Vision Spinner 3 vs. 2: What’s the Best Variable-Voltage Vape Pen Battery on the Market?

Vision Spinner 3 vs. 2: Get the best variable-voltage vape pen battery for your needs with this quick comparison.

In the past couple of years, small vape pens like the eGo and Vision Spinner have become relevant again in a way that they haven’t been in a long time. Two factors have combined to make that happen. The first factor is the explosion of CBD as an herbal supplement. Millions of people now take CBD every day, and many of those people prefer to vape it for the higher potency and faster results. Nicotine salt e-liquid has also become extremely popular, which has allowed people to enjoy very satisfying vaping experiences even with smaller vaping devices.

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Vision Spinner 3 vs 2

Another thing that’s become relevant again is the idea of putting together your own vape pen by buying the battery and tank separately. Pre-filled CBD cartridges have played a large role in that phenomenon. Many people these days use their vape pens without actually filling tanks; they just buy the tanks pre-filled and throw them away when they’re done.

Whether you’re interested in buying a battery for pre-filled cartridges or to have an all-purpose solution for nicotine salt vaping, you’re going to need a great vape pen battery – and “Vision Spinner” is undoubtedly one of the first names that should come to mind here. The Vision Spinner battery has gone through multiple iterations, and while the Vision Spinner 3 is the newer of the two devices, the Vision Spinner 2 remains in production today.

When you shop for the two batteries, you’ll notice that the newer Spinner 3 costs about twice as much as the older Spinner 2, although they’re both still very affordable. You can expect to spend around $15 for an authentic Spinner 2 battery or $20-25 for a Spinner 3 battery.

So, which variable-voltage vaping battery is the better buy? That’s what you’re going to learn in this Vision Spinner 3 vs. 2 comparison.

What Is a Variable-Voltage Vape Pen Battery?

Vision Spinner 3 Battery

Most of the small vape pen batteries on the market work in one of two ways. The first way is direct voltage output. In that style of operation, the battery always outputs its full available voltage. When the battery is fully charged, it operates at 4.2 volts. The voltage – and vapor production – decrease steadily until the battery is dead, which typically happens at around 3.3 volts.

The second common type of vape pen battery is one that has regulated power but only operates at one voltage. With this type of battery, you’ll usually get an output of 3.7 volts regardless of the battery’s current charge level. You won’t get bigger vapor clouds when the battery is fully charged, but you also won’t get smaller clouds when the battery is nearly dead.

A variable-voltage battery like the Vision Spinner series operates differently in that it has regulated power but allows you to choose the output voltage by twisting a dial on the bottom of the battery. A boost-buck circuit in the battery regulates the power to the desired voltage and allows the battery to produce an even higher output voltage than its 4.2-volt capacity would normally allow.

A variable-voltage battery is a requirement if you’re going to use multiple types of tanks – such as pre-filled CBD vape cartridges from multiple makers – because it gives you the ability to get the biggest and most satisfying vapor clouds possible without experiencing an unpleasant burned flavor. Some cartridges will really let you push the voltage, and others will give you dry hits if the voltage is too high. Having a variable-voltage battery means that you can have a good experience with any tank or cartridge.

With that out of the way, how do the Vision Spinner 3 and 2 compare?

Vision Spinner 2: Features

Vision Spinner 2 vs 3

The Vision Spinner 2 is an eGo-style battery that will work with all eGo-threaded cartridges and most small 510-threaded cartridges. It uses an eGo-threaded charger; you screw the battery into the charger and then connect the charger to your computer’s USB port. The Vision Spinner 2 has a capacity of 1,650 mAh, and it operates between a range of 3.3-4.8 volts. As with all variable-voltage batteries, you’ll get the best possible longevity by vaping at a lower voltage. The battery takes about 5-6 hours to charge.

Vision Spinner 3: Features

The Vision Spinner 3 features the latest technological developments in the world of small vape pen batteries. With this device, you’ll enjoy a battery capacity of 1,500 mAh. While the capacity is a bit lower than that of the Vision Spinner 2, you’ll find that you get around the same amount of vaping time in practice due to the device’s enhanced battery management. The upgraded integrated circuit of the Vision Spinner 3 also allows it to reach higher voltages more reliably and maintain the desired power level without sagging under load.

The Spinner 3 also features an important nod to those who use thicker products like herbal concentrates or CBD vape juice. It’s a preheating function that gently warms the connected atomizer coil for a few seconds before you begin vaping. Suppose, for example, that you’re using a wax-based concentrate. You want the wax to liquify and soak into the coil’s wick before you begin inhaling; otherwise, you’ll get a dry hit. The preheating function accomplishes that by softening the concentrate for you.

Compared to the Vision Spinner 2, the only drawback of the Vision Spinner 3 is that it lacks the eGo threading of the previous-generation device and works with 510-threaded attachments only. The benefit, however, is that the lack of eGo threading makes the battery smaller – and most of today’s vape cartridges don’t use eGo threading anyway. Like the Vision Spinner 2, the Spinner 3 has a power range of 3.3-4.8 volts. It supports USB-C charging, which means that you can charge the battery from a completely dead state in about an hour and a half rather than the 5-6 hours of the original device.

Vision Spinner Atomizer

Another interesting feature of the Vision Spinner 3 is that it actually has its own atomizer available. It’s designed to produce a great experience with the Spinner 3 battery, and it is extremely affordable.

Vision Spinner 3 vs. 2: Final Thoughts

The most important thing to remember when comparing the Vision Spinner 3 vs. 2 is that you’re talking about a very reasonable investment either way. No matter what, you’re spending less than $20 for one of these vape pen batteries. If $20 is the absolute limit of what you’re willing to spend, you might consider getting the Vision Spinner 2 because that allows you to get two batteries for the price. Otherwise, though, you’ll probably be happiest if you buy the Vision Spinner 3. You’ll get more reliable power output with the newer battery, and you’ll also love the fact that it supports USB-C charging and doesn’t require a proprietary battery charger. The Vision Spinner 3 is also the obvious choice if you need a device that can handle thick or waxy concentrates.

DaVinci IQ Vaporizer Review

The DaVinci IQ provides a spectacular vaping experience in a sleek package that fits in any pocket. Get the full list of DaVinci IQ pros and cons now.

The word “vape” means different things to different people. E-liquid vaporizers are the primary focus of this website. For many, though, vaping is the act of heating dry herbs to inhale their beneficial compounds via vaporization rather than combustion. It’s been a while since I last discussed a dry herb vaporizer on, and DaVinci graciously offered to change that by sending the DaVinci IQ vaporizer to me for review.

Legal THC Shipped Nationwide

Crescent Canna is America's leading source for federally legal, potent THC products shipped straight to your door nationwide. Crescent's unique line of THC edibles includes gummies, cereal bars, seltzer and more. Shop the selection now. Use the coupon code "25MOON" when checking out for a 25% discount on all products excluding powders, bundles and seltzers.

DaVinci IQ Review

If you think that the e-cigarette industry has changed over the past several years, you should see what the dry herb vaporizer industry has done. E-cigarettes and dry herb vaporizers have grown with each other in a number of ways, borrowing technologies and design cues from one another as the years have done by.

The DaVinci IQ is one of the most e-cigarette-like dry herb vaporizers on the market, and I mean that in the best possible way. It’s incredibly powerful in spite of its small and stylish design, and it’s one of the only dry herb vaporizers on the market that features a removable 18650 battery — something that you probably have several of if you use e-liquid vaporizers. Let’s get down to it!

View the DaVinci IQ at the DaVinci website. The device ships as a full kit and costs $274.99.

In Ireland, the UK or Europe? Buy your DaVinci IQ from Evertree for €249.99.

What’s Included and First Impressions

The DaVinci IQ may not be a cheap vaporizer, but you can definitely feel the added value when you open the box. In addition to the IQ vaporizer itself along with a removable 18650 battery, the kit includes an extra mouthpiece, a very nice USB charging cable, an extra packing/picking tool, some alcohol cleaning wipes, a stiff cleaning brush and a cool metal can that allows you to carry one or two oven loads of ground herbs — totally smell free — on your keychain. The can even comes in a color matching the IQ itself. All of the fun pack-ins add class and style to the DaVinci IQ kit. None of that would matter, of course, if the IQ didn’t feel like a $275 device. The good news is that it does.

DaVinci IQ Temperature Control

The DaVinci IQ feels really, really nice in the hand. The anodized aluminum exterior of the device has a nice sandblasted finish that adds a bit of texture and grip without making the IQ a magnet for dust or fingerprints. The IQ has just enough heft to make it feel like a durable, high-quality device that can withstand years of daily use. The hinges are tight but move smoothly. I really have nothing negative whatsoever to say about the build quality of the DaVinci IQ. It’s priced like a luxury vaporizer, and it feels like one. It’s small enough to travel anywhere and durable enough to weather the miles with grace.

The DaVinci IQ includes a 10-year warranty.

DaVinci IQ Specifications

  • Oven size: About 0.3-0.5 grams, slight adjustments possible
  • Oven type: Ceramic conduction
  • Air path: Ceramic zirconia with silicone gaskets
  • Battery: Removable 18650 cell (Sanyo, charges in about 3 hours and lasts about 70 minutes)
  • Heating time: Up to 60 seconds depending on temperature
  • Material compatibility: Dry herb only
  • Temperature range: 250-430 F
  • Controls: Built-in buttons or Bluetooth mobile app

Loading the Oven

DaVinci IQ Loading

Loading the oven of the DaVinci IQ is incredibly easy. I like to begin by retrieving the tamping tool stored under the mouthpiece at the top of the unit. When you open the bottom lid, you’ll see a metal slide leading down to the oven. Place your ground herbs on the slide and tap the IQ a few times. The herbs slide into the oven, and you can tamp them down using the tool. Repeat a second time, and the oven should be full. As with any conduction vaporizer, your goal when loading the DaVinci IQ is to pack the oven as tightly as possible without restricting airflow.

The DaVinci IQ Pearl

The round thing that you see when opening the oven is the DaVinci IQ Pearl. The Pearl is a zirconia sphere mounted to a silicone thread. It’s actually a pretty cool accessory because it conducts heat to help you use your material evenly. It also packs your material down and keeps it in place. The Pearl makes it possible to adjust the quantity of material in your oven to a certain extent; unscrewing the Pearl slightly reduces the oven capacity a little. It isn’t quite the same, though, as a spacer designed for half loads.

The DaVinci IQ Flavor Chamber

The first time you clean your DaVinci IQ, you’ll notice that there’s a hollow, bullet-shaped ceramic pod on the inside. That interesting little accessory is the Flavor Chamber. You won’t find another accessory quite like it in the world of battery-powered vaporizers, and it allows you to spice up your vaping experience in some interesting ways. When you use the device, the vapor passes through the Flavor Chamber before reaching the mouthpiece. If you want to add a bit of extra flavor to your vaping experience, try loading the Flavor Chamber with ground lavender or catnip. You can also use the Flavor Chamber as an extra storage space for your herbs. The resin from the herbs you’re currently vaping will collect on the herbs in the Flavor Chamber, making those herbs even more potent. Hmm, the possibilities!

Using the DaVinci IQ

To turn on the DaVinci IQ, you’ll press the power button five times. The IQ responds with a gentle vibration, and the display lights up. I absolutely love the LED grid; it looks extremely classy compared to the utilitarian LCD screens of most dry herb vaporizers.

Smart Paths

The DaVinci IQ gives you two ways of controlling your vaping temperature. The default method is the Smart Path mode. You have four Smart Paths available, and you can toggle between them by pressing the temperature adjustment buttons on the side of the vaporizer. The LED grid displays between one and four squares to indicate the relative temperature. In the Smart Path mode, the DaVinci IQ increases the oven temperature gradually during the session for maximum utilization of your material. Alternatively, you can press the power button once to adjust your vaping temperature manually.

DaVinci IQ Bluetooth Control

Flavor Quality

DaVinci vaporizers have always been known for offering the best flavor quality in the dry herb vaping industry. DaVinci’s previous flagship vaporizer — the Ascent — used an all-glass vapor path. The glass pipe was great for flavor, but it was very fragile. I broke three stems for the Ascent in less than a year, and I’m pretty careful. The ceramic zirconia vapor path of the DaVinci IQ is better, I think. The flavor quality is just as good — maybe better, since the IQ heats your material much more efficiently — but the fact that you can’t remove the entire vapor path does mean that it’s a little harder to clean.

