ensure that you always have a backup in case one fails.

Extra Vape Kit

An extra battery is not an option if you want to use a vaping device with a built-in battery. The purchase of a second vaping device is an alternative that would be effective in this scenario. Fortunately, modern vape kits are so reasonably priced that most individuals have no problem owning two units. Having a spare kit in storage in case the first one breaks is smart. Alternatively, you can extend the lives of both devices by using one while the other is charging.

Atomizer And Coil Supplies

Your vape tank may be the component that fails the most frequently out of all the vape equipment you own. Your vape device’s atomizer converts the e-liquid it holds into a vapor that can be inhaled through the mouthpiece. The atomizer often takes the shape of a compartment that holds a coil wrapped around a wick.

This device can be damaged in numerous ways, but the most frequent are either burning out the coil or breaking the glass by dropping the tank on anything solid. Until the damaged component is replaced, you cannot vape. Making sure you get a new glass enclosure as soon as you use the factory-packed replacement is a possible way to avoid losing your vape tank abruptly. It’s also a good idea to keep at least one unopened box of coils on hand at all times.

Spare Charging Cables

It’s not always the case that the battery in your vaping device is dead or that the charging port is damaged if you connect it to power and it doesn’t charge. A faulty USB cable may be the only thing keeping the issue from being resolved. This drawback is simply because USB chargers aren’t necessarily very sturdy, as movement results in internal USB cable damage, making it difficult to charge the gadget.

Keep at least one additional USB cable in your stock of necessary vape materials to avoid that from happening. Since practically every rechargeable device comes with a USB cable, if you purchase gadgets often, you probably already have a handful of extra USB cables on hand. However, if you don’t already have a replacement wire that matches your vaping device, it would be a very smart move to get one.


Your vaping habit is most likely a result of several simple and exciting decisions. Since the parts can break down without warning, an important factor you should ponder is an emergency supply kit to avoid unwelcome interruptions. With the information we’ve provided above, you should have a decent notion of how to keep the habit afloat, so good luck!

Methods to Clean Your Vape

If you have a pod vaping system, you are already familiar with its benefits for improving your vaping experience. If you want to get the most out of the high-strength nicotine salt e-liquids that today’s new vapers demand, using a pod system is necessary. Pod systems are among the smallest, sexiest, and most stylish vaping gadgets available right now, and the most significant part is that they’re also relatively cheap.

Legal THC Shipped Nationwide

Crescent Canna is America's leading source for federally legal, potent THC products shipped straight to your door nationwide. Crescent's unique line of THC edibles includes gummies, cereal bars, seltzer and more. Shop the selection now. Use the coupon code "25MOON" when checking out for a 25% discount on all products excluding powders, bundles and seltzers.

Methods to Clean Your Vape

Even though purchasing a pod vaping kit may be affordable, some new vapers may get a nasty surprise when they discover that their pods are wearing out faster than they had anticipated. Since vape pods aren’t cheap, you want to ensure they last as long as possible and refill them frequently to extend their lifespan.


We’ll teach you how to clean vape pods in this article, which is one of the most crucial tips you can learn as an owner of a vaping pod system. Vape tank coils may not necessarily be defective or broken when it starts to generate a burnt flavor. The coil is much more likely just to be covered in residue. You can reuse the pod rather than toss it away by cleaning out the residue to bring back the flavor of the original pod.


But first, let’s tackle something else that could be on your mind before we go into how to clean a vape pod. What precisely is the residue that is burning out your vape pods?

How to Keep Your Vape Pods Clean of Coil Gunk

Sucralose, a sugar-free sweetener, is the component that directly contributes most to coil gunk out of all the e-liquid flavors that might leave residue on a vape coil. Sucralose is one of the most widely used vape juice components in today’s market since vapers nearly universally enjoy sweet e-liquids. So many sweeteners are added to e-liquids that some people find it highly odd to purchase an e-liquid without sucralose.


Consequently, this is what you need to know. Use an e-liquid that tastes nearly identical to a sweet snack, fruit, or baked product. When you vape, does the e-liquid seem to leave a delicious residue on your lips? If you said “yes” to those inquiries, you almost certainly use an e-liquid that contains sucralose as a sweetener. This significantly reduces the lifespan of your pods because sucralose doesn’t wholly evaporate when heated. Instead, it behaves much like sugar as it melts and caramelizes. When you use a sweetened e-liquid, you will taste some sucralose, but most of it will stick to the coil and create a layer of filth that eventually spoils the flavor of the coil.


In brief, switching to an unsweetened e-liquid is the greatest thing you can do to stop your vape pods from burning out. You can use your pods for a few days, maybe even a week or more, before replacing them because the process of residue accumulation will happen much more gradually.

Can a Burned Vape Pod Always Be Fixed by Cleaning?

The last thing you should be aware of before cleaning your vape pods is that washing a pod only eliminates burned flavor if the residue on the coil of the pod is the root of the issue. It’s also possible for a burnt flavor to occur due to damage to the wick in the pod; in this instance, your only option is to replace the coil or pod.

When you vape, a coil’s wick that isn’t wet can burn. For instance, if you vape with an empty pod because you neglected to refill it, that may occur. It may also happen if you start vaping immediately after adding a new pod or coil. It’s crucial to wait a few minutes after changing a vape coil before using it again to ensure the wick is completely saturated with vape juice.

Disposable Vape Giving You Weak Hits? Try These 5 Fixes

If you’re getting weak hits with a disposable vape, this is the guide for you. Here’s how to fix it.

