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Most Popular Ways to Smoke Pot 2021

The Most Popular Ways to Smoke Pot in 2021

A lot has changed since the ancient Romanians used to burn pot seeds inside cups. Since then, 5,000 years later, there are tons of different ways to smoke pot.

Most Popular Ways to Smoke Pot 2021

It seems that pot smokers have tried every different device known to man to consume cannabis. Some worked amazingly well, while others did not. Most marijuana smokers like to use their imagination, and some have come up with some highly effective ways to take a toke.

In recent years, we have seen states throughout America legalize the sale of marijuana. Around the world, it seems that lots of countries are following the same direction. An increasing trend is showing more countries are either legalizing or decriminalizing the sale of cannabis products.

Due to its health benefits and recreational use, cannabis is growing in popularity with people from all different backgrounds, from lawyers to grandmothers. For people who are new to smoking marijuana, it might be a bit confusing with all the different devices available, how to actually start smoking pot. This is a list of the most popular methods to smoke pot that lots of people are doing this year.


There is a long list of bongs available out there! From homemade bongs made from a plastic bottle to a 4 foot glass bong from your favorite weed store!

Smoking pot with a bong doesn’t take long to prepare: Rolling a joint can take time, carefully putting the cannabis into the paper and making sure it rolls properly. After, you must put in the filter before you can smoke up. If you mess up, the chances are the joint won’t smoke properly. Bongs make it easy because all you have to do is put the weed into the herb bowl and start smoking. You don’t need a grinder or papers.

Preparing a joint can be a messy job. Unwanted trash like papers, filters, ash, and joints that have been smoked, can leave your home in a bad state. A bong on the other hand doesn’t require any paper, so no ash will drop onto your carpet.

Bongs are a great way of sharing pot with others. Because bongs give you more hits in comparison to a joint, they are ideal for smoking with your friends because everybody will get a quality hit. Frequent smokers are often dissatisfied when they get the end of a joint, however, this problem does not occur when smoking with a bong.

Vaping Cannabis

Vaping is popular all over the world now. Many people have started vaping nicotine juices to help them quit smoking cigarettes and others have started because they like the taste of the many flavors available.

However, it’s not just nicotine that people vape. Nowadays, these devices have become an extremely popular method to smoke cannabis. Here are a few of the reasons why many people are choosing to vape cannabis:

  • Very little secondhand smoke: smoking a joint tends to give off a lot of secondhand smoke. If people around you don’t smoke or don’t like the smell of your cannabis, they are not going to be too pleased. Vaping keeps the odor inside the device which also helps smokers vape in public areas without getting noticed.
  • Most vape pens only need a small amount of cannabis: Even rolling a small joint requires a large amount of pot and after you have lit it up, you will probably end up smoking the whole thing. If you leave a joint for a few hours it won’t smell or taste the same. You only need to add a tiny amount of cannabis into a vape pen to get a nice hit!
  • Less harmful: Unlike joints, you don’t need harmful rolling paper to vape pot with a pen, which makes this method healthier.
  • You are in control of your vape pen: Very few methods of smoking give you as much control as vaping does. With the press of a button, you can control the temperature at which the pot burns.

There are plenty of cannabis vape pens on the market available, some are tiny devices that will easily fit in your pocket and others are much larger vaporizers. People like to consume hash oil, CBD, and herb with these devices.


Although it seems making food with cannabis is a new craze, however, people have been cooking with pot for thousands of years. However, its popularity has taken to new levels, with cannabis cooking shows on the streaming service Netflix, tutorials on YouTube, and websites packed with content helping you to learn how to cook with cannabis.

For those who don’t like the feeling of smoking, eating cannabis is a perfect solution. Also, according to reports from the American Lung Association, smoking cannabis is bad for your lungs. They claim that smoke from marijuana combustion has similar toxins and irritants to those found in smoking tobacco. One of the main reasons why people decide to eat marijuana is because they know it won’t cause their lungs any harm.

For those who consume marijuana for medical purposes, edibles are a very popular choice. If you buy them at a store, unlike any other form of consuming marijuana, you don’t have to do anything apart from eating. There are no papers, filters, bongs, electronic devices, no mess, you don’t even need cannabis because it is already inside the food!

It’s not just yummy cookies that contain cannabis that is available these days. Top chefs have been experimenting for years with adding cannabis oil and herbs into some of their dishes in high-end restaurants.

Rolling a Joint

The old-fashioned method of building a joint to smoke cannabis is still a very popular option. Although it might not be the easiest method, it certainly is effective.

If you are new to rolling, here is a step-by-step guide to help you understand how it is done.

What do you need:

  • Rolling papers: Specific rolling papers designed to roll joints are your best option, although you can easily use traditional tobacco papers too. There are a large variety of different types of papers at the smoke shop.
  • Lighter: A very popular choice among marijuana smokers are Bic lighters. Try to avoid using matches as they tend to give off a nasty taste.
  • Filter: Some rolling papers come with filters. You can also buy rolling papers from your local cannabis store or you can easily make your own out of light cardboard.
  • Cannabis: Well, it wouldn’t be much of a joint without this stuff!
  • Grinder: If you don’t have a grinder you can easily grind the cannabis with your hands. However, they are a handy device to have which makes the process of rolling a lot faster.
  1. Grind the weed with a grinder or by hand. Examine to see if there are any sticks or seeds and if there are, remove them and throw them in the trash.
  2. Place your papers on something that helps it stay elevated. The container for your papers might do the trick.
  3. Add the finely ground cannabis into the joint.
  4. Put the filter in.
  5. Roll the joint with the sticky side of the papers facing you.
  6. Enjoy your smoke!

Expect to fail miserably at your first attempt (and probably second and third too!) but after plenty of practice it will get easier:

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