Low Battery Warning

If you’ve ever had a battery-powered vaporizer shut off right after reaching its target temperature, you’ll appreciate the fact that the DaVinci IQ displays a low battery warning when you turn it on if it’s time to charge the battery. If you see the warning, you should swap the battery or postpone your vaping session until you’ve had a chance to recharge the device.

Cleaning the DaVinci IQ

The DaVinci IQ has several small parts and accessories, so it’s a bit more complicated to clean than some other vaporizers. The kit includes a nice brush and some alcohol wipes to help you out, but it’s a good idea to also have some cotton swabs and a bit of alcohol available.

Start by disassembling the IQ. Open the bottom lid and unscrew the Pearl. Drop the Pearl in a jar of alcohol. You can use rubbing alcohol for the maximum possible cleaning effect, or you can soak the components for a few hours in a drinkable alcohol such as Everclear if you’d like to reclaim the resins and make a tincture.

Next, open the vaporizer’s top lid and remove the tool from its slot. Use the tamping end of the tool as a hook to remove the lid from the Flavor Chamber under the mouthpiece. Now you can use the tool to remove the Flavor Chamber itself. Drop both in the jar of alcohol. Lastly, remove the mouthpiece and silicone gasket from the top lid. Place them the alcohol.

Dip your cleaning brush in the alcohol and use the brush to scrub the vaporizer’s oven and chimney. You may also find it helpful to use cotton swabs or to wrap one of the alcohol cleaning wipes around your finger. DaVinci recommends cleaning the outside of the IQ with an alcohol wipe.

When everything is clean, you can remove the small parts from the alcohol bath. Rinse and dry them. Reassemble the vaporizer and turn the oven on for a few minutes to evaporate any residual alcohol in the oven and chimney.

Is My DaVinci IQ Overheating?

One of the things you’ll notice when using the DaVinci IQ is that it can really become quite hot when you use it. The IQ is also an incredibly small vaporizer, and the battery is right next to the oven. Some people have expressed concerns about the battery and its potential to overheat, and I found an interesting forum thread in which DaVinci chimed in. Evidently, DaVinci packed multiple layers of insulation between the oven and battery while allowing air to escape the battery compartment through the top and bottom. DaVinci also stress-tested the battery by disabling the safety timer and running the vaporizer at the maximum heat setting until the battery died. No problems occurred during the stress test.

DaVinci IQ Review: The Bottom Line

With a sleek design and a virtually identical price tag, it’s obvious that the DaVinci IQ is meant to compete with other small, fashionable vaporizers such as the PAX 3. Between the two, I think that the DaVinci IQ is better. Although beauty is subjective, I think that the IQ looks nicer. I also like the fact that DaVinci came up with a display that’s just as stylish as the LED petals of the PAX 3 while providing far more information. It’s a major benefit that the IQ gives you full control over the device without requiring an external mobile app, although a mobile app is available. The oven is also more efficient — thanks in large part to that clever zirconia Pearl — and provides thicker vapor while using your material more completely.

The DaVinci IQ provides great vaping sessions in a beautiful package that fits in any pocket. It’s absolutely worth the price.

View the DaVinci IQ at the DaVinci website. The device ships as a full kit and costs $274.99.

In Ireland, the UK or Europe? Buy your DaVinci IQ from Evertree for €249.99.

DaVinci IQ Review: The Pros

  • Probably the best looking vaporizer on the market
  • Super efficient oven surrounds your material with heat for complete utilization
  • Top-quality flavor and vapor production
  • Flavor Chamber opens up interesting possibilities for resin reclamation

DaVinci IQ Review: The Cons

  • Gets hot during use
  • More difficult to clean than some other vaporizers


The XEO VOID costs under $60 and has the fit, finish and performance of a much more expensive e-cigarette. It’s even child-resistant. Read more now!

The ability to play with gadgets is probably the aspect of writing e-cigarette reviews that’s most fun. I love seeing all of the cutting-edge technology and finding out what the manufacturers have come up with to make vaping a little better every month. Every once in a while, though, I come across an e-cigarette with some truly exceptional innovations. My XEO VOID review will describe one of those e-cigarettes. Some of the features of the XEO VOID are really remarkable, and I’d love to see other e-cigarette manufacturers implement them.

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Crescent Canna is America's leading source for federally legal, potent THC products shipped straight to your door nationwide. Crescent's unique line of THC edibles includes gummies, cereal bars, seltzer and more. Shop the selection now. Use the coupon code "25MOON" when checking out for a 25% discount on all products excluding powders, bundles and seltzers.

View the XEO VOID now. The VOID kit costs $59.99. Use the coupon code VAPEGRL when checking out for a 10 percent discount.

What Is the XEO VOID E-Cigarette?


The XEO VOID is a compact and highly innovative example of German engineering. Roughly the size of a thick pen, it’s equipped with a number of features including child proofing, leak proofing and massive vapor production. Although it’s technologically advanced, it remains user friendly and is intuitive enough for complete beginners. It’s equipped for both direct-to-lung inhalation with a sub-ohm atomizer or mouth-to-lung inhalation with an above-ohm atomizer. If none of that makes sense to you, don’t worry. I’ll clarify in a moment.

Why Will Beginners Love the XEO VOID?

Sealed Easy-Fill Tank

Most beginner-friendly cigalikes use replaceable e-liquid cartridges. however, the XEO VOID uses an internal e-liquid tank you can fill yourself. The tank is essentially a leak-proof cup. More on this later.

Easy-to-Replace Atomizer Coil

The XEO VOID’s atomizer coils do need to be replaced on occasion. The coil works by contacting a metal plate at the bottom of the tank to form an electrical connection. Replacing the coil couldn’t be simpler; just twist off the old one and twist on the new one.

Sleek Industrial Design

The XEO VOID is a stunning example of user-friendly engineering. It excels ergonomically, aesthetically and functionally. Features like the drip-proof mouthpiece and the heat vent at the base of it make it a joy to own and use.

Who Is the XEO VOID E-Cigarette for?

  • First-timers. The XEO VOID is easier to fill and use than most other e-cigarettes on the market. Its high level of performance belies its outstanding ease of use.
  • Parents. The XEO VOID comes equipped with an activation button that turns the device off. Additionally, the cap and mouthpiece are child resistant.
  • E-smokers who love a simple upgrade path. To get the XEO VOID to produce more vapor, simply install the included .6 ohm resistance atomizer coil. Switch back to the 1.0 ohm coil when you want a smoother, cooler, more cigarette-like experience.
  • Lovers of beauty. The brushed metal of the XEO VOID is gorgeous. I received mine in the Burst Silver color, and couldn’t be happier with its appearance and the way the unit feels in the hand.



Setting up the XEO VOID is simple. Before your first use, simply connect it to a USB port via the included cable.

Once it’s fully charged, depress the ridged collar beneath the mouthpiece and twist left to release the mouthpiece and atomizer assembly.

Pour in your e-liquid to the fill line. Replace the mouthpiece and twist the assembly back in.

Wait five minutes so that the wick can become saturated with e-liquid. Do this each time you change the coils.

To activate the unit, depress the activation button five times in rapid succession. Hold the button, and inhale the vapor. As I mentioned above, the XEO VOID works equally well whether you inhale from the mouth to the lungs or directly to the lungs.

General Use

You can expect to go through about one atomizer coil per week with the XEO VOID. Spare coils are available from V2 in packs of five for $19.99. The life of the coil may decrease if you use sweet e-liquids or don’t wait long enough between puffs for the wick to become wet again.



The Built-In Tank

As noted before, the interior tank of the XEO VOID is cup-like and won’t leak from the bottom. Unlike most e-cig tanks, which have several options for opening — and therefore several avenues for potential leakage — the XEO VOID has only one opening and only one avenue for potential leaking. That avenue is the mouthpiece, but XEO has done something to make leaking almost impossible.


Most e-cigarette tanks feature a long tube connecting the atomizer and mouthpiece. This seals the atomizer so it can retain dampness for vapor production without drowning in e-liquid. However, the tube is subject to retaining condensed vapor which can leak out if you turn the e-cigarette upside down.

To solve this problem, the XEO VOID uses a plastic vortex inside the mouthpiece. Any condensed liquid inside is trapped by the barrier of the plastic and automatically falls back into the atomizer, thanks to the vortex’s shape. This reduces e-liquid waste. It also helps to make the possibility of e-liquid exposure to children almost nil.

Works With All E-Liquid

The greatest benefit of buying the XEO VOID rather than a cigalike is the fact that you can use any e-liquid you want. The VOID is optimized for the maximum level of flexibility. If you want to use a thinner PG-based e-liquid, you’ll have a great experience with the 1.0 ohm coil. If you prefer a thicker VG-based e-liquid, switch to the 0.6 ohm coil.

What Does “Sub-Ohm” Mean?

Ohms tell us how much an atomizer will hamper the electrical current running through your e-cig. Provided the battery voltage is the same, the lower resistance the atomizer has, the more wattage it will produce when you vape. An atomizer whose ohms are under 1 is considered sub-ohm and can operate at a higher wattage.

Because the XEO VOID supports sub-ohm atomizers, it can produce more vapor than any other e-cig of its size. If you’re a beginner, start with 1 ohm, and work your way down. Also, inhale from mouth to lungs unless you’re using the sub-ohm atomizer.

Inside the Box

Your new XEO VOID will include the vaporizer itself, two coils, a user’s manual and USB cable. Use the 1.0 ohm coil first.

Machining Quality

As mentioned before, this is the most well-designed vape at its price point. It’s child-proof, leak-proof and cosmetically perfect. The charging cable is wobble-free, and the activation button has the perfect tension.

Vapor Production

You can inhale vapor directly into your lungs or hold it in your mouth before inhaling. Most beginners start with mouth-to-lung.

With most vaping units, there is an unrestricted airflow that facilitates the need for direct inhalation to get the most vapor. If more vapor per puff is desired, an e-cig or tank upgrade is in order, possibly both.

However, with the XEO VOID e-cigarette, you can simply replace the 1.0 ohm atomizer coil with the 0.6 ohm atomizer coil for more vapor clouds immediately. No other upgrades required. This makes the XEO VOID one of the rare vapes that works equally well for mouth-to-lung as direct-to-lung.

Battery Life

The battery has a nice long life, and you can use the unit while the battery charges. Note, however that it is best to wait to have a full charge before using. Otherwise, the unit will waver between charging and discharging which diminishes its longevity.

XEO VOID Vaporizer Review: The Bottom Line

The XEO VOID is among my favorite e-cigarettes to date. For the price, its performance is incredible. It’s probably the most child-resistant e-cigarette on the market — a trend that I’d really like to see other e-cigarette manufacturers adopt. The VOID is also one of the best looking e-cigarettes — with just about the best fit and finish — that I’ve ever seen in any price range. This e-cigarette gets my highest recommendation.

View the XEO VOID now. The VOID kit costs $59.99. Use the coupon code VAPEGRL when checking out for a 10 percent discount.

XEO VOID Review: The Pros

  • Great price for its capabilities
  • Perfect fit and finish
  • Easy to use
  • Child-resistant design

XEO VOID Review: The Cons

  • Nothing; the VOID executes its design perfectly

VaporFi Pro 3 Review

The VaporFi Pro 3 is an ideal e-cigarette for beginners. It is affordable, easy to use and offers spectacular performance. Read my review.

The VaporFi Pro 3 is perhaps the most significant representation of the ultimate evolution that began with the original eGo e-cigarette a few years ago. The eGo was the first e-cigarette to successfully breach the design barrier and achieve mainstream popularity without relying on a cigalike design that mimicked a traditional cigarette. The eGo e-cigarette represented an easy upgrade path for smokers who had grown bored with the smallest e-cigarettes’ limitations.