One of the biggest selling points of disposable vapes is the fact that they’re just as satisfying as tobacco cigarettes despite their small size. That’s due in large part to the development of nicotine salt e-liquid, which enables a vaping device to deliver a very high amount of nicotine per puff without causing unpleasant throat irritation.

Legal THC Shipped Nationwide

Crescent Canna is America's leading source for federally legal, potent THC products shipped straight to your door nationwide. Crescent's unique line of THC edibles includes gummies, cereal bars, seltzer and more. Shop the selection now. Use the coupon code "25MOON" when checking out for a 25% discount on all products excluding powders, bundles and seltzers.

Disposable Vape Weak Hits

When you’re using a vaping device with a nicotine strength of up to 50 mg/ml, though, you definitely expect to feel something when you puff on the device. You expect to feel a smooth but assertive throat hit – similar to what you’d feel when smoking a cigarette. If you’ve used disposable vapes in the past, you know that’s the experience you’ll get the vast majority of the time.

What should you do, though, if a disposable vape doesn’t give you the experience you expect? What if you take a new vape out of the package, and all that you get from it are weak hits with no flavor and little throat hit?

The fact that a disposable vape looks fancy and comes in a nice package doesn’t always mean that it’s actually a good product – and it’s also possible to get a dud from time to time. In many cases, though, you can actually fix a disposable vape that gives you weak hits by changing something about the way you vape. Try these 5 fixes to get bigger, more flavorful and more satisfying hits with a disposable vape that’s giving you weak hits.

Buy a More Satisfying Disposable Vape

One of the most important things to understand about disposable vapes is that the different devices on the market definitely aren’t the same as one another. They’re produced by different manufacturers, and each model has its own characteristics in terms of battery power, flavor intensity and vapor production. There’s a very big difference in performance between the small bar-shaped devices that were popular a few years ago and the larger disposable vapes produced by companies like Beco Vape.

Fix Disposable Vape Weak Hits

Modern disposable vapes such as the Beco Lux and Beco Pro use advanced technologies to deliver much greater performance than the disposable vapes of the past. Depending on the specific device, those technologies may include large rechargeable battery cells, more efficient vape coils and more flavorful e-liquid. The goal is to ensure that you’ll get a completely satisfying hit every time you use your device. If you’re still using the small vapes that were popular in the past, it might be time to upgrade to a more modern device.

Buy a Disposable Vape with a Higher Nicotine Strength

Unless a disposable vape produces enormous clouds, it needs to have a high nicotine strength in order to give you a satisfying puff. Even the highest-performance disposable vapes tend to have fairly modest cloud production, so high nicotine is pretty much a necessity with any disposable device if you want to have a satisfying experience.

Many disposable vapes are available in two nicotine strengths – a higher strength for those who are new to vaping and haven’t converted fully from smoking yet and a lower strength for those who have switched fully to vaping and want to reduce their nicotine intake. If you’re using the lower strength and haven’t stopped smoking yet, you should strongly consider switching to the higher strength to ensure that your device will be as satisfying as a tobacco cigarette.

Adjust the Device’s Airflow

Have you noticed that many of today’s high-end disposable vapes have tabs that allow you to adjust their airflow? Adjustable airflow on a disposable vape isn’t just a gimmick, and it isn’t just there to help you get bigger vapor clouds. It’s actually there to allow you to dial in your preferred airflow characteristics and get a perfectly satisfying puff every time.

The more you restrict a disposable vape’s airflow, the warmer and more intense the vapor will become. When a device’s airflow is completely unrestricted, on the other hand, you’ll inhale more air – and air has no flavor. Reducing your device’s airflow is a great way to fix weak hits. If you’re using a disposable vape without an airflow adjustment tab, you can get nearly the same result by partially blocking the air intake holes on the bottom of the device with your finger.

Wait Longer Between Hits

A disposable vape usually stores its e-liquid in a fabric wick housed inside the device. The wick is saturated with e-liquid, and it’s generally wrapped around the atomizer coil. When you puff on the device, the atomizer coil vaporizes the e-liquid in the inner portion of the wick. Between puffs, the inside of the wick refreshes itself by absorbing e-liquid from the outer portion of the wick.

That process, however, doesn’t happen instantly – it can actually take a few seconds for the wick in a disposable vape to refresh itself after you puff on the device. If you puff again while the wick is still absorbing e-liquid, you’ll get a weak hit. If the wick is extremely dry, you may even get a hit that tastes harsh and burnt. If you want to get a satisfying puff every time you use a disposable vape, don’t chain vape – always wait at least a few seconds after each puff before using your device again.

Puff Gently when Using a Disposable Vape

The final reason why you might get weak hits with a disposable vape is because you’re puffing too hard on the device when you vape. When you use a vaping device, you always need to puff more gently than you would puff when smoking a cigarette. If you use too much air pressure, you’ll force e-liquid out of the device’s wick and into its airflow chimney. At that point, you may hear a gurgling sound when you vape. Your device may even spit e-liquid droplets into your mouth.

Puffing too firmly on a disposable vape causes weak hits because if the airflow chimney is blocked by e-liquid droplets, you’ll get weak hits because vapor won’t be able to travel through the chimney as smoothly as it should. Thankfully, this problem is easy to fix – always remember to puff gently when using a disposable vape.

How to Pick the Right Disposable Vape

If you are confused about how to choose the best vape device, this blog will guide you about the factors you should consider when selecting the best disposable kit. A disposable is a small-sized, pre-charged and pre-filled device composed of different built-in components, i.e. the battery, the coil and wick, an e-liquid tank and a mouthpiece.

