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Stems Cigs Review

When I first switched to e-cigarettes, I was feeling the effects of the recession in a big way. I could barely afford my first e-cigarette kit, and when I upgraded to something larger I decided to do so one piece at a time — a battery here, a charger there and so on until I had the equivalent of a new starter kit. It’s in that spirit that I write this Stems Cigs review. As an e-cigarette journalist, I’ve had the opportunity to write about some pretty impressive e-cigarette kits with a wide variety of pack-ins including portable battery chargers, leather clutches and more. The accessories included with an e-cigarette kit don’t matter much, though, if you can’t afford to buy it. Stems Cigs presents a no-frills alternative, with a wide selection of a la carte e-cigarette components and kits starting at just $20.

2014 Update: I have removed all of the links to Stems Cigs from this article as the company has allowed their domain to lapse and appear to no longer be in business. Why not take a look at my article about the best e-cigarette for beginners instead?

About Stems Cigs

Stems Cigs ReviewStems Cigs is a relatively new e-cigarette company, having been founded in 2013. From the spartan website design to the abbreviated selection of e-cigarettes and accessories, everything speaks to the company’s no-frills approach to e-cigarette marketing — every aspect of the company is geared toward selling e-cigarettes at the lowest prices possible. If you’ve seen a few no-frills e-cigarettes in your time, though, you know one way in which they’re nearly all similar: they tend to lack extensive support for customers after the purchase has been made. That’s where Stems Cigs does things a bit differently, with their 30-day money back guarantee. Stems Cigs seems intent on making sure its customers want to come back for more, which is a philosophy I can wholeheartedly agree with.

In the interest of serving the widest possible customer base, nearly everything sold on the Stems Cigs website is based on the eGo e-cigarette — a platform favored as much by newbies as it is by experienced e-smokers. For people on a budget, the highlight of the show is the eGo-T Single Kit, which costs just $20 and includes a battery, cartomizer tank and USB charger. At 650 mAh, the battery provides enough power for at least half a day of heavy use or a full day of light use. Although it isn’t the only bargain you’ll find on the Stems Cigs website, the eGo-T Single Kit is what I’ll be focusing on in this Stems Cigs review.

Stems Cigs Review

To get started with Stems Cigs, you’ll need a bottle of e-liquid. I maintain a short list of the best e-liquid companies on this website, or you can try one of 27 different Stems Cigs flavors at $6.99 per bottle. After opening the package, twist the eGo battery into the terminal on the included USB charger and connect the charger to one of your computer’s USB ports. When the light on the charger turns green, the battery is ready to go.

Next, take the cartomizer tank and twist off the hard plastic tip. Looking inside the tank, you’ll notice a thin tube extending from the bottom of the unit to the top where the mouthpiece would connect. Your goal is to get the e-liquid anywhere but in this tube; tip a bottle into the reservoir and add e-liquid until the level reaches the top fill line. Twist the mouthpiece back on and twist the tank cartomizer into the Stems Cigs eGo-T battery. You can use the e-cigarette by holding down the button and puffing as if you were smoking an actual cigarette.

I didn’t have an opportunity to try any e-liquids from Stems Cigs, but I was impressed by the quality and performance of the eGo-T e-cigarette. Although I’ve seen this exact model offered elsewhere at much higher prices, the performance with those e-cigarettes was exactly the same as what I experienced with Stems Cigs’ lower-priced offering. The Stems Cigs battery provides enough power to produce rich, thick clouds of vapor throughout nearly an entire day of e-smoking, and the included tank cartomizer doesn’t impart an undesirable plastic taste.

More importantly, I was able to test the Stems Cigs e-cigarette for nearly a month before the tank cartomizer began to show signs of declining vapor production. Stems Cigs sells replacement tank cartomizers in packs of five for $19.95, and they also offer a larger Vivi Nova clearomizer which offers approximately double the e-liquid storage. The Vivi Nova is one of the most popular clearomizers currently on the market, and its popularity speaks for itself. If you’ve never used it, though, you should know that the Vivi Nova is slightly wider than the Stems Cigs e-cigarette.

Stems Cigs Review: The Bottom Line

At the risk of sounding like a broken record, the experience with Stems Cigs is stictly no-frills. You won’t find custom-branded accessories, you won’t find all of the latest trendy e-cigarette components and you won’t find a selection of e-liquids made in-house. If you’re looking to minimize the cost of getting into e-cigarettes or upgrading from your first e-cigarette to something with superior vapor production, though, Stems Cigs is a good company to choose. You’ll get a good product, and you’ll get it for less than you’d spend elsewhere.

Stems Cigs Review: The Pros

  • Some of the lowest prices anywhere for e-cigarette kits and components
  • Return your kit for a refund within 30 days if not satisfied

Stems Cigs Review: The Cons

  • Spartan website design and limited selection — if you’re looking for something other than the eGo platform, you won’t find it here

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