E-Cigarette Cartridge Compatibility for Every Threading Type

Many e-cigarette companies would like their customers to believe that their e-cigarettes work with their cartridges alone, and no one else’s. This is a customer retention strategy; e-cigarette companies get most of their business from selling refill cartridges, not starter kits. No two e-cigarette companies carry exactly the same lineup of e-liquid flavors, though, and after some time you may get the urge to experiment. Your e-cigarette is probably compatible with refill flavors made by many different companies. In this article, I’m going to list some compatible e-cigarette cartridges for every threading type to give you a starting point for experimentation. This information is correct to the best of my knowledge at the time of publication, although it is far from comprehensive. Feel free to contact me if you know of a compatible e-cigarette cartridge I haven’t listed here.

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L88 Threading: Compatible Cartridges for Blu Cigs, Starfire Cigs

Compatible E-Cigarette Cartridges for Blu Starfire Volcano L88

Note: L88 batteries are thread-compatible with 510 cartridges and vice-versa. However, L88 e-cigarettes are slightly smaller and more narrow than 510 e-cigarettes. Using one cartridge with the other type of battery will result in a mismatched appearance.

510 Threading: Compatible Cartridges for Blu Cigs Premium 100, Volcano Magma

Compatible E-Cigarette Cartridges for Blu Premium Volcano Magma Cigs 510

Note: Standard eGo batteries such as those used for the Volcano Inferno have 510 threading and are compatible with 510-threaded cartridges.

KR-808-D1 Threading: Compatible Cartridges for V2 Cigs, White Cloud, Halo G6

Compatible E-Cigarette Cartridges for V2 Cigs Halo G6 White Cloud KR-808-D1

Note: This is the more popular of the two KR-808 threading types. If you have a KR-808 e-cigarette, you can be reasonably certain that most other companies’ KR-808 cartomizers will work with it. VGo batteries — such as those used for the Halo Triton — are compatible with KR-808-D1 cartridges.

KR-808-D2 Threading: Compatible Cartridges for Green Smoke, South Beach Smoke, Eversmoke

Compatible E-Cigarette Cartridges for Green Smoke South Beach Smoke Eversmoke KR-808-D2

Note: KR-808-D2 threading is also known by some as “E9.” This threading type is less common than KR-808-D1 and some have speculated that it serves to “lock customers in” to certain brands. In my experience, the two designs offer roughly the same performance. V2 Cigs sells an adapter set for $2.95 that allows KR-808-D2 and other cartridges to work on KR-808-D1 batteries.

44 thoughts on “E-Cigarette Cartridge Compatibility for Every Threading Type”

    1. Hi Michael,

      Are you referring to the “rechargeable vapor kit” that comes in a blister pack? If you are, that looks like 510 threading to me.

  1. I bought the classic v2. Then, I ordered blank cartridges and only charged for the product. Now, the only way to order it is with all those extra charges.
    What other blank cartridges are compatible?

  2. Also.=. I would like to buy a manual cig type. Anywhere besides V2?

  3. Hi VapeGirl,

    Do you know where to get generic tanks for V2 eCigs with KR-808-D2 Threading?

    I think V2 calls them “Ex Blanks”.

    Thanks!! JT

  4. I bought a buttonless vape pen can I use the blu cig cartridges on it and vice versa?

    1. Hi Nethanel,

      I don’t own a Vuse Vibe to test, but it does appear that the cartridges use 510 threading. If that is the case, the cartridges should work on any battery or device with eGo or 510 threading.

  5. I bought a Fresh Smoke kit a few years back and need refill cartridges for it. I can not find them online under FreshSmoke.org. Can you tell me what ecig replacement cartridges would work with this ecig I have from Fresh Smoke?

    1. The ciro also uses the 510 threading, which is compatible with the vibe refills and apparently Blu premium.

  6. Someone gave me a cartridge of med. Mar. I bought a ‘stem’ for it but it didn’t work. What do I need to do?

  7. Hi! Do you know what the threading is on the MarkTen XL ecig cartridge? I want to get Drip Tips for it, & that company doesn’t provide any. I tried a 510 & it’s just a wee-bit too large to fit into that cart. I don’t know what the next size down is. Thanks!

    1. Andrea, I removed the rubber o ring from the 510 drip tips and they slide right into the mark10XL.

    2. Mark Ten has their own threads. The Cartomizer Factory sells cartridges for them because Mark Ten went out of business.

  8. thanks for this! I’m new to vaping, and I’m feeling overwhelmed. this helps.
    I just bought a V2 kit a couple of weeks ago, and I’m liking the Ecig experience. I’m going through the cartridges faster than i expected, so to save money I’d like to switch over to refillable cartridges. Are there other sellers that offer refillable blanks that are compatible with V2?