Legal THC Shipped Nationwide

Crescent Canna is America's leading source for federally legal, potent THC products shipped straight to your door nationwide. Crescent's unique line of THC edibles includes gummies, cereal bars, seltzer and more. Shop the selection now. Use the coupon code "25MOON" when checking out for a 25% discount on all products excluding powders, bundles and seltzers.

The VaporFi Pro 3’s design is larger than a tobacco cigarette yet it’s smaller than most mechanical and box mods. Its size is similar to that of a smaller cigar. The battery offers a long-lasting capacity of 1000 mAh, and the tank accepts 2.5 ml of e-liquid. The atomizer is replaceable and contains a heating coil that is held in the tank to vaporize the e-liquid. The atomizers last for approximately one week, depending on the usage, and the cost is $17.99 for a five-pack.

The VaporFi Pro 3 kit is available in eight different colors. You can also buy the battery and tank in different colors if you like. A spare battery can be purchased separately for $29.99. The battery works while it charges, though, so you can skip the spare if you prefer.

Shop now for the VaporFi Pro 3. The kit costs $49.99. However, my link includes an embedded coupon code good for a 12 percent discount on all VaporFi hardware.


The VaporFi Pro 3 Is an Entry-Level E-Cigarette

The VaporFi Pro 3 is for early beginners. It isn’t as simple to use as e-cigarettes with pre-filled cartridges, but it certainly isn’t difficult. Long-term smokers may find that the VaporFi Pro 3 is also more satisfying than a smaller e-cigarette.

This is definitely an e-cigarette for mouth-to-lung vapers. If you currently smoke, it’s likely that you draw the smoke into your mouth before inhaling to the lungs — so you’ll use the Pro 3 in the same way.

The VaporFi Pro 3 is also a perfect fit for flavor chasers. Its tall atomizer coil has lots of openings that expose the cotton wick, and the Pro 3’s coil quickly rises to the optimal vaping temperature. The VaporFi Pro 3’s flavor reproduction characteristics are very accurate, and it works well with any VG/PG ratio e-liquid.

VaporFi Pro 3 Review: Whats Inside the Box?


When I first opened my smart looking box, I found that the VaporFi Pro 3 kit had been customized according to my specifications. The VaporFi Pro 3 kit includes one battery, one tank with a pre-installed atomizer, one additional spare atomizer, some extra o-rings and the USB charging cable.

As I mentioned above, the VaporFi Pro 3 comes is in eight different colors. The basic system is silver, but it can be purchased in black, green, red, pink, purple, cyan and blue.

Setting Up the VaporFi Pro 3

Setting up the VaporFi Pro 3 for the first time was a breeze. My review kit arrived with an already fully charged battery, but it’s always a good idea to top up a new battery before using it for the first time.

Unscrew the bottom cap to get started. Pull out the atomizer and use a small amount of e-liquid to moisten the cotton sides. Push the atomizer back in, and replace the tank’s bottom cap. Next, unscrew the top cap. Througgh the top of the atomizer, you’ll see the atomizer coil. Add e-liquid to the tank while avoiding the atomizer coil’s center hole. When the tank is nearly full replace the top cap.

Wait approximately five minutes before you use the e-cigarette. Priming is complete when the cotton wick is wet with e-liquid. It will continue to draw the e-liquid from out of the tank until it is completely saturated. I noticed that the tank looked significantly less full at this point and I then topped it off.

When the tank is full and the battery is charged, the VaporFi Pro 3 is ready for vaping. Press five times quickly on the fire button to turn the battery on. Next, simply hold the button and use the Pro 3 like a real cigarette.

VaporFi Pro 3 Review


The VaporFi Pro 3 is an exceptionally good e-cigarette for beginners. It comes with a quick start guide with easy instructions for getting it quickly running the first time. It is even easy to get going for those who have never used an e-cigarette before. The tank fills from the top and this makes adding e-liquid much less messy than with bottom-filling tanks. Surprisingly, bottom tanks are still the most common on the market. A paper towel should be kept handy for changing the coil, but this is true for all e-cigarette tanks.

Ideal for Beginners

When an e-cigarette with pre-filled cartridges is used, the potential for making a mess is eliminated because the cartridges are sealed and each contains a new atomizer. E-cigarettes with pre-filled cartridges are also the easiest ones to use.

If you buy the VaporFi Pro 3, you’ll have an experience that’s marginally more complicated than the one you’d have with a cigalike. On the other hand, you’ll also have an e-cigarette that works with any e-liquid you’d like — take a look at my list of the best e-liquid companies for a few possibilities — and lasts far, far longer with a full tank and fully charged battery.

VaporFi’s exceptional design of the Pro 3 maximizes compatibility between all of the different e-liquids and allows users to explore using many different e-liquids. The VaporFi Pro 3 coils have many wick holes and this design works with even the thickest e-liquids and avoids dry hits.

VaporFi’s ability to use different e-liquids is an important feature. It allows those who are new to e-cigarettes to explore and discover which e-liquids they prefer. Most beginner-level e-cigarettes operate best with thinner e-liquid formulations, but the VaporFi Pro 3 works with absolutely everything.

Another reason why I like the VaporFi Pro 3 as an e-cigarette for beginners is because its slightly restrictive airflow proves to be absolutely perfect for mouth-to-lung inhaling. It works exactly the same as smoking a real cigarette. There are many current e-cigarettes that work best for direct-to-lung inhaling, but they would best be used in the next step of vaping when the user has grown accustomed to vaping in place of smoking.

Using the VaporFi Pro 3

One thing that I love about the VaporFi Pro 3 is that it eliminates a need for the short “primer puffs.” Primer puffs are unnecessary with the Pro 3 because the coil heats up extremely quickly after the button is pressed. The maximum amount of vapor is achieved right away, even if the coil has completely cooled.


The VaporFi Pro 3 virtually eliminates another occasional vaping problem called the dry hit that often occurs when several consecutive puffs are taken without waiting for the wick to re-saturate. The VaporFi Pro 3 has so many wick holes that the coil stays wet as long as e-liquid remains in the tank. It even stays wet if I chain vape or use something other than VaporFi e-liquids.

So, the VaporFi Pro 3 provides a smooth flavor and it doesn’t require primer puffs or other tricks to maximize vapor production. The VaporFi Pro 3 provides the perfect level of airflow to mimic the traditional smoking experience and it works with all other e-liquids. It provides the smoothest transition possible from smoking to vaping. The VaporFi Pro 3’s design and performance is the perfect recipe for success.

VaporFi Pro 3 Battery Life

The VaporFi Pro 3 1,000 mAh battery delivers several hours of vaping time between charges, depending on your vaping pace. When the device is used with a pace that is similar to smoking cigarettes, which is around 10-15 puffs per hour or two, the battery can last all day.

However, when people switch to vaping, they may increase their pace because the e-cigarette is more conveniently available and ready to use, plus it tastes so much better than tobacco cigarettes. When the VaporFi Pro 3 is used more often than a cigarette would be used, the battery can not last all day with one single charge. The battery does work while it is charging, and I have used it while it charged from my computer which was quite convenient.

VaporFi Pro 3 Review: The Bottom Line

When many people first try e-cigarettes, they choose e-cigarettes that look similar to tobacco cigarettes. There is, in fact, a lot of common sense in that choice. When I first decided to switch from cigarettes to vaping, I wanted something that looked as real as possible.

In truth, though, learning to fill a tank and swap out atomizer coils periodically isn’t actually hard. The VaporFi Pro 3’s tank design is well thought out and easy to use. You can gain a great deal by skipping over the cig-a-likes and moving straight into an e-cigarette tank system. You gain the ability to use every e-liquid on the market. You also gain a great deal more vapor production and battery life. Vapor production, of course, equates to satisfaction in my book, and it’s hard to put a price on satisfaction when you switch from smoking to vaping.

I believe it’s worth taking the few minutes needed to learn to fill a tank and to replace atomizers. If you feel the same, you should choose the VaporFi Pro 3 as your first e-cigarette.

Shop now for the VaporFi Pro 3. The kit costs $49.99. However, my link includes an embedded coupon code good for a 12 percent discount on all VaporFi hardware.

VaporFi Pro 3 Review: The Pros

  • Perfect airflow for mouth-to-lung vaping
  • Simple tank system that works fine even with very thick e-liquids
  • Atomizer coil heats instantly and delivers very smooth, pure flavor

VaporFi Pro 3 Review: The Cons

  • Nothing; if you’re willing to spend a few minutes learning how to use a tank system, the VaporFi Pro 3 is the perfect e-cigarette for beginners

SMOK H-Priv Review

The SMOK H-Priv heats coils instantly, looks great and costs next to nothing for the functionality. I love it. Read my review and grab the coupon code.

SMOK has made impressive strides since its 2010 debut as a producer of basic eGo e-cigs. These days, SMOK is constantly launching new modifications with visually arresting designs, and with tanks that are popular for their ability to produce more vapor than most e-cigs with built-in coil heads. The brand’s new 220-watt, double-battery SMOK H-Priv mod is now available at a remarkably low price. It also includes a cutting-edge functionality that makes your hits smoother and faster by doing away with the necessity to heat up the coil beforehand.

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Shop online for the SMOK H-Priv now. Use the coupon code ecig15off to save 15 percent sitewide on items not already on sale. If your price goes up after applying the coupon, the H-Priv is already on sale for more than 15 percent off.


What Sets the SMOK H-Priv Apart?

The SMOK H-Priv’s 220-watt box design uses two 18650 batteries. It is available on its own or with a SMOK TFV4 tank for a few extra bucks. The primary new attribute of the SMOK H-Priv is a pivoting, triangle-shaped fire bar which substitutes for the conventional fire key on many box mods. This fire bar lets you use the device by just grasping it, which eliminates the need to feel around for the fire button when vaping.

Another special element of the SMOK H-Priv is its variety of “strength” modes, which impact how fast the device reaches your chosen wattage. There five available settings are Min, Soft, Norm, Hard, or Max, which powers up the coil to your desired wattage almost immediately for full vapor output on your initial hit, even before the coil gets hot. I observed a major surge in vapor output in comparison to most e-cigs when selecting this setting.

Safety and Operational Features


Resistance, Temperature and Wattage

The SMOK H-Priv has both a temperature regulation setting (with a .06-ohm minimum coil resistance) and a conventional wattage setting (with a .1-ohm coil resistance). The wattage may be set anywhere from 6 to 220 watts, and the temperature can be set from 200 to 600°F. The device offers plenty of ventilation at its base and comes with gold-plated connectors.

Resistance Configuration

The H-Priv gauges the starting resistance of an atomizer when it’s first hooked up. If it senses that you’re using another accessory, it will ask you if your coil attachment is new and recompute the resistance level. The SMOK H-Priv gauges resistance well into the sub-ohms, so it’s very precise. It’s also possible to configure the resistance with the menu function if you’ve got a more exact resistance meter.

Hit Counter and Controller

The SMOK H-Priv not only keeps a count of your hits while you use it, but it even lets you set a firm limit on how many inhalations you want to afford yourself each day to avoid chain vaping. When you’ve reached the limit, the unit exhibits the warning “Max Puffs.” While you can easily reset the counter, just being aware of a limit you’ve placed for yourself enables you to be more conscious of how you vape. The H-Priv restricts single hits to 12 seconds and even keeps track of the hit count if the batteries are removed.

Safety Functions

The SMOK H-Priv comes with all the typical safety functions like short circuit, low voltage, and heat protection. Should you attempt to use the unit in dangerous circumstances, it will instantly display an error warning; if you attempt to use it again, it will advise you not to misuse the unit’s safety functions.

SMOK H-Priv Review


Style and Appearance

After unboxing it, I immediately discovered that my SMOK H-Priv sample had one or two quality management concerns. The top portion of the unit had what looked like some kind of oil on it, and the device had a minor indention on its side. Not really a major problem, but something that probably should have been spotted during quality inspection. Normally you can send a device with these flaws back, but I decided not to since my H-Priv was a sample for reviewing purposes. In general, the SMOK H-Priv is visually very attractive and one of the most appealing e-cigs I’ve encountered thus far.

Fire Bar

I really enjoy the H-Priv’s triangle-shaped fire bar. It clinks slightly when released, making it a little noisier than a typical e-cig fire button, but the feel in the hand is truly wonderful. You’ll never realize how awkward a small fire switch is until you no longer need to push one. It’s a lot of fun to be able to use this unit just by squeezing it.