Legal THC Shipped Nationwide

Crescent Canna is America's leading source for federally legal, potent THC products shipped straight to your door nationwide. Crescent's unique line of THC edibles includes gummies, cereal bars, seltzer and more. Shop the selection now. Use the coupon code "25MOON" when checking out for a 25% discount on all products excluding powders, bundles and seltzers.

How to Pick the Right Disposable Vape

Every component is crucial for the best performance of the device. These vape devices are easy to use with no customisation required. Many brands of disposable kits are available in markets. Some top-rated brands are B Careless, IVG bar, IVG Bar Plus, Lost Mary, Smok, etc.

How To Select The Best Disposable Vape:

As the disposable kits are pre-charged and the e-liquid is already filled in the pod, you cannot customise the device. Therefore, selecting the best disposable device is essential to enjoy your vaping session. The following are some factors which can be kept in mind while choosing the best device:

Type Of Coil:

The coil is one of the critical components of the disposable vape. It is responsible for heating the e-liquid and converting it into vapours. So, to select an excellent disposable kit, it is essential to find the best coil for a vape device. Also, the coil’s resistance is of great importance. The coil of low resistance produces warmer and big vape clouds. However, if you are an ex-smoker, it is good to choose the coil of high-resistance as it helps give you the same throat hit as in a conventional cigarette.

Tank Capacity:

Although the disposable kit has prefilled e-liquid tank, the tanks’ size and capacity vary. In 2017, the UK government made a law that the capacity of the tank should not be more than 2ml, e.g. the e-liquid tank capacity of Lost Mary vape is 2ml.

Strength Of PG/VG:

An e-juice within the disposable vape comprises a varied amount of PG/VG. The balanced strength of PG/VG is 50/50%, but you can choose their ratios according to your likings, such as 30/70% or 60/40%. If you are a cloud-chaser and want to make big clouds, choosing an e-liquid of high VG is recommended, but if you are a habitual smoker, you should pick an increased PG strength, as it will give you a satisfactory throat hit.

Nicotine Concentration:

Although the disposable kit has prefilled e-liquid tank, you can choose nicotine strength according to your preference. Disposable vape allows you to pick different amounts of nicotine, as a range of nic salt quantities is available. Nic Salt is a lab-processed form of nicotine, which gives you quick relief and stays in the bloodstream for a long time. These are available in the strengths like 10mg, 20mg etc. For example, in IVG Bar vape, nic salt e-liquid is 20mg.


As your vaping experience depends on it, choosing the flavour you like is recommended. Many different flavours are available, e.g. candy, strawberry, mint, cola, etc. For example, the IVG Bar Plus vape offers delicious flavours like berry lemonade ice, polar mint, cola ice, etc.


To conclude the blog, it is clear that in order to select the best disposable vape, there are some factors which play an important role in your vaping session. These factors include which coil you choose, the capacity of the e-liquid tank, the concentration of PG/VG, nicotine strength, and flavours of your choice.

The Ultimate Guide to Traveling with Your Vape

According to multiple pieces of research, it is proven that vaping is the best and safest alternative to smoking, and it helps quit smoking. Vaping market is flooded with different types of vapes, and you can choose a vape according to your choice. Disposable vapes could be a perfect selection for new vapers because these vape devices are easy to use, and you can even easily hold them in your hands. If you are a regular vaper, you can use an advanced vape device, and you might need help carrying them.

Legal THC Shipped Nationwide

Crescent Canna is America's leading source for federally legal, potent THC products shipped straight to your door nationwide. Crescent's unique line of THC edibles includes gummies, cereal bars, seltzer and more. Shop the selection now. Use the coupon code "25MOON" when checking out for a 25% discount on all products excluding powders, bundles and seltzers.

Traveling With Your Vape

Travelling with a vape is not less than travelling with a pack of regular cigarettes. But there is a clear difference between a vape device and a traditional cigarette. There are different laws regarding regular cigarettes and vape devices in different countries. If you are in the UK and have a vape device, you can travel anywhere in the UK because vaping is allowed there. In the UK, you can even vape in public places as well. Different Vape devices are for different vapers because regular vapers prefer advanced kits and new vapers select disposable vapes. For the guidance of new vapers, some famous disposable brands are elfbar, geekvape, Aroma king, IVG Bar. you can chose according to you choice.

Can I Take My Vape On The Plane:

There are no laws in the UK for flying with a vape device. In all cases, you can keep your vape device, vape tanks, and e-liquid with you while travelling, but you need to follow the rules and regulations and don’t cross the identified boundaries. There are only two possible exceptions:

  • Please confirm first whether the specific airline is allowing vape devices on aeroplanes or not.
  • If vaping is banned in your destination country, you can’t keep a vape device with you. You could be in trouble if you reached there with a vape device.

You must know all the applicable rules if you want to travel with a vape device.

Can I use My Vape At The airport:

Airports have almost smoking areas where you can vape or smoke but usually, airports don’t advertise smoking areas. So, you need to find an airport employee and ask where the smoking area is. Almost all the smoking areas at the airports are in the security parameters, so that is the reason they don’t advertise.

If you are at an airport with no smoking area, you have to leave the terminal building and vape outside, and then you can enter the terminal. A disposable vape is a perfect option to travel with. If you are in a country where vaping is a ban, you can’t even come with your vape device to the airport, so following the rules and regulation is essential if you want to avoid any inconvenience.

How To Travel With Your Vape:

You need to pack your device and a battery in your carry-on luggage and ensure that your vape device is turned off. The disposable vape should also keep in your carry-on luggage. On the other hand, you can pack your e-liquids in checked luggage.


