Cheap E-Cigarettes: The Express Kit Roundup 2015

It’s been a trend among e-cigarette companies to offer increasingly cheap e-cigarettes in an attempt to beat one another to the lowest price point. In the end, it’s the consumer who wins; I love these e-cigarette “Express Kits” because they’re the most affordable way to try e-cigarettes while getting a product you can actually keep. Disposable e-cigarettes may be compelling products as well, but I much prefer these inexpensive e-cigarette kits for new e-smokers because you don’t have to throw the whole thing away when you’re done. Instead, you’ll have at least one battery and a USB charger that you can use with your next set of refill cartridges. I’ve used a huge variety of different products, and these are the best cheap e-cigarettes currently available.

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[green_box]Updated for 2015! Removed some deals that are no longer valid and added a few new ones — some of the cheapest e-cigarettes ever![/green_box]

NJOY Recharge Cheap E Cigarettes1. NJOY Recharge Economy Kit

Price: $20.99 with coupon code VAPE4LESS

Includes: two batteries, seven refill cartridges, USB charger, wall charger

If you’ve ever looked for e-cigarettes in stores, you’re probably familiar with the NJOY King. The King is a disposable e-cigarette that earned high marks upon its release for its tiny size, squishy mouthpiece and high nicotine strength. The King is a great product, but it is also disposable and only good for a single use. The NJOY Recharge kit uses a similar design philosophy with a reusable device. While you still get the same flavors and high nicotine concentrations, the battery is just a bit larger for longer vaping times. If you want something with enough nicotine to provide a high degree of satisfaction — the Recharge cartridges top out at a massive 40 mg of nicotine — and don’t want to use a larger vaporizer, the NJOY Recharge kit is a great choice and a superlative value.

Cheap E Cigarettes South Beach Smoke2. South Beach Smoke Deluxe Starter Kit

Price: $33.99 with automatic coupon embedded in link

Includes: Two batteries, ten refill cartridges, wall charger, USB charger

South Beach Smoke is among the oldest and best known e-cigarette brands in the United States. In the many years that they’ve done business, they’ve continually made improvements to their products. Prices have come down, and e-liquid production has moved to the USA. South Beach Smoke has also instituted a lifetime warranty and 30 day money-back guarantee. With this kit, you’re not just getting a great e-cigarette from a trusted brand — you’re getting in incredible value with enough refill cartridges to last quite a long time before you’ll need to buy more.

Volcano Inferno Express Kit Cheap E Cigarettes3. Volcano Inferno Express Starter Kit

Price: $29.99

Includes: 650 mAh battery, empty refill cartridge, drip tip, USB charger

Volcano has never been short on style, and the Inferno e-cigarette in my opinion represents the culmination of the beloved eGo e-cigarette platform. The extremely nice 650 mAh battery has a pass-through function, allowing you to continue vaping while the battery charges — and the entire device, fully assembled, is only about as large as a narrow cigar. The Inferno’s heating coil operates with a resistance of 1.8 ohm for copious vapor, and Volcano sells replacement heating coils at just $12.99 per three-pack. I have always loved Volcano’s Inferno kit. My only knock against it was the $75 price tag. The Inferno Express Kit changes that, and if you’re looking for a cheap e-cigarette this is one of the best around.

Cheap E Cigarettes VaporFi Pro II4. VaporFi Pro II

Price: $43.99 with automatic coupon embedded in link

Includes: 650 mAh battery, dual coil tank with stainless steel tip, four atomizer heads, wall charger, USB charger

If the Inferno Express Kit doesn’t do it for you, the VaporFi Pro II represents an excellent alternative. Although it costs a bit more, it also includes a lot more. The battery has the same capacity, but the included tank has a stainless steel mouthpiece rather than a plastic one. While the Inferno includes just one atomizer coil, the VaporFi Pro II includes four. The VaporFi Pro II includes both USB and wall chargers. Finally, the VaporFi Pro II uses lower-resistance coils than the Inferno — 1.5 ohms rather than 1.8 ohms. What this means is that you can expect the VaporFi Pro II to produce noticeably more vapor than the Volcano Inferno with each puff. VaporFi’s coils even boast organic cotton wicks. When you need replacement coils, VaporFi sells them in packs of five for $19.99.

Halo G6 Cheap E Cigarettes5. Halo G6

Price: $42.74 with coupon code VAPE4LESS

Includes: two batteries, five refill cartridges, USB charger, wall charger, carrying case

Halo Cigs has been a mainstay of the industry as long as I have used and written about e-cigarettes. Halo’s e-liquids are the primary reason for the company’s success, as other companies have found it difficult to duplicate Halo’s combination of creative flavor development and top-notch vapor production. Halo isn’t just in the business of creating e-liquids, though — they also have two of the best hardware values in the e-cigarette industry in the form of the G6 and Triton e-cigarettes. The Halo G6 features the simple two-piece design that’s ideal for beginners — simply screw the two halves of the e-cigarette together and enjoy — and with cartridges pre-filled with Halo’s terrific e-liquids, you can’t go wrong.