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Choosing a UK E-Liquid Supplier: What to Look For

Are you new to vaping? If you are, I have two pieces of advice that are going to serve you well. The first is that you must get a refillable vaping device if you don’t already have one. Vaping, as you will quickly learn, is all about flavor – and the only way to experience all of the amazing flavors that the world of e liquid has to offer is by getting a device that you can fill yourself. No pre-filled e-cigarette can give you an experience that compares to bottled vape juice.

UK ELiquid Supplier

The second piece of advice is that you must find a reliable e-liquid supplier. You don’t want to spend all of your time looking for a good seller every time you need some e-liquid – you want to spend that time browsing all of the tasty flavors that are out there. As it turns out, finding the best e-liquid supplier in the UK is a special challenge because the regulatory environment for the vaping industry is so favorable. Some brands have been around almost since the beginning. Others, however, are brand new.

So, how do you find the best UK e-liquid supplier? These pointers will set you on the right track.

Authentic Products

The good news about shopping for e-liquid in the UK is that counterfeit products are extremely rare. The most counterfeited products in the vaping industry – products like JUUL and Puff Bar – either aren’t available or aren’t particularly popular in the UK. Nevertheless, it’s still wise to ensure that an e-liquid supplier doesn’t use gray-market product sources before you buy. A good vape juice seller gets its e-liquid only from the original manufacturers and from authorized distributors.

Both 10 ML and Shortfill Bottles

Since it provides a way to get around the draconian 10-ml size limit on e-liquid bottles, shortfill e-liquid has been nothing less than a revolution in the UK and Europe. In case you’re unfamiliar, the Tobacco Products Directive – which applies to vaping products sold in the UK and EU – limits the size of any bottle of e-liquid with nicotine to a maximum of 10 ml.

If you use a powerful vaping device with a sub-ohm tank, 10 ml is actually a fairly insignificant amount of e-liquid. You might use that much in a day, making the bottle size limitation extremely inconvenient. Since shortfill bottles include no nicotine – you add the nicotine after buying the bottle – the 10-ml size limit does not apply to them. A good UK e-liquid vendor should carry a large selection of shortfill vape juice, but it’s also a good idea to have plenty of 10-ml bottles with the nicotine already mixed in for those who prefer to buy their vape juice that way.

Good Selection of Brands

If you buy from a seller that makes its own e-liquid, that’s a huge win for you because it’s going to save you a massive amount of money. See for yourself – click the link at the top of this article and look through the e-liquid selection. You’re going to see an extremely impressive and inexpensive assortment. Many of the top UK vape shops got to where they are today specifically because their house e-liquid brands became widely known for their quality, consistency and value.

With that being said, you’ll quickly learn as a vaper that experimenting with new flavors is a big part of what makes vaping so much fun. No matter how good a vape shop’s house e-liquid is, it’s still a good thing if they carry a wide variety of third-party brands as well.

Top-Notch Buying Experience

The final key feature of any UK e-liquid supplier has nothing to do with the products themselves. Rather, it’s about offering a shopping experience that’s as fun and easy for the customer as possible. When you’ve found the seller that offers the right buying experience for you, you’ll know. However, here are just a few points that can make shopping considerably easier for you.

  • When a vape shop offers shortfill e-liquids, it’s always a great thing if the shop offers to include the correct number of nicotine shots for free. That way, you never have to worry about whether you’re adding the right amount of nicotine to the bottle.
  • A vape shop should offer a simple explanation of the costs and delivery times for all available shipment options, and those options should be made clear to you before you begin the checkout process.
  • A great vape shop should offer replacement coils and pods as well as e-liquids. You’ll need plenty of replacement parts for your tank or pod system, and it’s ideal if you can buy those and your e-liquid in the same place.

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