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What Happened to Mistic E-Cigarettes?


Earlier this year, I wrote a news story on eCig One about several lawsuits that Dragonite — also known as Ruyan, the inventor of the electronic cigarette — had filed in a California district court against U.S. e-cigarette companies for alleged patent infringement. One of the companies against which Dragonite filed suit was Barjan LLC, maker of the Mistic e-cigarette. It was the first I had ever heard of the Mistic brand, but there were apparently many people who enjoyed buying the Mistic e-cigarette at Wal-Mart and truck stops. I immediately began to receive emails from people wondering why Mistic e-cigarettes were no longer available and asking what they should do.


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Mistic E-Cigarette

It seems that Barjan has been fraught with difficulties this year. TSC Global, then Barjan’s parent company, filed for chapter 11 bankruptcy at the beginning of the year and reportedly laid off hundreds of workers, some of whom filed a federal suit for alleged improper termination. The company was also implicated in further lawsuits alleging nonpayment for products and failure to pay promised bonuses and company stock.

In March, TSC Global sold Barjan to DAS Inc. This sale also affected the CB radio brands Astatic, Francis and Wilson. Following the purchase, it seemed that Barjan would continue to focus on the Mistic e-cigarette brand and presumably continue to increase its presence on retail store shelves. However, the Ruyan/Dragonite lawsuit in June seems to have stalled those plans.

According to the case summary, many of Dragonite’s pending lawsuits were consolidated into a single case and transferred to a new judge. This event took place on July 5, and I’m unable to find any information regarding further developments. Although what will happen in this case remains to be seen, it seems that Barjan has already discontinued sales of the Mistic e-cigarette as the Mistic website lists all products as “currently unavailable.”

If there’s one thing I’ve learned from this chain of events, it’s that people who buy their e-cigarettes at retail stores generally aren’t terribly interested in buying them online. If you’re willing to try something new, though, buying online can drastically reduce the cost of your refill cartridges. The Mistic e-cigarette uses a type of threading called KR-808-D2, and Mistic cartridges cost about $15.00 per five-pack. For $12.90 at V2 Cigs, you can buy a pack of cartridges plus an adapter that will make the cartridges fit snugly on your Mistic e-cigarette battery. Alternatively, full starter kits from V2 are priced at $24.95 and up. If you buy in bulk, you can get cartridges from V2 for as little as $7.50 per pack — half of what Mistic e-cigarette cartridges cost.

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