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Top Vapes in Italy

Ever since vape products have become popular worldwide over the past decade, different brands have grew in popularity in different markets. While the Juul vape still reigns supreme worldwide, there are products that become top sellers due to consumer demand or government regulation. Since the EU passed vape regulations on devices and e-Liquids in 2016, many manufacturers were forced to make product lines that were strictly for EU consumption.

Top Vapes in Italy

Vape products in the EU are limited to 20mg/ml for e-Juice and products that are prefilled with vape juice. This differs tremendously from vape products in the United States because the standard nicotine strength for disposable vapes is now 50mg/ml. This nicotine strength became popular in the United States ever since the rise of Juul pods.

Furthermore, e-Liquid bottles in the EU are limited to a 10ml capacity and vape tanks can only have a maximum capacity of 2ml. Not only do vape regulations shape the market, excise taxes can also influence product selection. E-Liquids that contain no nicotine and nicotine shots and vegetable glycerin and propylene glycol mixes have become very popular in Italy due to steep taxes on vape products. Consumers prefer DIY e-Juice in order to circumvent these high tax rates on the vape products that they prefer. Vapers will mix their preferred flavor shot with a VG/PG mix and there preferred nicotine strength which is also sold separately.

Mi-Pod Vapes

Mi-Pod is a popular vape brand in the United States that recently partnered with an Italian vape distributor called FSVape. FSVape carries the full line of Mi-Pod vape hardware designed for the EU and offers some of the top-selling e-Liquids on the Italian market as well.

The Mi-Pod 2.0 is a new, high-tech vape pod system that delivers incredible flavor with the use of a patent-pending mesh coil in the pod. Not only does the Mi-Pod provide great flavor production, it features a nice MTL draw and comes in stylish shells.

Kiwi Vape

The Kiwi vape has become wildly popular in Italy due to its sleek design and great draw. One of the nicest features of the Kiwi vape is the portable charging case that allows you to charge your vape while you are on the go. The Kiwi comes in 5 colors and provides a refillable cartridge that allows vapers to select the vape flavor that they prefer.

Another unique feature of the Kiwi is that it includes a cotton tip that mimics the act of smoking a combustible cigarette.

Voopoo Vapes

Voopoo is another vape brand that is highly popular in the Italian market. Voopoo is a Chinese-based company that designs vape hardware and constantly is innovating on their vape mod and pod models. Voopoo is known for their quality internal hardware in their vape kits as well as their tanks that provide loads of flavor in every puff.

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