Vapor Output

The vapor output of the SMOK H-Priv is true perfection. Being able to fine-tune how fast the unit gets to your selected voltage does indeed result in increased vapor output. Holding the device up to a different unit with an identical power setting, I noticed that the H-Priv created significantly more vapor since the coil warmed up so much faster.

Battery Power

The SMOK H-Priv doesn’t come with any batteries, so you have to supply your own set of paired 18650 batteries. I used a couple of lithium-ion batteries and discovered that they held a charge beautifully. With somewhat moderate wattage levels and continuous use, I only had to recharge the batteries once a day. I configured mine at about 50 watts, so if you set your H-Priv near its 220-watt capacity, your batteries will need to be recharged sooner.

Disadvantages of the SMOK H-Priv


Apart from the minor quality management concerns, I did observe a couple of other downsides while composing this H-Priv review.

Battery Cover

It’s rather hard to reseat the H-Priv’s battery cover when replacing its batteries. I got used to it pretty fast, but I did find changing the batteries somewhat challenging at first. You basically have to apply very firm pressure to the battery cover as you slide it back into place. Side-mounted battery panels are a bit simpler to handle, but they have a tendency to tear up battery wraps. Thus I favor the H-Priv’s drop-in mechanism, although the battery cover has a learning curve.

USB Support and Firmware Updates

The SMOK H-Priv cannot be charged via USB. You have to take the batteries out and recharge them in a separate charging station. The device’s USB port is just for firmware updates. My H-Priv evaluation sample came with the most recent firmware already installed, so I couldn’t check its update efficiency.

To update the firmware, you must first take out the batteries and press down on the fire bar as you hook the H-Priv up to your PC. You’ll need to keep the fire bar pressed down until the update is finished. The firmware update process seems a little bothersome to me. Having said that, you’ll probably only update the firmware one time for as long as you have the unit — if at all — so the challenge is pretty easy to bear.

SMOK H-Priv: The Bottom Line

Vaping with the SMOK H-Priv mod is an outstanding experience on the whole. With its convenient fire bar and potential to heat a coil almost instantaneously, the H-Priv is a supremely satisfying vaping tool. In all honesty, I hated to even set it aside and proceed to reviewing other units. If my H-Priv evaluation sample were to ever go out on me, I would absolutely buy a replacement. If you’re looking for an effective and appealing box unit, the SMOK H-Priv is well worth adding to your shortlist of contenders.

Shop online for the SMOK H-Priv now. Use the coupon code ecig15off to save 15 percent sitewide on items not already on sale. If your price goes up after applying the coupon, the H-Priv is already on sale for more than 15 percent off.

SMOK H-Priv Review: The Pros

  • Adjustable pre-heating means that the coil reaches your target wattage instantly
  • Large fire bar gives the device a great hand feel
  • Extremely low price for a device with its capabilities and slick looks

SMOK H-Priv Review: The Cons

  • My unit had a couple of small quality control issues
  • USB port only works for firmware upgrades — not for charging

Vapor4Life Disposable E-Cigarette Review

The Vapor4Life disposable e-cigarette is a great introduction to a range of vaping products that’s completely unlike anything else on the market.

As the recent NJOY bankruptcy filing proves, there just isn’t as much of a market for disposable e-cigarettes today as there once was. Still, a disposable e-cigarette is a great introduction to a company’s product range — and to e-smoking in general. It’s a great idea for a company to offer disposable e-cigarettes, as long as it isn’t the company’s only focus. The Vapor4Life disposable e-cigarette will introduce you to a range of vaping products that’s completely unlike anything else out there.

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View the Vapor4Life disposable e-cigarette. It costs $7.99, but quantity discounts are available. Use the coupon code VAPEGRL to save 25 percent on any Vapor4Life starter kit. Note that the coupon code does not apply to disposable e-cigarettes.

About Vapor4Life

In order to understand what the Vapor4Life disposable e-cigarette is all about, you need to begin with a history of Vapor4Life itself. This is a company with a founder who smoked for 40 years. Apparently, between his 4-6 pack per day smoking habit and related medical bills, he was spending upwards of $30,000 per year. He discovered e-cigarettes in 2008 and never smoked another cigarette. At that point, he set about designing an improved e-cigarette with the features that would keep him from craving tobacco forever. That product was the original Vapor4Life Vapor King e-cigarette — a product that still exists today.

Vapor4Life began doing business in 2009, making them one of the few e-cigarette companies still in business today that launched before I became an e-smoker myself in 2010. I still have yet to try the original Vapor King. Being one of the first companies to use cartomizers in its e-cigarettes, though, must have given Vapor4Life quite a head start.

Vapor4Life continues to sell somewhat unusual products today compared to other companies. Take the WOW Vapor V-Kit, for example. It’s based on the Vapor Zeus e-cigarette, which looks like a standard e-cigarette with twist-on cartridges. The difference is that it’s much larger — similar in size to a cigar. Since it uses 5.0 volt batteries, it puts out an impressive amount of vapor for a small thing. Even the cartridges are unique — they have silicone tips, so you can chomp on them as much as you like. Lastly, every cartridge or bottle of e-liquid for the V-Kit includes a free vial of zero-nicotine e-liquid in the same flavor. Using the non-nicotine e-liquid, you can either adjust the nicotine strength of your cartridges or work toward the goal of becoming nicotine-free.

Vapor4Life Disposable E-Cigarette Review

vapor4life-disposable-e-cigarette-reviewHave you tried some of the many sweet-flavored e-cigarettes on the market? Did you wish that they could have tasted more like real cigarettes? That’s what Vapor4Life has tried to do with its disposable e-cigarette — something that, until recently, the company didn’t even have in its lineup. Vapor4Life might be a little late to the disposable e-cigarette party, but they’re doing it big.

If no disposable e-cigarette quite satisfies you, the Vapor4Life disposable e-cigarette is exactly what you want. Are you tired of e-cigarette companies trying to tell you that a combination of some generic nutty flavor and sweetener tastes like tobacco? Well, the Vapor4Life disposable e-cigarette doesn’t try to taste like tobacco. It tries to taste like tobacco smoke. The experience includes all of the harshness, the nicotine blast and the lung hit that you’d expect from the real thing.

Recently, I’ve preferred mostly sweeter e-liquids. For me, reviewing the Vapor4Life disposable e-cigarette was a bit of an eye-opener. Although e-liquids with tobacco extracts are available, they still only replicate the flavor of tobacco. Tobacco smoke, though? Almost no one even tries anymore because smoke is a really difficult flavor to mimic without combustion. I’m not saying that the Vapor4Life disposable e-cigarette is an exact match for real tobacco smoke. I’m just saying that if any product has some closer, I haven’t found it.

Vapor4Life Disposable E-Cigarette Review: The Bottom Line

The Vapor4Life disposable e-cigarette isn’t a perfect product. It does have one weakness: the price. At $7.99 per unit, using one disposable e-cigarette daily could potentially cost some people more than smoking. You can save close to 40 percent on that price by buying in bulk, though.

In spite of the cost, it’s hard for me not to recommend the Vapor4Life disposable e-cigarette. This is especially true if you’ve disliked other e-cigarettes because they didn’t do a good job of replicating the real smoking experience. From the squishy feel in the hand to the blast of smoky nicotine hitting the lungs, that’s exactly what the Vapor4Life disposable e-cigarette does. You won’t find anything quite like it anywhere else.

View the Vapor4Life disposable e-cigarette. It costs $7.99, but quantity discounts are available. Use the coupon code VAPEGRL to save 25 percent on any Vapor4Life starter kit. Note that the coupon code does not apply to disposable e-cigarettes.

Vapor4Life Disposable E-Cigarette Review: The Pros

  • Replicates the real smoking experience like no other disposable e-cigarette to date
  • Long-lasting battery, good vapor production
  • Slightly harsh flavor tastes remarkably like real cigarette smoke

Vapor4Life Disposable E-Cigarette Review: The Cons

  • Price is a bit on the high side

V2 Cigs VERTX Review

The VERTX is the first micro e-cigarette with the performance of a high-end vaporizer, and it works fabulously.

In June, V2 Cigs conducted an informal survey of 600 e-cigarette users to ask for their thoughts on the FDA’s new vaping regulations. A surprising 44 percent of respondents had no knowledge of the regulations at all. So, if you’ve noticed a sudden flood of new e-cigarette products like the V2 Cigs VERTX over the past few weeks, it’s forgivable that you might not have been certain why so many new products were suddenly coming out. E-cigarette companies tried to inform consumers of the regulations that could wipe out — or at least negatively change — the vaping industry, but it seems that many consumers were still left in the dark.

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The sudden flood of new products has to do with the first cutoff date in the FDA’s e-cigarette regulations: August 8. After that date, no company in the United States can legally market a new e-cigarette or e-liquid without an approved pre-market application. Any product introduced before that date can remain on the market for two years pending approval.

So, the V2 Cigs VERTX represents an attempt to get a modern product to the market before the door closes on August 8. It’s also a closed-system e-cigarette designed to encounter the fewest possible hurdles on the road to eventual FDA approval. Most importantly, the VERTX e-cigarette should appeal equally to new and experienced e-cigarette users.

View the VERTX and VERTX Plus at the V2 Cigs website. Use the coupon code VAPEGRL when checking out for a 10 percent discount on your order.

V2 Cigs VERTX Review Plus

About the V2 Cigs VERTX

The VERTX system brings some of the technologies that V2 Cigs pioneered with the V2 Pro series — magnetic connections, drop-in cartridges and higher vapor production, to name a few examples — to a micro e-cigarette. V2 offers two versions of the VERTX. The basic VERTX costs $49.95, while an upgraded version with variable power levels costs $89.95.

The VERTX Plus also has a touch-sensitive panel that allows for quick power adjustments. Aside from the variable power of the VERTX Plus, the two e-cigarettes are the same. They have the same battery capacity and use the same cartridges and charging cable.

V2 sells pre-filled cartridges for the VERTX at $14.95 per three-pack. It might be more accurate, though, to call the cartridges “tanks.” Each one holds enough e-liquid for about 650 puffs, and the clear design makes it easy to see how much e-liquid remains. Considering that an average tobacco cigarette yields around 10-15 puffs, I think it’s reasonable to expect one VERTX cartridge to provide the equivalent of about two packs of cigarettes.

The VERTX doesn’t have a removable battery, but it does work while charging. Also, while the instruction manual does mention “blank cartridges,” empty cartridges for the VERTX aren’t available yet at the time of writing. V2 does plan to introduce them later in 2016, but I don’t know if that’s going to be possible because the August 8 cutoff date has passed. Maybe the cutoff date doesn’t apply to accessories such as cartridges and tanks.

A Path to FDA Compliance

Presently, exactly how FDA regulations will impact the e-cigarette industry over the next two years is uncertain. The FDA intends to require every e-cigarette and e-liquid company to submit an application for every product that wasn’t already sold before 2007. However, the e-cigarette industry didn’t exist in 2007 in any form that modern e-cigarette users would recognize. So, virtually every e-cigarette product currently on the market will need to gain FDA approval within two years or face extinction.

The FDA estimates that a single pre-market application will cost about $350,000 and require 5,000 staff hours — or more than a full year of work for 2.5 full-time employees — to complete. To make matters worse, each flavor of an e-liquid — and each nicotine strength for each flavor — counts as a separate product. So, gaining FDA approval for a diverse e-cigarette line with lots of potential for customization seems pretty much impossible.

It should be possible, though, for an e-cigarette company with a large budget to gain FDA approval for an e-cigarette with little to no room for customization. That’s what the V2 Cigs VERTX represents: an attempt to create an e-cigarette that remains within the FDA’s boundaries while providing enough performance to satisfy smokers who don’t want to return to tobacco.


V2 Cigs VERTX Plus Review
Under the hood: This picture details the circuity controlling the functionality of the V2 VERTX Plus.

