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E-Cigarette Cartridge Compatibility for Every Threading Type

Many e-cigarette companies would like their customers to believe that their e-cigarettes work with their cartridges alone, and no one else’s. This is a customer retention strategy; e-cigarette companies get most of their business from selling refill cartridges, not starter kits. No two e-cigarette companies carry exactly the same lineup of e-liquid flavors, though, and after some time you may get the urge to experiment. Your e-cigarette is probably compatible with refill flavors made by many different companies. In this article, I’m going to list some compatible e-cigarette cartridges for every threading type to give you a starting point for experimentation. This information is correct to the best of my knowledge at the time of publication, although it is far from comprehensive. Feel free to contact me if you know of a compatible e-cigarette cartridge I haven’t listed here.


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L88 Threading: Compatible Cartridges for Blu Cigs, Starfire Cigs

Compatible E-Cigarette Cartridges for Blu Starfire Volcano L88

Note: L88 batteries are thread-compatible with 510 cartridges and vice-versa. However, L88 e-cigarettes are slightly smaller and more narrow than 510 e-cigarettes. Using one cartridge with the other type of battery will result in a mismatched appearance.

510 Threading: Compatible Cartridges for Blu Cigs Premium 100, Volcano Magma

Compatible E-Cigarette Cartridges for Blu Premium Volcano Magma Cigs 510

Note: Standard eGo batteries such as those used for the Volcano Inferno have 510 threading and are compatible with 510-threaded cartridges.

KR-808-D1 Threading: Compatible Cartridges for V2 Cigs, White Cloud, Halo G6

Compatible E-Cigarette Cartridges for V2 Cigs Halo G6 White Cloud KR-808-D1

Note: This is the more popular of the two KR-808 threading types. If you have a KR-808 e-cigarette, you can be reasonably certain that most other companies’ KR-808 cartomizers will work with it. VGo batteries — such as those used for the Halo Triton — are compatible with KR-808-D1 cartridges.

KR-808-D2 Threading: Compatible Cartridges for Green Smoke, South Beach Smoke, Eversmoke

Compatible E-Cigarette Cartridges for Green Smoke South Beach Smoke Eversmoke KR-808-D2

Note: KR-808-D2 threading is also known by some as “E9.” This threading type is less common than KR-808-D1 and some have speculated that it serves to “lock customers in” to certain brands. In my experience, the two designs offer roughly the same performance. V2 Cigs sells an adapter set for $2.95 that allows KR-808-D2 and other cartridges to work on KR-808-D1 batteries.


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