In the UK, you can travel with your vape device, but you need to pack it properly in your carry-on luggage. If there is no smoking area at the airport, you should vape outside the terminal because following the rules and regulations is necessary. If you are somewhere in the country where vaping is banned, you can keep your vape device or vaping tools in your luggage.

What Are Dab Straws, and How Do You Use Them?

A dab straw gives you the cleanest, smoothest and most potent experience when vaping concentrates. Here’s why.

If you enjoy dry herb vaping, there’s an excellent chance that you’ve at least considered trying oil or wax concentrates for a more elevating experience. Compared to dry herbs, concentrates have many benefits. They offer greater potency with a smaller amount of material, and that means they’re much easier to store. Concentrates can also get a greater amount of active ingredients into your system more quickly, which is great if you’re a long-term flower user and have found yourself becoming tolerant.

Legal THC Shipped Nationwide

Crescent Canna is America's leading source for federally legal, potent THC products shipped straight to your door nationwide. Crescent's unique line of THC edibles includes gummies, cereal bars, seltzer and more. Shop the selection now. Use the coupon code "25MOON" when checking out for a 25% discount on all products excluding powders, bundles and seltzers.

What Are Dab Straws

If you want to enjoy the most powerful experience when vaping concentrates, your best option is to get a dab pen – and as you’re about to learn, the best dab pen for your needs may actually be a dab straw. Reading this article, you’re going to learn everything you ever wanted to know about dab straws, and you’re also going to learn why a dab straw can be so much better than a traditional dab pen.

First, though, let’s start with the basics. What exactly is a dab straw?

What Is a Dab Straw?

Also known as a honey straw or a nectar collector, a dab straw is a dabbing device that has a heating element at the bottom rather than the top.

With a traditional dab pen, the heating element is at the top. You put the wax on a coil or heated nail, and then you put a mouthpiece over the heating element and inhale.

With a dab straw, on the other hand, there’s no need to dispense your wax; you can leave it in the container. After turning the dab straw on, you dip the heating element directly into the material while inhaling through the mouthpiece at the top of the device.

I’ll discuss the benefits of dab straws in greater detail in a moment – but before I get too far ahead of myself, I’d like to discuss the dab straw that should be at the top of your list if you’re on the fence about what to buy.

What’s the Best Dab Straw on the Market?

Best Dab Straws

The Stinger by Rokin Vapes is my pick for the best dab straw on the market. Costing just $79.95, the Stinger operates at four selectable voltage levels, making it easy for you to get exactly the level of intensity that you want. The Stinger uses a ceramic heating nail that’s extremely easy to clean – and the best part is that it has a built-in water bubbler to help you achieve an unprecedented level of smoothness without the need for a separate bubbler or water pipe. If you want to buy the ultimate dab straw, the Stinger is definitely it.

Pros and Cons of Dab Straws vs. Dab Pens

How to Use Dab Straw

So, how do dab straws vs. dab pens compare? Putting the heating element on the bottom of the device rather than the top doesn’t just change the way you vape; it also leads to some major changes in the overall vaping experience. These are the pros and cons of dab straws compared to dab pens.

  • Dab straws help to prevent burnt hits because you place the heating tip directly on the material. With a traditional wax coil, there’s a lot more effort involved because you have to pulse the coil gently and melt the wax before you take a deep puff.
  • Dab straws are much easier to clean – especially in the case of an exposed ceramic nail such as with the Stinger vaporizer.
  • Dab straws make it very easy to use exactly the amount of material that you want. You can even microdose with a dab straw if you like. With a traditional dab pen, you need to use enough material to cover the entire heating element, or you’ll get a burnt hit.
  • Dab straws are much easier to use with runny material that isn’t easy to pick up with a dab tool. A dab straw works well with any type of concentrate ranging from very runny oils to very hard waxes.
  • Dab straws allow for more complete usage of your material because nothing remains stuck inside the device as can often happen with traditional wax coils. Dab straws are very economical for that reason.
  • Dab straws tend to be cooler and smoother than traditional wax pens because there’s a little more distance between the heating element and the mouthpiece.
  • Dab straws are very small, but they’re meant for tabletop use and aren’t particularly portable. Traditional wax pens aren’t highly portable either, but you can theoretically pre-load a wax coil and carry the vape pen in your pocket. That’s not possible with dab straws.
  • Dab pens are often 510 threaded, and that means they’re not just for dabbing – they’ll also work with pre-filled oil cartridges. Dab straws, on the other hand, generally don’t work with third-party attachments of any type.

How to Use a Dab Straw

Best Dab Straw Vaporizers

The best part of dab straws is how incredibly simple they are to use. All that you need to do is put your material in a heat-resistant container – you’re probably storing it in a silicone jar already, which works fine – and place it on a table. Turn your dab straw on and wait a few seconds for the element to heat up. The element will get very hot, so don’t touch it. A dab straw will often come with a holder that keeps the element off of the table and away from your hands during the preheating process.

When the element is done preheating, you can vape by touching the hot tip to your material while simultaneously inhaling through the straw. If you’re not used to vaping concentrates, start slowly – perhaps with just one puff – until you become familiar with the effects.

After you’re done vaping, allow plenty of time for the heating element to cool before you put the device away.

Note that some older dab straws have non-electric elements that require manual heating with a lighter or torch. I don’t recommend using that type of dab straw due to the inconvenience and risk of fire.

How to Clean a Dab Straw

To clean a dab straw, you’ll need some cotton swabs, rubbing alcohol and potentially a few soft pipe cleaners. Disassemble the dab straw completely. Set all electronic components aside, because you don’t want those to get wet. Your goal when cleaning a dab straw is to remove the residue from all of the glass, ceramic and silicone components. Dip a cotton swab in alcohol and rub the residue until it dissolves. Repeat the process until the swabs come out clean. If your device has a long straw, clean the straw by dipping a pipe cleaner in alcohol and running it through the straw. Rinse the components to remove the alcohol and allow everything to air dry completely before using your dab straw again.