As I mentioned above, the VERTX Plus has three power levels ranging from 3.5 to 4.5 volts. A touch-sensitive panel allows for quick adjustments. Otherwise, the two devices are the same. The touch panel on the VERTX Plus feels a bit like a gimmick to me, since I suspect that most users will simply set the device to the highest power level and leave it there. The touch panel is very responsive, though. V2 provided the VERTX Plus to me for this review, so I didn’t have the opportunity to test the standard VERTX. My guess is that it operates at 3.5 volts. So, the standard VERTX more than likely produces less vapor than the VERTX Plus, but the battery probably lasts longer.

The VERTX and VERTX Plus packages also differ in the fact that the VERTX includes one cartridge, while the VERTX Plus includes a pack of three cartridges.

V2 Cigs VERTX Review

The V2 Cigs VERTX battery arrives with a partial charge, so you’ll want to connect it to the USB charger to top up the battery before you begin using it. The charger attaches to the bottom of the VERTX magnetically, and it should work through any USB port. You can turn the VERTX on and off by pushing the fire button five times quickly. From there, simply drop in a cartridge and hold the button to vape.

As I mentioned above, one V2 VERTX cartridge should be more than sufficient for a full day of vaping — longer in many circumstances. The body of the VERTX has a window on the side that allows you to see the remaining e-liquid easily without removing the cartridge.

V2 VERTX Review

The vapor production of the VERTX Plus is excellent; in my estimation, it’s about on par with the V2 Pro Series 3. At the time of writing, V2 isn’t producing VERTX cartridges in all of its flavors. The six flavors that are available are Congress, V2 Red, Sahara, Menthol, Green Tea Menthol and Peppermint. The flavors are exactly the same as the ones that V2 sells by the bottle and in cartridge form for the original V2 Cigs e-cigarette.

The VERTX cartridges work very reliably. During my testing, I didn’t experience a “dry hit” at any voltage level. The cartridges are about as leak-free as one could reasonably expect given the amount of liquid that they hold. The air tube leading out of the cartridge does tend to collect a bit of condensation, though, so you can expect a drip here or there if the VERTX spends too much time upside down.

V2 Cigs VERTX Review: The Bottom Line

The V2 Cigs VERTX is a superb e-cigarette for beginners. It’s reliable, affordable and looks really sharp. The huge cartridges are priced fairly and hold enough e-liquid to guarantee more than a full day of vaping time for anyone who uses the device with the same pace that they would a real cigarette. If you like the flavors and performance of the VERTX, you can have exactly the same experience — only more of it — by upgrading to a device like the V2 Pro Series 7 later, because the V2 Pro series uses much of the same technology and all V2 e-liquid flavors are available by the bottle.

Most importantly, the V2 Cigs VERTX is a device that’s positioned to give you the best performance possible while staying within the new regulations that the FDA has set forth. You can be almost certain that e-cigarettes such as Blu and Vuse will still be around two years from now, since Big Tobacco companies own those products and have the money to run the battery of tests that the FDA requires. Blu and Vuse will never give you the kind of vapor production or battery life that you can get from VERTX, though.

Although VERTX may have the performance of a high-end vaporizer, it uses the type of closed-system design that should help it sail through the FDA approval process without a hitch. Over the next two years, many popular e-cigarettes will disappear unless a court forces the FDA to change the wording of its e-cigarette regulations. Only the largest e-cigarette companies will have the money to complete the pre-market approval process, and the only e-cigarettes likely to gain approval are those with as little room for customization as possible. So, if you’re a smoker who wants to switch to e-cigarettes right now, there is probably no better choice than the V2 Cigs VERTX. Two years from now, it’ll still be around — and it’ll still have the performance necessary to ensure your satisfaction.

View the VERTX and VERTX Plus at the V2 Cigs website. Use the coupon code VAPEGRL when checking out for a 10 percent discount on your order.

V2 Cigs VERTX Review: The Pros

  • First micro e-cigarette with the performance of a high-end vaporizer
  • Closed-system design should help to ensure eventual FDA approval
  • Huge cartridges last for up to two days of vaping
  • Low prices, both for the device itself and for refill cartridges

V2 Cigs VERTX Review: The Cons

  • None

VaporFi VOX 60 TC Review

The VaporFi VOX 60 TC is the most beautiful e-cigarette that I own, and it’s the one I’d most hate to lose.

It’s easy to look at the price of the VaporFi VOX 60 TC and balk. Costing $139.99 for the device alone or $189.99 for a package including a sub-ohm tank, the VOX 60 TC certainly isn’t cheap. You can find e-cigarettes elsewhere with similar claimed specifications for a fraction of the cost. On the other hand, I don’t think I’ve ever owned another e-cigarette that looks as lovely or feels as luxurious in the hand as the VOX 60 TC. So, what are you looking for in your next e-cigarette? Do you have a bit of money to spend on something that looks like a work of art? If so, the VOX 60 TC is a device that definitely merits your attention.

Legal THC Shipped Nationwide

Crescent Canna is America's leading source for federally legal, potent THC products shipped straight to your door nationwide. Crescent's unique line of THC edibles includes gummies, cereal bars, seltzer and more. Shop the selection now. Use the coupon code "25MOON" when checking out for a 25% discount on all products excluding powders, bundles and seltzers.

View the VaporFi VOX 60 TC starter kit or look at the device only. My links include an embedded coupon code good for a 12 percent discount on all VaporFi hardware.

About the VaporFi VOX 60 TC

VaporFi VOX 60 TC Review

The VaporFi VOX 60 TC has a lovely brushed zinc alloy case and a bright OLED screen. It’s available in black and silver colors. I received the silver version from VaporFi, and I highly recommend it. It’s glossy and smooth, and it feels great in the hand. The VOX 60 TC has a 2600 mAh dual LiPo battery and operates at a maximum power level of 60 watts. It supports titanium and nickel temperature control coils, operating at up to 600 degrees Fahrenheit.

If you already have a tank or other attachment that you love, you can buy the VOX 60 TC on its own for $139.99 (123.19 with my embedded coupon). This package includes just the VOX 60 TC, along with a USB cable. The full starter kit costs $189.99 (167.19 with coupon) and includes your choice of three tanks, each of which have several accessories of their own.

VaporFi VOX 60 TC Review

VaporFi VOX 60 TC: Build Quality

The VaporFi VOX 60 TC is the first e-cigarette that I’ve owned to date with a “unibody” design similar to that of many Apple products. Most of the time, a box mod either has the top and bottom affixed with screws, or it has a removable bottom to facilitate battery replacement. The entire body of the VOX 60 TC is machined from a single block of zinc alloy, and only the top is secured with screws. It makes the entire device feel a lot more solid and less rattly than any other box mod I’ve owned. It’s also well ventilated, with 25 small holes on the bottom.

For comparison’s sake, I own a pair of ELeaf iStick 50 mods, branded as the Halo Reactor. They’re great devices. They’re cheap, they work well and they have excellent battery life. After a year of ownership, though, they’re both missing a bit of paint, both fire buttons rattle and the tops and bottoms are a bit loose. The two devices are functionally very similar, though, apart from the fact that the Halo Reactor doesn’t have temperature control support. So, is better build quality worth the extra cost? Only you can judge.

Out of all the e-cigarettes I own, I consider the VOX 60 TC the most beautiful. As such, it is the device I would most hate to drop. VaporFi does have silicone covers available the VOX 60 TC for $9.99. I’d hate to cover my pretty VOX 60 TC up, though, so I personally do without the cover. Yeah, I live dangerously.

VaporFi VOX 60 Review

VaporFi VOX 60 TC: Battery Life and Vapor Production

Where LiPo batteries are concerned, the VOX 60 TC has really made me a believer. Out of all the devices I’ve owned to date with fixed internal batteries, the VOX 60 TC lasts the longest by far on a single charge. I also subjectively believe that the vapor production is a bit superior to my other box mods at the same wattage setting.

Charging the VOX 60 TC does take a while, though, as it requires a 0.5-amp wall charger — and the VOX 60 TC doesn’t support pass-through operation, so you’ll need to use a different device while it charges. Definitely, definitely do not attempt to speed charging up by charging the VOX 60 TC with your mobile phone charger.

VaporFi VOX 60 TC: Temperature Control Support

If you’ve never owned an e-cigarette with temperature control support, you’re really going to enjoy that aspect of the VOX 60 TC. Many companies are now making temperature control coils for their existing tanks, so you may be able to experiment with temperature control vaping using the tank that you already prefer.

Temperature adjustments with the VOX 60 TC are made while the device is turned off. You’ll set your maximum desired temperature, turn the device on and then set your desired wattage. The wattage that you select will determine the VOX 60 TC’s vapor production as well as how quickly the maximum temperature is reached. When the VOX 60 TC reaches the maximum temperature, it’ll pulse the power until you release the fire button. You’ll experience far fewer burned wicks with temperature control vaping, because the temperature protection will always engage if your coil is dry.

VaporFi VOX 60 TC: Tank and Atomizer Selection

If you purchase the starter kit, the VOX 60 TC comes bundled with your choice of three different attachments: the vShock tank, the vSix tank or the Volt Hybrid tank. I own the Volt Hybrid tank, and I’m very fond of it. It’s based on the Kanger Subtank Mini, a popular tank with replacement coils available at virtually every vape shop. The Volt Hybrid tank also has an RBA deck that allows you to experiment with building your own atomizer coils.

The vShock and vSix tanks use wider coils with larger wick holes, so they’ll produce more vapor per puff than the Volt Hybrid Tank. They’ll also get hotter during use, though, and they’ll consume e-liquid more quickly. The vShock tank has an adjustable collar at the top that cools the vapor somewhat by introducing cool air before the vapor reaches your mouth. Having an airflow collar does mean that condensed e-liquid will sometimes leak out, though, so each tank has pros and cons. Of the three, only the vShock and vSix include temperature control coils. The vSix is the only tank of the three that supports top filling.

VaporFi VOX 60 TC Review: The Bottom Line

Out of all the e-cigarettes I currently own, the VaporFi VOX 60 TC is my favorite and the one I’d most hate to lose. It looks great, feels stellar in the hand and has a battery that simply refuses to quit. I suppose that some people might regret the fact that it tops out at 60 watts, but the power level makes little difference to me since I prefer long, deep puffs and don’t like the burned wicks that I usually end up with if I go too far over 30 watts.

If functionality is the only aspect of an e-cigarette that matters to you, you an get something functionally equivalent to the VOX 60 TC for far less if you go with a generic device. It won’t look nearly as nice, though, and it also may not come with VaporFi’s money-back guarantee. The choice is yours. I, for one, am very happy to own the VaporFi VOX 60 TC.

View the VaporFi VOX 60 TC starter kit or look at the device only. My links include an embedded coupon code good for a 12 percent discount on all VaporFi hardware.

VaporFi VOX 60 TC Review: The Pros

  • Fit and finish may be the best I have ever seen
  • Stellar battery life, although charging takes some time
  • Superb vapor production; very quick to deliver power to the atomizer coil
  • Temperature control support

VaporFi VOX 60 TC Review: The Cons

  • Functionally equivalent devices available for less if appearance doesn’t matter to you
  • Tops out at 60 watts

Halo Tracer Review

The Halo Tracer combines the simplicity of a mechanical mod with the safety of a regulated mod at an attractively low price.

It’s no secret that a lot of e-cigarette users are buying mechanical mods these days — and why not? Mechanical mods are cheap. They’re small. They often look great — and practically nothing on a mechanical mod is prone to breaking. Mechanical mods also have no controls to fiddle with. If you want to change something about the device’s vapor production, you can just change the tank or atomizer.

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There’s just one problem: e-cigarette explosions can and do happen in the hands of the inexperienced — and when an e-cigarette does explode in the user’s hand, it’s often a mechanical mod. That’s because mechanical mods don’t do anything to keep their users safe. If you wrap an atomizer coil incorrectly or use a damaged or over-discharged battery, you risk the possibility of injury. There’s even a remote possibility of injury if you use an off-the-shelf tank with pre-built coils, because even machine-made coils aren’t immune to shorts and battery counterfeiting is rampant.