  9. Do you know of any tanks that are compatible with the Logic LQD battery? I love this vape pen, but the tanks break easily and they don’t sell the tanks alone. You have to buy the entire kit again. Thanks.

  10. Is there a refillable cartridge compatible for the ciro battery? I need something I can fill with my own liquid! 10 bucks for 3 tiny carts is waaaaay to expensive plus their flavors SUCK!! I haven’t been able to to find a hack for the ciro to refill it like I could with the vibe. PLEASE let me know if you have any recommendations for ciro cart replacements that are refillable. Thanks

    1. Actually you can see a video online on how to refill the ciro yourself by using a safety pin to make the hole bigger.google it.

    2. Lots of guys on youtube have videos showing how you can refill a Ciro. You could also try Blu cartridges, they are a lot easier to refill. But you’re better off buying new ones, refilling doesn’t work very good.

  11. Dear Jeremiah lee and any others interested,

    For the Ciro, I found these “510 blank clearomizers” at the magic mist. Here is the link: https://www.themagicmist.com/510-clearomizers-p/510-clearomizers.htm
    I have not tried them yet, but I am ordering them now. Tired of these huge prices for ciro refills. The ciro works good, only because I have multiple batteries to use throughout the day. They are consistent and give a good drag. I want to add organic juice to these blank clearomizers and see how it goes. I may give an update. I am looking at this organic juice: https://realorganicvapors.com/shop/

    As for the vuse vibe, I hope the same company listed above comes out with a blank cleromizer for it. While it is a great battery and a cartridge lasts at least all day, even for a real fiend, I am not happy with the flavors. Why it wouldn’t be just like the ciro original flavor is beyond me. Also, after reading this story by pretty little Vapegrl, I just tried a ciro refill in a vibe. It screws in just fine, but it does not draw any air, so the design is slightly different and will not work on the vibe battery unfortunately. So hey, thread size isn’t everything that’s involved here FYI…

    Vapegrl, I would love to see the rest of the picture you have posted. You are beautiful!

    The only other mass produced brand I’ve tried is the blu “myblu”, and I have tried multiple ones. They all sucked IMO unfortunately.

    1. i saw a youtube video where the kid screwed a vibe on a ciro and smoked like crazy. it must work if you play around.

    1. Hey Lumpy,

      I’m in the same boat as you… been using GS for almost 10 years! Shame Altria is shutting them down.

      Unfortunately the GS battery (808D2 or E9) are not very common.
      I’ve found a couple sites offering 808D2 (E9) carts… The Magic Mist is one I’ve placed a small order with to try out, but haven’t gotten them yet.
      They are a bit cheaper than GS, but only offer ‘tobacco’ or ‘menthol’ (same with the other couple sites found).

      Also, I ordered from Epuffer… they have an E9 battery adapter that allows you to use their ‘Snaps’ style carts on GS batteries. The adapter is on sale for less than $2, but their carts a pricey… but if they’re good, then I’ll get a few adapters and I’ll be set until all my GS batteries finally die.

      I’m thinking I’m gonna have to invest in a different brand of batteries from a company that offers more flavours… I did get a free sample sent to me by Vapor 4 Life (808D1 batteries), but don’t like that they have a supper light draw… like sucking thru an empty straw! Too bad, they have a lot of flavours and customer service is top notch!

      I ordered the Zues batter from V4L, hope it is better on the draw… it’s a bigger battery, but maybe I can get used to that… really have no interest in any of the bigger style ecigs/boxes… must be a cig-a-like for me!

      Good luck and stay off the stinkies!

  12. A few people have asked what kind of thread Mark 10 is. I haven’t seen an answer yet. Anybody know?

  13. Will blu cartridges work on mark ten? Trying to find cartridges that will fit since they went out of business.

  14. Hi there. I use VaporFi Express which has 810 D2 thread? Please advise if any other cartomizer ( besides VaporFi) compatible with this? Many thanks :-))

  15. And now V2 is out of business, and I’m trying to find an adapter that will fit my old Green Smoke batteries. I have 7 or 8 of them and I’d really like to use them, but I don’t know where to find the correct adapter. I ordered 2 adapters from Vapor4Life, but neither fits these batteries. Do you know where an adapter can be found that fits both the old GS batteries and the 808 threaded cartridges?

  16. Does anybody know if you can use 510 cartridges with the vuse solo? I tried calling customer service but they were confused lol.

    1. Hi Rebecca,

      The Vuse connection is proprietary, and as far as I know, no one makes an adapter. I don’t think it’s possible.

  17. Does anyone know the threading for the Logic Pro USB charger? I like the pen, but the charger always fails first, and I keep having to re-buy the whole kit.

  18. I need Halo G6 cartomizers……do you have them and what are your shipping costs to Florida? Thank you for your reply

  19. I am looking for a 808 threading cartridge for a Zeus ecig from vapor4life. Do you have a cartridge that will fit?

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