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4 Ideas for Spicing Up Your Vape Juice Routine

One of the worst things that any vaper can experience is boredom. When vaping no longer excites you – you just continue puffing mindlessly throughout the day because that’s what you’ve always done – that’s when problems can start to creep in. That’s when you might find yourself reminiscing about your days as a smoker and wondering if it would really be such a terrible thing if you just smoked a cigarette one more time.

Spice Up Vape Juice Routine

Well, you don’t want to go down that road, because that’s exactly how vapers end up backsliding and becoming smokers once again. Believe me – once you’ve gone back to smoking, quitting again won’t be any easier than it was the first time. If vaping doesn’t seem as interesting or exciting to you as it did when you first made the switch, it’s because you’ve become too set in your ways and haven’t tried anything new in a while. It’s time for us to fix that. These are some simple things that you can try to spice up your experience the next time you shop for Vape Juice.

A few of these ideas are things that you might have already thought of, and maybe you decided against them because you were afraid of ending up with a product that you didn’t like. I encourage you to try them anyway. Part of what makes vaping so enjoyable is the incredible variety of experiences that you can have, but you’ll never have those experiences if you continually buy the same e-liquid and the same coils every time you stock up on vape gear.

Try a New E-Liquid Flavor

If you’re reading this article, you already know that the average well-stocked vape shop has literally hundreds of different e-liquids available. Even though there’s a virtually endless variety of vape juice on the market today, experiencing all of those flavors isn’t difficult at all because of how good the distribution channels for vaping products have become. The major distributors all carry the large mainstream e-liquid brands, so maintaining a stock of hundreds of different flavors is really no problem at all for a good vape shop.

The fact that you are reading this article, however, suggests that you’ve never really taken the time to explore what’s out there. If you had done a bit of exploration, then you wouldn’t be feeling bored with vaping right now because you’d be too busy reading the latest e-liquid reviews and thinking about what you’re going to try next. Don’t just think about trying some new vape juice flavors – actually do it. It’s nice to have a few favorite e-liquids that you know will consistently leave you feeling satisfied, but if you’re starting to toy with the idea of trying tobacco again, the fact is that you’re not very satisfied at all. Trying some new e-liquids can help you get back on the right track.

Try an Old E-Liquid Flavor in a New Way

If you’ve been vaping for so long that you can’t remember the last time you used a mouth-to-lung vaping device, it’s likely that you greeted the nicotine salt e-liquid trend of the past few years with a big yawn. With nicotine strengths usually starting in the 20-25 mg/ml range, nicotine salt vape juice generally holds no interest whatsoever to the committed direct-to-lung vaper.

Since you haven’t paid much attention to nicotine salt, though, there’s something else that you might not have noticed: Many of the biggest e-liquid companies have gotten in on the nicotine salt game over the past couple of years. In fact, many companies have released nicotine salt versions of their most popular flavors.

Now, why should a nicotine salt version of your favorite e-liquid flavor matter to you? It should matter because it gives you an opportunity to experience a vape juice that you love in an entirely new way. Grab a cheap refillable pod vaping system and try a bottle of the nicotine salt version of your favorite e-liquid. Most nicotine salt vape juices are available in two strengths, and you’ll want to buy the lower-strength 20-25 mg/ml version since you’ve already switched fully to vaping and consume less nicotine than a smoker would. Experiencing your favorite e-liquid flavor coupled with a bit more of an assertive throat hit could be exactly the thing that makes vaping interesting for you again.

Try an E-Liquid Specifically Selected for Mixing

If you don’t want to try an entirely new e-liquid, another thing that you can do is buy an e-liquid specifically selected to use as a mixer. Adding a few drops of that vape juice to the e-liquid that you usually vape is another way of experiencing an old favorite in an entirely new light. Let’s suppose, for instance, that your favorite e-liquid is a decadent dessert flavor like custard or ice cream. Creamy e-liquid flavors pair very well with fruit flavors, so you might consider pairing that e-liquid with a few drops of a strawberry or blueberry e-liquid.

On the other hand, maybe your usual e-liquid has a tropical fruit flavor like mango. A tropical fruit e-liquid always tastes great with a little dash of icy coolness, so you could pair it with a menthol vape juice. Just a few drops of menthol can transform a fruity e-liquid into an experience reminiscent of drinking a fruity cocktail.

Give Your Vape Tank an Upgrade

When it comes to adding some spice to your vape juice shopping experience, your vaping hardware is something that you should never neglect. If you haven’t upgraded your vape tank in a while, for instance, there’s a good chance that you’ve missed out on the mesh coil trend that’s swept across the vaping community over the last couple of years. A mesh coil heats up instantly when you press your mod’s fire button. It produces enormous clouds. The droplet size of the vapor is extremely consistent, so you won’t ever feel like you’re “drinking” your e-liquid when you use a mesh coil. It’s a better experience in every way, and if you’re not using a tank with a mesh coil already, you really need to get one.

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