The Halo Tracer is a device that combines the simplicity and small package of a mechanical mod with the some of the safety features that you’d expect to see in a regulated device. It has just one button and outputs the battery’s power directly to the atomizer coil, just as a mechanical mod would. At the same time, it doesn’t operate if a short circuit exists, the resistance of the coil is too low or the battery is over-discharged. So, you get the best of both worlds — and you get it at an attractive low price.

View the Tracer mod kit at the Halo website. The Halo Tracer costs $59.99 and includes a sub-ohm tank, two mouthpieces, two spare coils, a charging cable, a wall charger and a free 30 ml bottle of Halo e-liquid. Use the coupon code VAPE4LESS to save 5 percent on your purchase.

About the Halo Tracer

Halo Tracer Review

The Halo Tracer is a custom kit that’s exclusively available from Halo. The two primary components — the battery and the tank — are manufactured by other companies. The battery is the eGo ONE Mega battery from Joyetech, and the tank is the Horizon Arctic tank.

In many cases, when a company rebrands an off-the-shelf e-cigarette, they’ll pad the profit margin heavily and hope that customers don’t find out that a generic version of the device is also available. Halo hasn’t done that with the Tracer. Oh, you can find eGo ONE Mega kits for less, but you won’t find one in a package that includes the Horizon Arctic tank, a bottle of premium e-liquid and a whole bunch of other free stuff.

This kit from Central Vapors is a good example. It’s a great deal at $35, don’t get me wrong. However, it’s an eGo ONE Mini battery — 850 mAh instead of the 2,600 mAh of the Halo Tracer battery. It also doesn’t include e-liquid or a wall charger and includes the Joyetech eGo ONE tank rather than the Horizon Arctic tank. In my experience, the eGo ONE tank tends to leak and spray hot e-liquid on the tongue. I hope to review that tank in the future, but for now, suffice it to say that I don’t care for the eGo ONE tank at all. Central Vapors does carry the Horizon Arctic tank, but if you purchase that and the eGo ONE Mini kit, it’s $60.99. Halo’s deal looks terrific in comparison.

The Halo Tracer (Horizon Arctic) Tank

So, we’re all clear on the fact that the Halo Tracer tank is actually a rebranded Horizon Arctic tank. Going forward, I’m just going to refer to it as the Tracer tank. This is one of my absolute favorite all-purpose tanks, and I use it with great regularity because it has superb vapor production and airflow characteristics. It’s also a very popular tank, which means that I can get replacement coils locally when I don’t feel like waiting for shipping.

Halo sells coils for the Tracer tank at $13.50 for a pack of five, which is a much better price than I can get locally. It also seems to be about average for online prices, which means that Halo isn’t making a ton of profit here, either. What they’re really banking on is that new customers will try and love their e-liquids.

The coils are available in single-coil and dual-coil configurations. The Tracer tank really shines with the dual-coil configuration, and that’s what I recommend buying. If you should ever decide to use a different device, the Tracer tank has kanthal coils available that’ll work at up to 100 watts. Stainless steel and nickel coils are also available.

In my experience, the Tracer tank doesn’t leak. It also doesn’t spit hot e-liquid — my most common complaint with tanks that generate a high volume of vapor. The airflow is very free with the vents fully open, and Halo’s glass drip trip doesn’t transmit heat — something I also love.

Halo Tracer Review

Halo Tracer Mod Review

Being essentially a mechanical mod with added safety features, the Halo Tracer is an exceptionally small device in relationship to its stellar battery life. It works as a pass-through device, allowing you to vape while charging. Alternatively, you can charge the Tracer from a wall outlet using a 1-amp charger. Halo includes a wall charger with the Tracer kit, so there’s no need to worry about over-charging the battery with the wrong charger. The battery capacity is sufficient for hours of vaping time, although you’ll get slightly less battery life if you use the Tracer with a dual-coil configuration as I recommend.

The Halo Tracer is utilitarian in design. It doesn’t have a display screen, but that doesn’t mean it can’t communicate its status on some level. If the battery has a 60 percent charge or better, the light under the fire button lights solidly during activation. When the battery is discharged further, the light will begin to blink. When the light blinks rapidly, it’s time to recharge.

The Tracer also feels quite solid to me. It’s built by Joyetech, one of the most prominent of the Chinese e-cigarette manufacturers. Joyetech has an excellent track record when it comes to quality control, and although I haven’t dropped my Tracer, I think you can be fairly confident in its ability to withstand heavy use.

Halo Tracer Review: The Bottom Line

The Halo Tracer is a package that offers plenty of value for the price. Not only has Halo wisely avoided padding the price of this package with the hope that customers will love their e-liquids and come back for more, but they’ve also swapped out the under-performing Joyetech eGo ONE tank with a much nicer one from Horizon — a tank that usually costs over $25 on its own.

With the Halo Tracer, you’ll also get two different types of drip tips — stainless and glass — so you can pick the one you prefer. The Tracer tank accommodates most drip tips, though. I actually prefer to use mine with the glass drip tip included with the Halo Reactor mod. In addition, you’ll get two different coils to try as well as a wall charger and a free 30 ml bottle of e-liquid. Halo’s e-liquid is some of the very best around, and full-sized bottles usually cost $19.99 each. With the Tracer, Halo has made something entirely unique out of the well-known eGo ONE platform. This device is an easy one to recommend.

View the Tracer mod kit at the Halo website. The Halo Tracer costs $59.99 and includes a sub-ohm tank, two mouthpieces, two spare coils, a charging cable, a wall charger and a free 30 ml bottle of Halo e-liquid. Use the coupon code VAPE4LESS to save 5 percent on your purchase.

Halo Tracer Review: The Pros

  • Great value; lots of items for the money
  • Pairs the trusted eGo ONE battery with a much better tank for a unique package you can’t find elsewhere
  • Simplicity of a mechanical mod, safety of a regulated mod

Halo Tracer Review: The Cons

  • Somewhat utilitarian in appearance

VaporFi VOX TC Review

The VOX TC is VaporFi’s new advanced e-cigarette for 2016, replacing the VOX II and now offering temperature control support. It’s a superlative value for the price.

Recently, VaporFi has made a great effort to establish relationships with e-cigarette bloggers by sending out samples and asking for the writers’ unfettered opinions. I have gotten to know the company’s product lineup very well as a result. and I have been consistently impressed by VaporFi’s efforts in obtaining the best products from the world’s e-cigarette manufacturers and presenting them in packages that provide a real sense of value for money.

Legal THC Shipped Nationwide

Crescent Canna is America's leading source for federally legal, potent THC products shipped straight to your door nationwide. Crescent's unique line of THC edibles includes gummies, cereal bars, seltzer and more. Shop the selection now. Use the coupon code "25MOON" when checking out for a 25% discount on all products excluding powders, bundles and seltzers.

Every e-smoker is different, though. Carrying a balanced product lineup requires a company to offer something for those who simply want the best — regardless of the price. With a base price of $129.99 for the device only or $179.99 for a full starter kit, that’s exactly what the VOX TC is. It is the mid-engine, two-seat roadster of VaporFi’s lineup, ready to compete head-on with the likes of the ProVari P3.

View the VOX TC kit at the VaporFi website. It costs $179.99 and includes your choice of a tank system, rebuildable atomizer or hybrid tank/RBA. My link includes an embedded coupon code good for 12% off for first-time customers. You can also buy the VOX TC as a standalone device for $129.99 and use your own tank.

About the VaporFi VOX TC Mod

VaporFi VOX TC Review

The VaporFi VOX TC is a single-battery, stainless steel box mod capable of reaching a power level of up to 50 watts or 8.5 volts with a current of up to 22 amps. The high amperage limit of the VOX TC allows it to support sub-ohm attachments such as rebuildable atomizers, which is something that many mods such as the ProVari cannot do. It includes a 35 amp, 2500 mAh battery that you can charge via USB or a standalone charger. This is a device intended for experienced e-smokers who understand the basics of vaping, have owned an e-cigarette or two and want to upgrade to a device that provides the absolute best vapor production that the industry has to offer. If you aren’t sure where you fall in the vaping spectrum, I’ll be explaining some of these potentially unfamiliar terms in my VOX TC review to help you decide.

First, a word about amps. In electrical terms, amperage describes the amount of electricity flowing through a circuit in any given length of time. Since I’m far from being an electrician, the Wikipedia article linked to above can provide more information if needed. When you shop for e-cigarette mods, you’ll find that electronic mods have amperage limits that prevent the use of low-resistance attachments under high-voltage conditions. The ProVari P3, for example, tops out at 5.5 amps, while the Lavatube limits itself to 3.0 amps. Above these levels, the mod will lower its voltage drastically or display an error message.

These over-current limits, which are now considered relatively low, have caused some electronic mods to lose popularity within the vaping community. Purely mechanical mods, meanwhile, have become more popular. A mechanical mod is nothing more than a switch that causes a battery to fire. It can’t display error messages, can’t lower its power level and doesn’t care whether the attachment you’re using is 3.0 ohms or sub-ohm. This makes a mechanical mod ideal for someone who understands how to wrap atomizer coils with different resistances until he or she achieves the vapor production required.

Unfortunately, mechanical mods also lack safety features of any kind. In an extreme case, a combination of faulty coil design, an incorrect or counterfeit battery and cloud chasing can lead to a violent and destructive result. People can and do use extreme vaping rigs every day without causing harm to themselves, but I have avoided discussing or recommending this kind of e-cigarette usage because I believe it is only for those who truly understand the principles of electricity.

VOX TC Mod Review

So, the VaporFi VOX TC mod is a compromise. With a 35 amp battery and a 22 amp over-current limit, the VOX TC won’t allow you to vape with a coil that’s so low-resistance or a wattage setting that’s so high that the battery could be discharged unsafely. It also won’t let you use a temperature control coil in wattage mode — something that could spell instant doom for a mechanical mod. However, it will happily accept coils down to 0.1 ohms and generate vapor clouds like no ProVari user has ever seen.

Using the VaporFi VOX TC Mod

Upon opening the VaporFi VOX TC, you may need to do a little tinkering. The device has a copper contact point in the bottom cap of the battery compartment. It is reverse-threaded, which means you’ll need to turn it clockwise to raise it. Out of the box, my VOX TC battery wasn’t seated firmly and I had to adjust this connector until the battery stopped rattling.

The battery also arrived without a full charge. The VOX TC charges via a USB port on the side. The instruction manual states that the VOX TC isn’t intended to be used while charging. However, I am able to do so without any problem. My guess is that the manual includes this statement because under some conditions, the power draw will exceed the rate at which the battery charges and the battery will never top up fully.

As I mentioned above, the VOX TC mod has a number of safety features to help prevent unsafe operation. When the battery is first installed, the device will be locked. You’ll need to press the fire button five times in quick succession to unlock it, and it would be wise to lock the VOX TC any time you’ll be travelling with the device in your pocket. Nevertheless, I find all of the device’s buttons to be quite firm and resistant to accidental presses.

The other safety features of the VOX TC include a volt limit of 7.5 volts and a maximum current of 22 amps, as well as reverse battery protection, short circuit protection, temperature monitoring and a large heat vent on the bottom of the device. Power and maximum temperature adjustments are made with the two small buttons under the display.

VaporFi VOX TC Mod Review

My VOX TC review kit included the VaporFi Volt Hybrid Tank, and I’m writing this review in that context. The Volt tank is pre-configured with a 0.5-ohm atomizer coil, so that was what I tried first. In short, I was bowled over. The vapor production far exceeded any combination of device and attachment I had ever tried, and within three puffs I was quite dizzy. I have since adjusted the nicotine strength of my e-liquid as a result and am now vaping at a strength of 4-5 mg rather than 8 mg. As my body adjusts, I intend to lower the nicotine strength further.

VaporFi VOX TC Mod Review

I received my VOX TC mod in perfect condition. All of the parts fit together seamlessly and I am unable to detect any nicks, scratches or other defects. The threads are perfectly machined and twist smoothly without any hang-ups. I find the quality of the workmanship every bit as good as that of the ProVari P3, which costs significantly more while offering less performance.

The only problem I have ever encountered with the VOX TC was my own fault; I failed to notice that the bottom battery cap had an adjustable contact point and this initially caused the battery to rattle around in the device. As such, it wouldn’t power on or charge. A quick adjustment resolved this issue and the VOX TC has performed flawlessly for me ever since.

