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Top 10 Cannabis Strains in 2020

Being a cannabis enthusiast, the pursuit of the best strain never ends. Whether it is for therapeutic or enjoyment purposes, every cannabis product gives out varying benefits — some are well-known for their soothing after-effects, whereas others provide lasting high. Out of innumerable versions of weed strains present in the market, we have hand-picked the best ones for you. Read on to find out what we have rounded up.

Top 10 Cannabis Strains 2020

1)        Aurora Temple Hybrid Strain


Beginners often flounder with their first cannabis experience as their bodies aren’t used to THC and CBD levels. Since Aurora Temple Hybrid doesn’t give off any hyper-intensive psychoactive effects, it is an ideal choice for newcomers.

It helps you slacken and mitigate the crushing effects of long workdays. And the best way to consume cannabis is through a quality vaporizer that can effectively extract the potent vapors. But you just can’t shove the chunky herbs in the device and expect the ultimate experience — it doesn’t work like that.

Firstly, you need to pulverize them into fine particles, so that the heat can be evenly distributed over the shredded strains. And there is no better way to achieve that than by using the best metal weed grinder. It will help you mice the hefty chunks into fine granulates, which doesn’t exude more flavorsome vapors but also intensifies the hits.

2)     Acreage Pharms – Glacier Freeze

A hybrid of OG Kush and Sour Diesel, the mutant weed strain, Glacier Freeze is known for its overwhelming odor and high terpene concentration. It does give you an overall bodily boost, but it is more suited for relaxing the mind before bedtime. For insomniacs, this could prove as a life-altering remedy.

3)     Aurora Indica Aces

As the name suggests, this is an Indica dominant strain manufactured by crossing Northern Lights and Afghan. It is highly potent and provides lasting cerebral tranquility — not to forget, it also helps with anxiety, stress, pain, and depression.

4)     Jack Horror

A perfect blend of various weed strains, Jack Horror makes sure you get a mouthful of amazing flavors that take your tastebuds on an unforgettable adventure. You will certainly appreciate the strong high it delivers along with lasting psychoactive effects. If you want a sudden boost of energy and just won’t stand on your feet and start running, this is what you choose.

5)     Sour Kush

Without overpowering your senses, this product gives the consumer immediate pain relief. Also, it instigates euphoria, allowing the person to feel happy out of nowhere. That is why it can also be used for reversing the subduing effects of anxiety and other mental illnesses.

6)     Palm Tree CBD

The plant delivers a light buzz accompanied by a musky and earthy aroma, giving out a refreshing vibe.  With 8.9% CBD and around 7% THC, you can expect a mild high and a moderate buzz. Further, it can be your favorite weed train when it comes to relaxing your body just before bedtime.

7)     Altavie – Campfire

Campfires give out rich and intense floral odor — one whiff and its bewitching aroma will ensnare your senses. The strain is high in CBD and has moderate THC levels, making it perfect for calming down your nerves. Also, it magically alleviates stress, insomnia, and other persistent disorders.

8)     White Widow

The name is the embodiment of the plant’s mesmerizing white crystals. Despite its beautiful appearance, it holds a high THC level — 26% which is more than enough to give you a powerful and long-lasting high. As a result, you get an instant burst of energy while killing off all the lethargy and lifelessness surrounding your life. You would feel more alive and full of motivation, allowing you to cope with dullness.

9)     Durban Poison

Another popular weeds train of 2020 that might leave you tripping with euphoria. It not only smells great but also keeps the users happy with its delicious flavors. It has gained unmatched fame for its uplifting and energetic effects that makes the user more productive throughout the day. So, if you have been fallen prey to fatigue, laziness, and apathy, then this is a desirable option break free from these wicked feelings.

10)   Mazar Weed Strain

Lastly, we have Mazar weed strain that will unleash a party of flavors in your mouth. The strain comes with a fruity aroma, mouth-watering taste, and on top of all, a high THC level of 19% for relaxing high. Since the user’s cerebral activity slows down in a calming manner, it can alleviate stress that has been a painful thorn under the skin.

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