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Bedford Slims Review

With the e-cigarette rapidly becoming a mature product, it’s only going to become more difficult for new companies to break into the market and really make an impact over a wide geographic area. For many of the new e-cigarette companies that launch over the next year, the future will be local, not national. However, there may yet be room for a few companies to break through, and that’s what Brooklyn-based Bedford Slims is trying to do. Recently, a reader emailed to ask for my opinion on the Bedford Slims e-cigarette. Although the brand had existed since 2010, I had to admit that I’d never heard of them. I asked Bedford Slims if they had any review samples available, and within a few days I had a nice little Bedford Slims review kit waiting for me.

Shop the selection of Bedford Slims e-cigarettes. Kits start at $12.00. Use the coupon code ecig1 when checking out for a 10% discount.

Bedford Slims Review

About Bedford Slims

The first thing you’ll notice about the Bedford Slims e-cigarette is the handlebar mustache iconography; it’s on everything, from the battery charger to the tip of the battery itself. People’s feelings regarding the mustache logo may differ. Some might think it’s a couple of years out of date, while others will find it cute. I thought the whole package had a bit of a “barbershop” feel to it, which I kind of liked. What I wasn’t so sure about, though, was the extremely colorful battery included in my Bedford Slims review kit. I love the fact that the Bedford Slims company is working with local Brooklyn artists to design limited-edition batteries, but the Joshua Williams battery is a little too “Miami Vice” for me. Thankfully, a more muted “Cloud” battery by Aimee Wilder and a plain stainless steel battery are also available.

Across the board, the prices at the Bedford Slims website are quite affordable. The least expensive starter kit is just $12.00, although you’ll need to add a $10.00 USB charger to make the battery reusable. Full starter kits are $39.00 for a kit with one battery or $49.00 for two. Refill cartridges cost $13.00 for packs of five. The cartridge threading is KR-808, which means that you’ll be able to use your Bedford Slims batteries with refill cartridges sold by a wide variety of companies. You may not want to, though. As it turns out, the flavors offered by Bedford Slims are quite unique.

Bedford Slims Review

My Bedford Slims e-cigarette kit included samples of the company’s Tobacco, Clove and Dark Roast flavors along with a limited edition flavor called Birch Beer that I’m unable to find on the website. Of these, the Birch Beer flavor was by far my favorite. It’s actually one of the best soda-flavored e-liquids I’ve ever had the privilege to try. I also really enjoyed the Clove flavor. The herbal, peppery, slightly sweet flavor profiles of the Birch Beer and Clove refill cartridges perfectly encapsulate the “old world” feel that the Bedford Slims company is trying to capture with their e-cigarettes, in my opinion. I find the Tobacco flavor a bit more run-of-the-mill; it probably won’t make you forget your favorite cigarette. The e-liquids taste like they’re made by a lab in the United States rather than China, but I’m unable to find confirmation of this on the Bedford Slims website.

I get the impression that Bedford Slims is a rapidly expanding company, and they might be experiencing a few growing pains as a result; my review kit included one battery and one refill cartridge that didn’t work. I’m sure the company would have resolved these issues quickly if I’d gotten in touch with them, but I didn’t bother since what remained was more than enough for a comprehensive review.

If I had to compare Bedford Slims to other e-cigarette brands, I’d have to say that the quality of their refill flavors is much higher than average while the throat hit and volume of vapor are slightly diminished. I believe that the lessened throat hit and vapor production might be due to the fact that Bedford Slims e-liquids use a base of entirely vegetable glycerin rather than a mix of glycerin and propylene glycol, and the cigarette-shaped devices necessitate small refill cartridges, which can easily be plugged up by thick VG-based e-liquids.

Overall, I’d have to call Bedford Slims a strong contender, especially if you live in the New York City area and have access to one of the many local retail shops carrying the company’s products. If you’ve ever enjoyed an old-fashioned herbal candy or root beer barrel, you’ll probably appreciate the available flavor selection, and buying some Bedford Slims e-cigarette kits even helps to support local New York artists.

Shop the selection of Bedford Slims e-cigarettes. Kits start at $12.00. Use the coupon code ecig1 when checking out for a 10% discount.

Bedford Slims Review: The Pros

  • Tasty refill flavors with an herbal, old-world theme
  • Affordable prices
  • Some kits support local artists

Bedford Slims Review: The Cons

  • Quality control may be an occasional problem
  • Throat hit and vapor production slightly lower than some products
  • Mustache iconography and artist-designed batteries may not be for everyone
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