Because of the low resistance of the coils included with the Volt Hybrid Tank, I use the VOX TC at relatively low power settings that rarely exceed 16 watts. Above 20 watts, the vapor becomes too intense and I simply don’t enjoy it. Above 30 watts, the Volt Hybrid tank can’t take in e-liquid quickly enough and I start to get “dry hits.” I have no doubt that the VOX TC can reach the stated maximum of 50 watts, as long as your setup doesn’t exceed the maximum current of 22 amps. I have no reason to try pushing the VOX TC that hard, though. While I once believed that there was no such thing as “too much vapor” for me, I have since discovered that I actually do have a limit.

You might not have a limit, though. If you push the VOX TC as hard as it’ll allow, you may find that the battery doesn’t last all day. In that case, you may want to grab a spare; VaporFi sells the 35 amp, 2500 mAh VOX TC battery for $19.99. I wouldn’t suggest buying anything else unless you have a solid understanding of its capabilities — most common batteries for e-cigarette mods have a maximum current of around 10 amps. With my wattage setting and usage pattern, I find that one battery lasts all day. I simply use the VOX TC while connected to a USB port during the day and disconnect it at night. It hasn’t died on me yet.


The VOX TC is the latest evolution in a line that began with the VOX 50, a 50 watt mod with a detachable battery tube. The VOX 50 was heavy on capabilities, but some found it a little lacking in durability. For example, dropping the VOX 50 on a hard surface could knock out the small screws holding the battery tube in place. The VOX II added an internal battery compartment to prevent that issue. In addition, the VOX II added a spring-loaded 510 connection and five configurable memory settings. You’ll find a more in-depth comparison of the VOX II and VOX 50 below.

The VOX II, while feature-rich, lacked the temperature control functionality found in many more expensive mods. It could only drive standard kanthal coils, and adjusting the wattage was the only way to change the vapor production or temperature. When VaporFi added temperature control functionality to the VOX lineup, they did so with a completely new device called the VOX 100 which was priced about the same as the VOX 50 had been. The VOX II, meanwhile, was lowered in price. The VOX TC continues this evolution by adding temperature control functionality to what used to be the VOX II while keeping the price the same.

So, how does temperature control work? First, it requires a tank or atomizer made from a specific material. The VOX TC is compatible with nickel and titanium coils. Next, you’ll set a maximum temperature of 600 degrees Fahrenheit or lower. Finally, you’ll select a power level in watts. The power level will determine how quickly the coil reaches the temperature limit. When the VOX TC reaches its temperature limit, it’ll reduce its wattage automatically until you release the fire button.

Temperature control has the potential to make vaping a lot more pleasant. If you’ve ever experienced a try hit because you forgot to add e-liquid to your tank or atomizer, you know exactly what I’m talking about. That harsh burning sensation that you experience when your coil is dry happens because you actually are burning your wick. If you’re using a temperature control coil, though, the VOX TC detects the sudden increase in temperature and cuts off the power.

Many of the most popular e-cigarette tank manufacturers are now making nickel and titanium coils for their most popular tanks. That may mean that you can get the VOX TC, drop a temperature control coil into your favorite tank and start vaping with temperature control functionality right away. Alternatively, you can bundle your VOX TC kit with a temperature control tank.

Some people find that switching from a kanthal coil to a nickel or titanium coil makes e-liquid taste a little different. I had a similar experience when I tried temperature control vaping for the first time, but I quickly got used to it and stopped noticing a difference. If you try temperature control coils and end up deciding that you prefer kanthal, it’s fine — the VOX TC works with everything.

VOX II vs. VOX 50

VaporFi replaced the older VOX 50 mod with the VOX II in 2015. If you own or have heard of the VOX 50, you might be interested to learn how the VOX 50 compares vs. the newer VOX II. The first — and most important — difference is that the VOX II quite simply features a much better industrial design than its older brother. The VOX II is smoother, lighter and feels much nicer in the hand thanks to its gently rounded edges. In spite of the lighter design, the VOX II is actually much more solid and will tolerate being dropped much better than the VOX 50. This is because the VOX II is a single unit, while the VOX 50 had a detachable battery tube. In the VOX 50, the top threading for the battery tube was attached to the main body of the vaporizer with two small screws. A couple of drops on a hard surface would be sufficient to detach these screws, and putting it all back together was a complicated process. The improved design of the VOX II prevents this from happening.

VaporFI VOX II vs VOX 50
The battery tube of the older VOX 50 was a potential point of failure.

As I mentioned above, the VOX II also has five configurable memory settings that allow you to cycle between your favorite wattage levels simply by pressing one of the adjustment buttons a few times. The VOX 50 didn’t have the ability to save any settings when the battery was removed.

For the VOX II, VaporFi also improved the design of the 510 connector at the top of the device. The VOX 50 had a reverse-threaded screw that required a manual adjustment if your tank wouldn’t seat properly. The center pin inside the VOX II’s 510 connector is spring-loaded and adjusts to your tank automatically.

VOX 60 TC vs. VOX TC

If you’ve visited the VaporFi website, you may have noticed the VOX 60 TC, which has a starting price only $10 higher than than of the VOX TC. So, I’d like to discuss the VOX 60 TC vs. the VOX TC a bit to explain how the two devices differ. The battery is the primary difference between the two devices. While the VOX TC uses a single removable 18650 battery, the VOX 60 TC has a fixed dual lithium polymer battery pack. In general, the fixed battery gives the VOX 60 TC a slightly sleeker overall appearance.

The battery life of the VOX 60 TC is also a bit better, and the VOX 60 TC has a maximum power of 60 watts rather than 50. The extra 10 watts doesn’t make much of a difference in practice, but I do like box mods with fixed batteries because I think they look really nice. On the other hand, having a removable battery — as is the case with the VOX TC — gives you the ability to use an external charger instead of a USB charger. It seems to me that using a standalone battery charger might be the safest way to charge batteries, but I personally have a slight preference for the VOX 60 TC simply because I like the way it looks. From a functionality standpoint, though, I don’t think that either device is clearly superior. Buy the one that you like.

VaporFi VOX TC Mod Review: The Bottom Line

I have long championed the ProVari as the device of choice for experienced e-smokers. I made the VOX TC my full-time device for about a month in preparation for this review, though, and I have found that I have no desire to go back. In fact, my ProVari P3, outfitted with a Rebel II tank, seems tame in comparison. When I use it now, I feel like I can’t get enough vapor. How’s that for a reversal? Vaping with the VaporFi VOX TC is simply an incredible experience. Since I have finally discovered a device capable of producing more vapor than I want, I see no reason why I’d ever want to use anything else.

View the VOX TC kit at the VaporFi website. It costs $179.99 and includes your choice of a tank system, rebuildable atomizer or hybrid tank/RBA. My link includes an embedded coupon code good for 12% off for first-time customers.

VaporFi VOX TC Mod Review: The Pros

  • Extreme vapor production; first device capable of generating bigger, more intense vapor clouds than I could ever want
  • Combines support for sub-ohm attachments with strict safety features that a mechanical mod could never provide
  • Temperature control support at the lowest price ever offered by VaporFi
  • Workmanship is as good as I have ever seen in an e-cigarette/APV

VaporFi VOX TC Mod Review: The Cons

  • Between the price and advanced feature set, the VOX TC isn’t ideal for complete beginners

V2 Cigs Review

Selecting any brand other than V2 Cigs as your first e-cigarette would be a major mistake. Find out why.

I’ve written about V2 Cigs before, in my article describing the best e-cigarette for beginners. In that article, I describe how V2 has managed to set themselves apart in an industry full of overwhelming sameness and explain why those differences make V2 the ideal company for complete beginners to choose. If you’re looking for a comprehensive V2 Cigs review, you might want to read that article in addition to this one, because I’m going to focus less on V2’s customer service policies in this article and more on the product itself.

Legal THC Shipped Nationwide

Crescent Canna is America's leading source for federally legal, potent THC products shipped straight to your door nationwide. Crescent's unique line of THC edibles includes gummies, cereal bars, seltzer and more. Shop the selection now. Use the coupon code "25MOON" when checking out for a 25% discount on all products excluding powders, bundles and seltzers.

As you may already know, V2 Cigs receives more Web traffic than the rest of the top ten e-cigarette vendors in the United States combined. That’s how incredibly popular they’ve become in just a few short years of doing business. They’ve accomplished that on the back of a KR-808 e-cigarette, frequent tweaks and improvements and a large selection of accessories. No e-cigarette is completely perfect, and the V2 e-cigarette is not without its flaws. I still believe the product is a winner if you’re shopping for your first e-cigarette, though, and I’ll tell you why in my V2 Cigs review.

View the selection of V2 Cigs starter kits. Kits start at $34.95 and ship worldwide. Use the coupon vapegrl15 to save 15% on V2 Cigs starter kits or vapegrl to save 10% on all other products. European readers, click here instead!

V2 Cigs Review

About V2 Cigs

The V2 e-cigarette is a fully customizable electronic cigarette available with three different battery sizes, two different battery types — automatic and manual — and several different colors. Most V2 starter kits allow you to select batteries in any size, type and color you like, which is refreshing compared to the many “one size fits all” starter kits available from other companies. Of the available kits, I like the Standard Kit ($59.95 before coupon) and the Ultimate Kit ($169.95 before coupon).

The V2 Cigs Standard Kit includes two batteries, USB and wall chargers and ten refill cartridges — enough to last up to about two weeks. The V2 Cigs Ultimate Kit ups the ante with three batteries, USB, wall and car chargers, an e-cigarette that works directly from a USB port without charging, a portable case that charges dead batteries, a portable carrying case and a whopping 25 cartridges — enough to last most people a month or more.

The KR-808 e-cigarette is one of the most popular models on the market, and V2 is far from the only company selling KR-808 packages. The Halo G6 is another KR-808 e-cigarette of which I’ve spoken highly. I discuss the features that set V2 apart in detail in the article mentioned at the beginning of this V2 Cigs review, but it’s worthwhile to mention the two most important features here as well. The first is that V2 Cigs offers a lifetime warranty on all products except refill cartridges. Unlike every other “lifetime warranty” I’ve ever seen on an e-cigarette, the V2 warranty covers batteries and portable battery charging cases. As long as you’ve remained a V2 customer — meaning that you’ve purchased refill cartridges in the past few months — you can return any failed component to V2 for a replacement. Every lithium ion battery in the world is guaranteed to fail eventually, so V2’s warranty is bound to save you a lot of money in the long run.

The second important feature is the extensive quality control process for e-liquids. If you go to the home page of the V2 Cigs website, you’ll see a little text field with the label “E-Liquid Test Results.” Every box of cartridges and bottle of e-liquid sold by V2 has a four-character code printed on it. Enter the code in that field and you can instantly download a PDF file showing that no toxins or contaminants were found in the e-liquid. Every single batch of e-liquid produced by V2’s lab is tested in this manner — no other company does this.

V2 Cigs Refill Cartridges

An additional feature of V2 Cigs is their extremely low price for refill cartridges if you buy in bulk. I personally prefer to buy my e-liquids by the bottle and fill my own cartridges. I don’t think that’s true for most mainstream e-smokers, though; I think most people would rather pop a cartridge out of the pack, twist it on and go. Unfortunately, some companies have been known to charge as much as $17.00 for packs of cartridges, because that’s where the majority of their profits come from. Here, V2’s popularity is really an asset; they can buy cartridges in massive volume, sell them for less and still make an acceptable profit. V2’s best deal on bulk cartridges gives you 80 cartridges at a price of $119.95. Now, remember the coupon vapegrl gives you 10 percent off any purchase that isn’t a starter kit, so you’ll pay $107.95 instead, for 16 packs of cartridges. That’s $6.74 per pack — a great deal by anyone’s standards.

V2 Cigs Review

V2 Cigs Review Charging CaseSo, ultimately you’re reading my V2 Cigs review because you want to know if the V2 e-cigarette is any good. I’ve tested dozens of e-cigarettes, and my answer is “you bet it is.” It produces absolutely the most vapor I’ve ever gotten from a small e-cigarette, and vapor production is the single most important factor that will decide whether your switch from cigarettes to e-cigarettes is successful.

