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E-Cigarette Problem: Gurgling

When you use an electronic cigarette designed for dripping such as the eGo e-cigarette or one of the many USA-made e-cigarettes, you have to maintain a constant balance. If you add too little e-liquid to the atomizer and the heating coil becomes dry, you’ll receive no vapor when you puff — or worse, you’ll sting your throat. Add too much e-liquid, though, and the atomizer will make a gurgling noise. When this happens, there’s little that you can do except continue vaping through it or give your e-cigarette a quick cleaning. I’m going to discuss the latter option in this article because a flooded atomizer can cause damage to some e-cigarettes and generally should be taken care of quickly.

E-Cigarette Gurgling

You’ll need to have a few paper towels handy to take care of an e-cigarette gurgling issue. To begin, check the outside of the e-cigarette and clean up any e-liquid that might have started to run down the side. Many e-cigarettes have “drip wells” to help prevent this from happening, but some don’t. If your e-cigarette has a drip well, fold a paper towel into a triangle, push it into the well and let it soak up the e-liquid.

If you have an eGo e-cigarette with a removable atomizer cone, remove the cone, fold a paper towel over several times and run it through the cone to soak up any e-liquid inside. When an eGo e-cigarette starts gurgling, this is almost always where most of the e-liquid collects.

Next, you’ll need to take care of your flooded atomizer. I like to remove the atomizer with the drip tip still attached, hold a paper towel over the end of the atomizer and blow. Some people actually recommend blowing through atomizers backwards, with your lips over the threading rather than the drip tip. I hate doing this because I don’t like to get any amount of e-liquid in my mouth. If you blow with your lips over the drip tip, there is a chance of pushing the atomizer’s wick down toward the threading, which would restrict airflow when you vape — so blow gently.

Finally, fold a paper towel into a triangle and use it to soak up the e-liquid collected in the atomizer threading at the top of the e-cigarette. When you flood your atomizer, the wick is unable to hold all of the e-liquid that you’ve added. It runs out the bottom of the atomizer and collects in the threading below, which is what causes the gurgling noise when you vape.

Put everything back together and add one or two drops of e-liquid to replace what you blew out of the atomizer. You should now be all set to continue vaping.

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