What to Know Before Buying a Vape in Dubai

When it comes to buying a vape and king vape, or anywhere else for that matter, it is important to do your research and be sure that you are getting a quality product. There are many different types of vapes available on the market, and it can be overwhelming trying to decide which one is right for you. However, by taking the time to analyze your options and understand what you are looking for, you can be sure to find the perfect vape for your needs.

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Buying Vape in Dubai

Here are some things to keep in mind when you are looking for a juul dubai:

  1. The type of vape: There are many different types of vapes available, from box mods to e-cigarettes. Decide which type of vape you want before you start shopping.
  2. The price: Vapes can range in price from a few hundred dirhams to over a thousand. Be sure to set a budget before you start shopping so that you don’t overspend.
  3. The features: Vapes come with a variety of different features, from adjustable wattage to temperature control. Decide which features are important to you and look for a vape that has them.
  4. The brand: There are many different vape brands available, both international and local. Do some research to find a brand that you trust and that offers a quality product.
  5. The warranty: Many vapes come with a warranty, so be sure to check what is covered before you make your purchase.

By keeping these things in mind, you can be sure to find the perfect vape for your needs when you are shopping in Dubai. Take your time, do your research, and be sure to find a quality product that you will be happy with.

Disposable Vapes: A Guide

Did you know that according to a study by CDC, around 15% of US adults have used an e-cigarette? This prevalence was the highest among white men aged 18 to 24 and those who had recently quit smoking tobacco cigarettes.

Legal THC Shipped Nationwide

Crescent Canna is America's leading source for federally legal, potent THC products shipped straight to your door nationwide. Crescent's unique line of THC edibles includes gummies, cereal bars, seltzer and more. Shop the selection now. Use the coupon code "25MOON" when checking out for a 25% discount on all products excluding powders, bundles and seltzers.

Disposable Vapes Guide

The study shows a clear trend: vaping is gaining traction among young adults, replacing even the once-popular traditional cigarettes. Vape pens offer a smoother, more potent nicotine hit and appeal to smokers. However, the intricate working of vape pens, the presence of several buttons, and the constant need to recharge your device frustrate many vape pen users. They may find using an e-cigarette too burdensome.

Disposable vape pens are the new trend in the vaping industry and do not have the complications associated with the existing vape pens. Pens, such as fume vape mint ice, are easy to use and do not need to be recharged.  To learn more about disposable vape pens and how they work, keep reading:

What Are Disposable Vape Pens?

Disposable vape pens, as the name suggests, are vape pens that are meant for single use. Their working is straightforward – there are virtually no buttons to figure out. You keep using a vape pen until the e-liquid runs out, and then you dispose of it and buy a new one. A disposable pen typically lasts as long as a 20-cigarette pack. Depending on your vaping frequency, a disposable vape can last you quite a while.

How a Disposable Vape Pen Works

Disposable pens constitute three integral parts: the coil, the pod, and the battery. The coil is the wire that will vaporize the e-liquid with the help of an electronic battery. The vapor then travels through the pod to your throat.  The battery does not last very long; however, it is big enough to allow you to consume all of the e-liquid.

Vape pens don’t need any buttons to switch on. When you inhale, the battery heats the metal coil, vaporizing the e-liquid. Once the pod is empty or the battery no longer works, it’s time to dispose of the vape pen.

Why Disposable Vape Pens Are Advantageous to Regular Vapes

Disposable vape pens are growing in popularity. Some reasons for this include:

1.   Disposable Vape Pens Are Economical

For social smokers, a vape pen starter kit is very uneconomical. Full-fledged vape pens are expensive – unless you use e-cigarettes very often, you do not need to buy them. In contrast, disposable vape pens are significantly cheaper – they may cost as less as $5.

2.   Disposable Vape Pens Are Easy-to-Use

Not only are regular vape pens difficult to use, but they also require a lot of maintenance. You must clean the atomizer coil, recharge the battery regularly, and check for cartridge compatibility whenever you need an e-liquid refill. In contrast, disposable vape pens require virtually no maintenance: you buy one from a shop, use it until the e-liquid runs out, and dispose of it.

3.   Disposable Vape Pens Are Safer

Regular vape pens are an explosion hazard – the National Fire Protection Association regularly deals with cases of vape pen batteries exploding. Improper and amateur handling of vape batteries can result in fires and burns. In contrast, the batteries in disposable vape pens are smaller and non-removable. The risk of a disposable e-cigarette explosion is far less than that of a regular vape.

Disclaimer: The Health and Environmental Hazards of Vaping

Disposable vape pens have one major disadvantage: they are a significant source of plastic pollution, as they are designed to be used once and thrown away. Vape batteries also contain battery acid and heavy metals, which seep into the land. Plants can absorb and get contaminated by these harmful compounds. Once these compounds enter our food chain, they can cause severe damage to our health: heavy metals, for example, are significant neurotoxins and impede brain development.

The e-liquid used in vape pens contains nicotine, which is an addictive substance and is associated with cardiac issues. Prolonged nicotine usage can even lead to a heart attack. Other components of e-liquids include diacetyl, which can cause severe lung damage, and volatile organic compounds, which can damage your internal organs. Smoking too much can lead to a dry mouth, coughing, and headaches. In extreme cases, e-cigarette usage can destroy your bronchial epithelial cells and lead to emphysema. The fatty substances in vaping can lead to vaping-related lipoid pneumonia. Ensure you are well aware of vape usage’s health and environmental risks and make an informed choice.


