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The Best E-Cigarette Reviews

E Cigarette Reviews Vapegrl
I’m guessing that isn’t the first e-cigarette review website that you’ve stumbled upon in your search for the best e-cigarette. I bet there’s also a trend among most of the websites that you looked at previously: their e-cigarette reviews are often strangely unspecific. Although I have no way of knowing this for certain, I have long suspected that this is because most “e-cigarette reviewers” don’t actually own the products they write about. Well, I don’t think it’s good enough to simply write about the features of a product and call it an “e-cigarette review.” Instead, I write about the aspects of e-cigarettes that really matter: what they taste like, how they feel in the hand, how well their batteries work and what alternative e-cigarettes you should consider if you’re on the fence — because I do own the e-cigarettes I write about. If I haven’t provided enough information to help you make up your mind, connect with me on Facebook and tell me what I could do better!

Meet the Modern Smoker.

Before 2010, I had a dirty little secret: I was a smoker. I did everything that I could to keep that fact from being obvious to the people around me, from washing my hands like a maniac, to dousing myself with perfume and using all kinds of mouthwash. At the end of the day, though, I still had a serious dilemma that I ignored for far too long. I enjoyed smoking and didn’t particularly want to stop, but one new tobacco tax after another sent my expenses skyrocketing and I knew I was putting poisons into my body that I shouldn’t. Does this sound like you?

From Smoking to E-Smoking.

I bought my first e-cigarette starter kit and never looked back. However, my switch to e-cigarettes wasn’t easy at first; I had spent too much on my kit, and my liquid refills came in the form of disposable e-cigarette cartridges that never quite worked right. I forged ahead, learning in the process that e-cigarette vendors aren’t always entirely honest and that the price of an e-cigarette starter kit sometimes has almost no bearing on its quality. I also learned about the enormous role e-liquid plays in the taste of an e-cigarette.

So What’s the Best E-Cigarette?

E-Cigarette Reviews by Vapegrl

If you search online for honest e-cigarette reviews, you may have some difficulty figuring out who to trust because many e-cigarette websites are ultimately promotional in nature. If you buy, someone gains. I believe that people interested in e-cigarettes really want to be rid of tobacco and that it’s wrong to prey on such a desperate market. With this website, I’ve decided to do things differently. In my list of e-cigarette models, you’ll find a few suggestions at the bottom of each page for e-cigarettes that I have tried and feel comfortable recommending. I also have a list of what I believe to be the best e-liquid suppliers currently out there. Lastly, I’ve written some e-cigarette reviews featuring the some of the most interesting models currently available. However, the main purpose of this website is to empower you with information so you can make a wise e-cigarette purchase without being swayed by promotional language. E-cigarettes have changed my life and I want them to do the same for you. Click one of the links on this page to begin learning about e-cigarettes, how they work and what features you might want to look for.

Affiliate Disclosure

I am a professional writer and receive compensation from some companies when sales are made through this website. Above all else, however, I am committed to maintaining the integrity of and providing the most accurate information possible. I perform comprehensive personal testing on every product reviewed. If a product warrants a negative or neutral review, I review it in that fashion even if an affiliate relationship exists.

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