V2 has a large selection of refill flavors that’s certain to keep you busy for a while, and if you ever get bored, they even allow you to create your own custom cartridges from a massive list of base flavors. It’s also worth noting that V2 seals its cartridges in foil — something few other companies do. This ensures that you’ll never receive a stale or dry cartridge.

As I mentioned above, V2 allows you to mix and match batteries when you order a starter kit. If this is going to be your first e-cigarette, I highly recommend buying a kit that allows you to try both automatic and manual batteries. A lot of people like automatic batteries, because they allow you to hold your e-cigarette just like a real cigarette. You have to hold a manual battery differently so you can push the button while you puff. However, manual batteries always produce more vapor. The Halo G6 is available with a manual battery, but somehow it still lags behind in vapor production and battery life.

If there’s any knock against V2 Cigs, it’s the fact that you can find e-cigarette kits for less that are basically comparable in terms of what accessories you receive for the price. However, many of the companies selling these kits expect you to pay $15 or more for packs of refill cartridges. None of them offer a lifetime warranty that covers all components, and a few of the kits are just bad knock-offs. There are great deals to be had on e-cigarettes, but sometimes the adage “you get what you pay for” really does apply. V2 Cigs offers a great product and stands behind it to an extent that no other company can match.

View the selection of V2 Cigs starter kits. Kits start at $34.95 and ship worldwide. Use the coupon vapegrl15 to save 15% on V2 Cigs starter kits or vapegrl to save 10% on all other products.

V2 Cigs Review: The Pros

  • Great vapor production
  • Foil-sealed cartridges for freshness
  • Best e-liquid quality control
  • Lifetime warranty on all components
  • Lowest price for refill cartridges

V2 Cigs Review: The Cons

  • More expensive than some e-cigarette brands

Best E-Cigarettes of 2016

Don’t buy an e-cigarette until you’ve read my list of the best e-cigarettes of 2016. Whether you’re a beginner or expert, there’s something here for everyone.

Where did the year go? Although I had written a yearly roundup of the best e-cigarettes every year since starting Vapegrl, somehow I neglected to do so in 2015. Well, I am back, and I am determined to make this list of the best e-cigarettes of 2016 my best yearly roundup ever.

Legal THC Shipped Nationwide

Crescent Canna is America's leading source for federally legal, potent THC products shipped straight to your door nationwide. Crescent's unique line of THC edibles includes gummies, cereal bars, seltzer and more. Shop the selection now. Use the coupon code "25MOON" when checking out for a 25% discount on all products excluding powders, bundles and seltzers.

So, what happened in the vaping industry in 2015? A lot. Not so much. On the product side, we’ve seen box mods and sub-ohm tanks jump in popularity in a huge way. The popularity of tube mods and cigalikes seems to have taken a hit as a result. Why bother with a tube mod when a box mod typically provides double the battery life? At the same time, cigalikes seem more difficult than ever to sell. With the exception of major players such as V2 Cigs, online sellers of cigalikes appear to have seen their conversions rates dip in the past year. If you’re currently a smoker and you’re seeing brands like Vuse every day at the same location where you buy your cigarettes, I suppose it makes sense that you’d give that brand strong consideration when you switch to e-cigarettes.

On the regulatory front, the wheel continues to churn toward eventual regulation of e-cigarettes by the FDA in the United States. In October 2015, the FDA sent its proposed regulations to the White House Office of Management and Budget for review. It’s the OMB’s job to determine whether the cost of the proposed regulations is justifiable given the potential for protecting the health of the public. In other words, we’re still a long way from the final regulations that some believe will shut down 99 percent of the American e-cigarette industry.

On the opposite end of the spectrum, smokers in the United Kingdom will soon be able to receive prescriptions for e-cigarettes through the National Health Service. Public Health England estimates that as many as 76,000 lives could be saved every year if all British smokers switched to e-cigarettes. I am in constant amazement over the way in which the same product can be regarded in completely opposing ways by different people, depending upon their interests and motivations.

If I know one thing, it’s that the best e-cigarettes of 2016 offer more than they ever have before. Whether you’re looking for longer battery life, better looks, or more vapor production, you can get it now for less money than in previous years — and that’s the hallmark of any great tech industry.

Best E-Cigarette of 2016: The Beginner

V2 Cigs: Shop Now

Shop in UK/EU

Coupons: vapegrl15 (15% off orders including a starter kit), vapegrl (10% off all other orders) — all coupons exclude V2 Pro

Full Review: V2 Cigs Review

Best E-Cigarettes 2016 V2 Cigs

I have always recommended V2 Cigs as the best e-cigarette for beginners. This year is no exception. Although the statistics suggest that new e-smokers are choosing the Vuse brand for the most part — and the Vuse brand isn’t bad — that’s mostly the result of having great marketing and a wide distribution network. No cigalike offers anything like the performance or the great looks of the awesome V2 Cigs EX series. V2’s customer service remains the best in the industry, too, with a lifetime warranty on non-consumable components and downloadable quality control reports for every cartridge and bottle of e-liquid.

Best E-Cigarette of 2016: The Upgrader

VaporFi VOX Mini: Shop Now

Coupon: 12% discount (embedded in link; applied automatically at checkout)

Full Review: VaporFi VOX Mini Review

Best E-Cigarettes 2016 VaporFi VOX Mini

The VaporFi VOX Mini is an incredibly tiny box mod that’s scarcely larger than the eGo e-cigarettes of yesteryear, while still being sub-ohm capable and including your choice of three different easy-fill tanks. I particularly love the Volt Hybrid Tank, which is a re-branded Kanger Subtank Mini with a few upgrades and a vertical organic cotton coil. The VOX Mini has an internal 2,500 mAh 35 amp battery that charges via a USB port, supports coils as low as 0.3 ohms and has a maximum power of 40 watts, easily adjustable via the plus and minus buttons. The VOX Mini is a highly pocketable device with power to spare.

Best E-Cigarette of 2016: The Hobbyist

Volcano Tephra Series: Shop Now

Coupon: None

Full Review: Volcano Tephra Mod Review

Best E-Cigarettes 2016 Volcano Tephra

Whether you’re a cloud chaser or simply an e-cigarette hobbyist, nothing could be more satisfying than a new coil build that accomplishes exactly what you were hoping for. If you build your own coils, it’s highly likely that you prefer mechanical mods. In my estimation, there’s no better mechanical mod from a price-performance standpoint than the Volcano Tephra. The Tephra line starts at just $84.99 for a package that includes the mod, a battery, a rebuildable atomizer and a full-sized bottle of e-liquid. If you’re a cloud chaser, you’ll want to upgrade to the Tephra 2, which uses a larger and even safer 40 amp, 4,000 mAh 26650 battery. I really like the aesthetics of the Tephra series; a system of colored aluminum sleeves allows you to select your choice of nine different colors for both the mod and RDA. The Tephra features a stainless steel body with copper contacts and a recessed magnetic fire button for safety and great feel. If you have the budget for something really special, check out the Pele as well — it’s a luxury mech mod that’s built in Hawaii.

Best E-Cigarette of 2016: The Ultimate

VaporFi VOX 60 TC: Shop Now

Coupon: 12% discount (embedded in link; applied automatically at checkout)

Full Review: VaporFi VOX 60 TC Review

Best E-Cigarettes 2016 VaporFi VOX 60 TC

Not since the days of the original ProVari many years ago have I held an e-cigarette that feels as solid and luxurious as the new VaporFi VOX 60 TC, released in 2016. Constructed from a zinc alloy, the VOX 60 TC looks and feels like a work of art. The VOX 60 TC allows you to choose between two finish options: smooth brushed metal or rubberized black for improved grip. It boasts a dual battery system for a total capacity of 2,600 mAh, supports temperature control coils and has a maximum output of 60 watts. It supports extremely low-resistance coils, down to a limit of 0.1 ohms with standard kanthal coils or 0.05 ohms with titanium or nickel temperature control coils. In an industry full of generic copycats, the VaporFi VOX 60 TC is a device that’s truly worthy of admiration.

Best E-Liquid of 2016

Black Note: Shop Now

Coupon: None

Full Review: Black Note E-Liquid Review

Best E-Liquid 2016 Black Note

There’s a joke currently making the rounds through vaping forums. It goes something like this: How do you make a premium e-liquid? Start with a regular e-liquid and add a ton of sweetener. If your sweet tooth has had all that it can bear, give Black Note a try. Black Note makes nothing but tobacco e-liquids, using cold-extracted essences of real tobacco. Black Note also claims to have the world’s first lab-certified N.E.T. e-liquid. With eight different flavors in all, Black Note has something that’s certain to please any tobacco lover. Although the e-liquid isn’t cheap, Black Note does offer an unconditional guarantee. If you don’t like the e-liquid, you can send it back for a refund. Black Note will even pay the shipping charges.

Game-Changing E-Cigarette Products of 2016

JUUL: Shop Now

Best E-Cigarettes 2016 JUUL

The JUUL is a new e-cigarette that’s aimed at beginners and contains a completely new — and patented — type of e-liquid formulation. JUUL e-liquid contains a salt of nicotine rather than the freebase nicotine usually used in e-liquids. JUUL’s developer — PAX Labs — has studies showing that JUUL’s e-liquid can create a blood-nicotine concentration much closer to that of a tobacco cigarette than what you’d be able to achieve with typical e-cigarettes.

JUUL’s design is extremely user-friendly, with a proprietary drop-in cartridge system that works reliably and allows you to see the remaining e-liquid level easily. JUUL’s cartridges aren’t cheap, with four-packs selling for $15.99. However, the idea is that with the nicotine salts producing a higher level of satisfaction, you’ll be going through e-liquid less quickly than you would with regular e-cigarettes. Also, you can save an extra 15 percent off the normal price by having your refill cartridges shipped automatically each month. There is nothing else out there quite like JUUL, and it definitely merits your consideration if you’re new to e-cigarettes — especially if you’re a heavier smoker.

gClapton Coils: Shop Now

Best E-Cigarettes 2016 gClapton

Clapton coils are extremely popular among the build-it-yourself crowd right now. Essentially, a Clapton coil is made by coiling a wire that’s already twisted. This creates a coil with a ton of surface area for the resistance, so you end up with a high volume of vapor that’s very rich in flavor. Until now, though, Clapton coil builds have primarily been available only to those who build their own coils. If you have safety concerns about that or simply prefer the convenience of pre-built coils and don’t want to go through the trouble, you would have been out of luck.

So, Atom Vapes had the genius idea of manufacturing pre-built Clapton coils for the most popular tanks currently on the market. The coils come four to a pack, which means that they cost a little more per unit than stock coils. However, Atom Vapes claims that they last up to 33 percent longer than stock coils. In my experience, that depends a bit on the gunk factor of your e-liquid. Atom Vapes gClapton coils are gold-plated and look unbelievably cool. They’re compatible with Kanger, Arctic, Horizon and Herakles tanks. Ni200 coils are also available for most tanks. I can vouch for the fact that these coils will provide a significant upgrade to your tank’s vapor production and flavor quality.

V2 Pro Series 7: Shop Now

Shop in UK/EU

Best E-Cigarettes 2016 V2 Pro 7

The V2 Pro series is an attempt by V2 Cigs — long the best manufacturer of cigalikes — to enter the high-end vaporizer market. V2 Pro aims to be the best vaporizer for anyone’s needs, whether you want to vaporize e-liquid, loose leaf tobacco or wax concentrates. The V2 Pro Series 7 is the higher-end of the two vaporizers, featuring larger cartridges, longer battery life and three-stage temperature control. It looks nothing like any e-cigarette you’ve ever seen and more closely resembles the battery-powered devices currently available for vaping, well, other substances. The V2 Pro Series 7 is a great choice if you need a multi-purpose vaporizer with a variety of uses. It’s also a good way to guard against regulatory changes for someone who isn’t fully committed to e-cigarettes. If FDA regulation forces your favorite e-liquid off of the market or taxation removes all of the cost savings, no problem — you can vaporize loose leaf tobacco instead and still enjoy a combustion-free smoking experience.