Vaping is a growing trend among nicotine users. Many smokers find vape kits too complicated and burdensome. However, disposable vape pens eliminate this problem of traditional vapes. Cheap and efficient, disposable vape pens are easy to use and are discarded once they run out. They are also safer and require virtually no maintenance. Social smokers who do not need elaborate vape kits will find disposable vapes very convenient. Make sure you are well-informed of the health and environmental hazards of vape pens and make an informed decision about your vape usage.

Weak Hits with a Disposable Vape? Here’s What You Can Do

Don’t let weak hits with a disposable vape get you down! Use these simple fixes to correct the problem.

One of the things that makes disposable vapes so popular is the fact that they use very high-strength e-liquid and can deliver nicotine as efficiently as a tobacco cigarette on a puff-for-puff basis. When you use a disposable vape, you should feel as satisfied after a few puffs as you would have felt smoking a cigarette. With each puff, you should feel an assertive throat hit that’s very comparable to what you’d feel when smoking. A disposable vape, in other words, should feel like a one-for-one replacement for a tobacco cigarette – you should be able to put the cigarettes down and pick up a disposable vape without really even noticing much of a difference.

Legal THC Shipped Nationwide

Crescent Canna is America's leading source for federally legal, potent THC products shipped straight to your door nationwide. Crescent's unique line of THC edibles includes gummies, cereal bars, seltzer and more. Shop the selection now. Use the coupon code "25MOON" when checking out for a 25% discount on all products excluding powders, bundles and seltzers.

Weak Hits Disposable Vape

With all of those things in mind, it’ll definitely be more than a little surprising if you puff on a disposable vape and find that it produces weak hits. With a disposable vape, weak hits are never supposed to happen – and in this article, I’m going to help you find the solution. These are the reasons why your disposable vape is producing weak hits and the things that you should do to fix the problem.

Prepare to Replace Your Device

When you troubleshoot weak hits with a disposable vape, the first thing that you should consider is how long you’ve been using the device. A modern disposable vape can deliver hundreds of puffs – even thousands in some cases – before it runs out of e-liquid. You shouldn’t assume, however, that the last puff will be as satisfying as the first. When a disposable vape is low on e-liquid – or the battery is nearly dead – the vapor production will decrease. At that point, you may need to vape a little more often to maintain the same level of satisfaction. If you have a disposable vape that delivered a completely satisfying experience when it was new – and you now find that it’s giving you weak hits – it’s very likely that it’s nearly time to replace the device.

There is, however, one exception to the rule above. Does your disposable vape have a USB port? In that case, you have a rechargeable device. It’s becoming increasingly common for a high-capacity disposable vape to have a rechargeable battery to ensure that you can use every drop of e-liquid before it’s time to dispose of the device. Connect the disposable vape to your computer and wait for the light to change color or turn off. At that point, the device is fully charged.

Buy a Modern Disposable Vape

If you’ve always gotten weak hits with the disposable vape you’re using, it’s possible that the device simply isn’t the right one for your needs. If you’re using an older-style disposable vape that looks like a USB thumb drive, you might want to consider buying a newer device with a mesh coil. Mesh vape coils produce very impressive clouds at low wattages, so you’ll probably find the experience more satisfying. If there’s a nicotine strength available that’s higher than what you’re currently using, you might also consider stepping up to the higher strength. A finer vape shop like Cloud City will carry a wide selection of different disposable vapes and will always offer devices with the latest flavors and technologies.

Wait Longer Between Puffs

In most disposable vapes, the wick is a large piece of fabric wrapped around the heating coil. When you puff, the coil vaporizes the e-liquid in the inner part of the wick, leaving that part of the wick dry. Between puffs, more e-liquid flows to the inner part of the wick from the outer part. It takes a few seconds for the wick to refresh itself. If you vape again while the inner part of the wick is still dry, you’ll get a weak hit because the coil can only vaporize e-liquid if it’s actually touching the e-liquid. Make sure that you always give your device’s wick ample time to refresh itself by waiting several seconds after each puff.

Don’t Puff So Firmly

When you use a disposable vape, you might feel tempted to puff on the device firmly – like you would if you were smoking a cigarette. That’s especially likely to be the case if you’re trying to get a more satisfying puff out of the device. With a cigarette, you’ll get a bigger, hotter cloud of smoke if you puff more firmly. When you vape, though, puffing harder won’t give you a more satisfying cloud because your device’s cloud production is limited by the operational wattage and the design of the atomizer coil. In fact, puffing too firmly can actually produce the opposite of the result you want because it can draw e-liquid out of the wick and into the device’s airflow tube. In that case, the droplets of e-liquid caught in the tube can restrict the airflow and lessen the vapor production. If you want your disposable vape to produce bigger clouds, you should use very long, slow, gentle puffs when you vape.

Obstruct the Airflow Vent to Increase the Air Pressure

If you’re using a disposable vape that doesn’t have a high nicotine strength or doesn’t have an efficient and modern design, the best way to stop the weak hits and increase the quality of your vaping experience is by buying a more modern device. In the meantime, though, you need to do something to improve your experience with the device you already have.

One of the reasons why you might have a poorer experience with an older-style disposable vape is because an older device may not have exactly the airflow characteristics that you want. Many newer disposable vapes have collars or tabs that allow you to adjust the airflow, but older devices usually don’t have that feature. With an older disposable vape, you’ll usually see airflow holes on the bottom of the device. To change the airflow characteristics, use your finger to block one or more of the holes. You’ll find that the draw becomes tighter. The vapor will also become warmer and more intense.

Why Are So Many People Using Zero-Nicotine Vapes?

Have you noticed that your favorite vape shops seem to be offering a lot more zero-nicotine vapes than they used to? That’s not a coincidence. The vaping market has become increasingly segmented in recent years. While the demand for high-strength nicotine salt e-liquid has increased, nicotine-free vape juice has increased in popularity just as quickly.

Legal THC Shipped Nationwide

Crescent Canna is America's leading source for federally legal, potent THC products shipped straight to your door nationwide. Crescent's unique line of THC edibles includes gummies, cereal bars, seltzer and more. Shop the selection now. Use the coupon code "25MOON" when checking out for a 25% discount on all products excluding powders, bundles and seltzers.

Zero Nicotine Vapes

If you’re new to vaping and made the switch to help yourself quit smoking – or if you’re currently a smoker and haven’t started vaping yet – you’ve probably seen nicotine-free vapes and wondered why anyone would want to buy them. In this article, I’m going to explain why so many people are using zero-nicotine e-liquid. By the time you’re done reading, you might decide that going nicotine free is the right choice for you as well.

Replace the Hand-to-Mouth Ritual of Smoking

One of the main reasons why zero-nicotine vapes are so popular is because people don’t all react to nicotine in the same way. Therefore, people have difficulty quitting smoking for different reasons. Nicotine is, of course, the primary addictive component of cigarettes – so addiction to nicotine is the primary reason why smokers have difficulty quitting. There are some people, though, who aren’t greatly affected by nicotine at all but still find quitting difficult. If you fall into that category, you probably continue to smoke primarily because you like your hands to remain active or because you like having something in your mouth. You might actually find that you could eliminate your nicotine intake without really noticing a difference.

If you tend to vape mindlessly all day and find that you never really feel a nicotine rush or a sense of satisfaction, it could be that nicotine doesn’t have much of an effect on you and that you vape or smoke more for the hand-to-mouth ritual than anything else. If that’s the case, you could probably switch to zero-nicotine vapes without experiencing much of an uncomfortable adjustment period.

Nicotine-Free Vaping Is the Final Step in Eliminating Your Nicotine Intake

One of the biggest reasons why nicotine-free e-liquids exist is because many of the people who switch from smoking to vaping aren’t just doing so to quit smoking – they’re also doing it because they’d eventually like to stop using nicotine entirely. Whether you’re using disposable vapes or a refillable device, you can probably choose between at least two different nicotine strengths without changing the product you use. If you’re using freebase nicotine e-liquid, for instance, your favorite brand is probably available in nicotine strengths of 3 and 6 mg. If you’re using disposable vapes, on the other hand, the available nicotine strengths might be somewhere in the range of 25 and 50 mg.

Stepping down from a higher nicotine strength to a lower one, however, is only the first step if you want to eliminate your nicotine intake completely. Eventually, you’ll have to either stop vaping or switch to a nicotine-free e-liquid – and you’ll probably find that it’s much easier to quit nicotine if you can do so while continuing to vape.

Enjoy the Best E-Liquid Flavors While Knowing You Can Quit Any Time

If you can manage to switch from cigarettes or e-liquids with nicotine to nicotine-free vapes, that’s a huge step because it means that you no longer have a chemical addiction to vaping or tobacco products. Once you’ve completed that step, whether you continue vaping or not is entirely up to you because you’ve eliminated the physical component of addiction. If you want to, you can vape simply to enjoy all of the great flavors that the e-liquid companies of the world have produced. On the other hand, you can also quit whenever you want. You might find that vaping is infinitely more enjoyable if you’re doing it because you want to do it and not because you have to.

Eliminating Nicotine at Night May Improve Your Sleep Quality

If you’re a long-term smoker or vaper, you probably feel as though the nicotine doesn’t affect you at all. You probably feel anxious and ornery if you haven’t had nicotine in a while – but when you’re using nicotine according to your usual patterns, you don’t feel any kind of stimulation or “rush.” In fact, you probably continue smoking or vaping right up to the point when you go to bed.

Do you sometimes find it difficult to fall asleep at night – or do you find that you rarely wake up in the morning feeling energized and refreshed? If your sleep quality is poor, there’s a good chance that your late-night nicotine usage is a major contributor. Even if you don’t feel anything when using nicotine, though, it’s still a powerful stimulant. In that sense, nicotine-free vapes can potentially be useful for you even if you aren’t planning to eliminate nicotine from your life entirely.

Try buying a bottle of nicotine-free e-liquid or a zero-nicotine disposable vape and switching to it an hour or two before you go to bed. Continue doing that for a couple of weeks and pay attention to your sleep quality. You may find that eliminating your nicotine use before bed can go a long way toward helping you sleep better.

You Can Get Great Deals When You Buy Nicotine-Free E-Liquid and Vapes

Non-nicotine e-liquid has another feature that might interest you even if you don’t plan to make it a regular part of your vaping routine: It’s often quite inexpensive because nicotine-free vape juices are usually the first ones to go on clearance at any vape shop. Although the demand for vaping products without nicotine has increased significantly in recent years, it’s definitely still the case that most people who vape use nicotine. When a vape shop needs to clearance out a particular line of e-liquids – because they’re nearing their expiration date or because the manufacturer is changing the packaging, for instance – there will probably be more bottles of nicotine-free vape juice on the clearance shelf than anything else because the non-nicotine e-liquids are always the last to sell out. The good news for you, though, is that haunting the clearance section at your favorite vape shop is always a great way to try lots of new flavors without spending a lot of money.

Did You Know You Can Smoke a Hookah Without Tobacco?

Did you know that you can use a hookah without tobacco? Here are some tobacco-free hookah options — both with and without nicotine.

Vaping isn’t just an alternative for cigarette smokers; it’s also a popular option for people who are trying to wean themselves off of cigar, pipe and hookah smoking. Vaping, however, isn’t an option that’s freely available in all areas. That’s particularly true here in the United States. Although this is the world’s biggest market for vaping products, we’re currently heading down a very negative regulatory path for the industry. It seems highly likely that it’ll result in a de facto ban of all flavored e-liquids.

Legal THC Shipped Nationwide

Crescent Canna is America's leading source for federally legal, potent THC products shipped straight to your door nationwide. Crescent's unique line of THC edibles includes gummies, cereal bars, seltzer and more. Shop the selection now. Use the coupon code "25MOON" when checking out for a 25% discount on all products excluding powders, bundles and seltzers.

Hookah Without Tobacco

Tobacco e-liquid is pretty notorious for tasting nothing like actual tobacco. Some vapers have said that if tobacco vape juice becomes the only legal option in the US, they’ll go back to smoking.

Based on that, it wouldn’t surprise me if some smokers are feeling hesitant about switching to vaping right now. What would you do if you found the perfect cigarette replacement for your needs only to have the rug pulled out from under you at the last instant? It would be completely understandable if you decided that you’d rather find an alternative without the regulatory issues that plague the vaping industry. Today, I’m going to explain why using a hookah could potentially be that alternative.

Did you know that you could smoke a hookah without tobacco? Not only are there some truly compelling tobacco-free hookah options, but it is actually possible to use a tobacco-free shisha and still get your nicotine. In this article, I’m going to describe the two main options for smoking a hookah without tobacco and explain how those options work. First, though, let’s discuss what the potential health implications of smoking a tobacco-free shisha might be.

Using a Hookah Without Tobacco: What Are the Health Concerns?

The first thing you need to know about using a hookah without tobacco is that – just like with vaping – it’s not without potential safety concerns. I would never recommend that you smoke a hookah – or vape, for that matter – if you don’t already use tobacco. Plain air is always the safest thing to inhale. If you’re looking for something that can help you transition away from cigarettes, though – or perhaps wean yourself off of nicotine entirely – that’s a different story because using a tobacco-free shisha might just be one step toward a larger goal.

These, in my opinion, are the three biggest potential health concerns that could arise from using a hookah without tobacco.

  • The coals will produce carbon monoxide as they burn, and you’ll certainly end up inhaling some of it.
  • The fact that an herbal smoking blend contains no tobacco doesn’t mean that it’s safe to smoke. The smoking of tobacco-free shisha hasn’t been evaluated from a safety standpoint as far as I can tell, but safety evaluations of herbal cigarettes haven’t been positive.
  • Sugar is a very large component of any shisha blend – including most herbal shisha. Hookah smoking can spike your blood sugar levels, and that may lead to an increased risk of diabetes.

With those things being said, cigarette smoke obviously contains carbon monoxide as well – and sugar is also a key flavoring component of cigarette tobacco. Therefore, the only thing that you can do is evaluate the risks for yourself and decide what’s best for you.

What Types of Tobacco-Free Shisha Are Available?

Tobacco-Free Shisha

So, are you intrigued by the idea of smoking a hookah without tobacco? If so, you have two primary options available: gel drops and herbal shisha blends. I’ll discuss them both – and if you’re interested in using a tobacco-free shisha, I suggest trying both options because you’ll find that they’re very different from a flavor standpoint.

Hookah Gel Drops

Hookah gel drops are solid pieces of soft gel impregnated with glycerin, flavors and sometimes nicotine. They’re available in a fairly wide variety of flavors, and you can buy the nicotine-free drops just about anywhere. When you use gel drops in your hookah, the heat from the goals vaporizes the glycerin in the gel, creating a vapor that carries the flavor and nicotine to your mouth. Since you’re inhaling glycerin vapor, using hookah gel drops isn’t that different from vaping aside from the carbon monoxide production of the coals.

If you already vape, you know exactly what to expect from hookah gel drops from a flavor standpoint. If you use a gel containing nicotine, you’ll satisfy your nicotine cravings while enjoying a variety of tasty flavors. The flavor profiles of the hookah gel drops currently on the market are perhaps a bit simple compared to some of the e-liquids available today, but there’s no burning involved as there might be with an herbal shisha blend. Herbal shisha, however, might be more to your liking if you’re looking for something with a little more complexity.

Herbal Shisha Blends

Herbal Shisha

An herbal shisha blend is a mixture for hookah smoking that replaces the tobacco with another ingredient such as sugarcane fibers or black tea. The rest of the production process is much the same as it is with tobacco-based shisha. The main ingredient of the herbal smoking blend is mixed with other ingredients such as molasses, honey, essential oils and flavoring agents to give you an experience that’s much like traditional shisha but without the tobacco. Black tea in particular has a nice depth of flavor that you’re likely to enjoy if you’re looking for a blend that provides a bit more than just sweetness.

Do You Have to Use a Hookah Differently with Tobacco-Free Shisha?

If you’re thinking about switching from a traditional shisha to a tobacco-free shisha, you don’t have to worry about changing anything about the way you use your hookah because all the normal rules of hookah smoking still apply. You’ll still need to exercise careful heat management to keep your material as hot as possible for the maximum smoke production, but you also want to avoid overheating the material and triggering combustion. Just like tobacco-based shisha, an herbal shisha will turn powerfully bitter if it burns.