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Smokeless Delite Review

2016 Update: The Smokeless Delite website is no longer online. Why not take a look at my article about the best e-cigarette for beginners or the best e-cigarettes of 2016 instead?

Founded in 2008, Smokeless Delite is an older e-cigarette company that has managed to persevere and remain vital for four years in a changing industry. Smokeless Delite’s Premo e-cigarette starts at $29.95 and is designed to be as easy as possible for new e-smokers to simply pick up, charge, twist on a refill cartridge and begin e-smoking. All in all, I’m impressed with the product and believe it has some feature that may make you want to consider it over the competition. In my Smokeless Delite review, I’ll be describing those features and explaining how Smokeless Delite compares to the other e-cigarettes available.

Smokeless Delite Review

About Smokeless Delite

Smokeless Delite’s flagship product is the Premo e-cigarette. It’s an L88 model — the same size and shape as a king-sized cigarette — putting it in the same league as the Volcano and Blu e-cigarettes. However, while Volcano and Blu use two-part e-cigarettes with atomized cartridges, Smokeless Delite uses a three-part e-cigarette with a separate atomizer and cartridge. Atomized cartridges are also available but must be purchased separately.

If you’re reading this Smokeless Delite review because you’re about to buy your first e-cigarette, you’re probably wondering what these terms mean. In short, there are several different e-cigarette designs, but all of them include a heating element and flavored nicotine liquid. In a two-part e-cigarette, the nicotine liquid is sealed in a capsule with the heating element. Each time you replace the cartridge, you get a new heating element. In the Smokeless Delite three-part e-cigarette, the heating element is a separate component that screws into the battery, while the cartridges are plastic shells that you push over the heating element. Two-part e-cigarettes tend to have more expensive refill cartridges, but operate more reliably and are less prone to leaking. This is the system used by Volcano, Blu and V2, the company I recommend in my article about the best e-cigarette for beginners.

It isn’t entirely fair to disregard Smokeless Delite based on this difference, though, as Smokeless Delite also sells atomized cartridges at $24.99 per five-pack. Using one of these cartridges with the Premo e-cigarette requires an adapter that is included with all packs of atomized cartridges and most starter kits. The standard push-on cartridges cost $12.99 per five-pack.

Smokeless Delite Review

Smokeless Delite’s e-cigarette kits range in price from the $29.95 Premo Pleasure Kit to the $69.95 Elation Starter Kit. The Pleasure Kit includes a battery, atomizer and wall charger along with ten refill cartridges, while the Elation Kit includes two batteries, two atomizers, more charging accessories, 15 cartridges and a carrying case. You can buy refill cartridges whenever you like, but Smokeless Delite also offers an auto-ship program that sends cartridges automatically each month at a discount. The available flavors include Tobacco, Menthol, Energy Drink, Pineapple and Strawberry. Personally, I like the Tobacco and Pineapple flavors.

One fully charged Smokeless Delite battery will get you through about an hour of non-stop use. If you spread it out so each e-smoking session is about as long as smoking a real cigarette would be, then one charged battery is about the same as a half pack of cigarettes. One of the standard push-on cartridges should last through two battery charges, while the atomized “USA” cartridges will last slightly longer.

The benefit of using a small e-cigarette like the Smokeless Delite Premo is the fact that, as a smoker, you’ll feel completely comfortable with it. It’s the same size as a cigarette and works in the same way — just inhale to create vapor. The drawback is that you can get much better battery life from a larger battery such as the V2 Cigs battery. If you smoke more than half a pack of cigarettes each day, I strongly recommend choosing a Smokeless Delite starter kit that includes two batteries. Two fully charged batteries will give you the equivalent of up to a pack of cigarettes and will help you avoid downtime while you want for a dead battery to charge.

Smokeless Delite Review: The Pros

  • Small, familiar form factor
  • Auto-ship program is convenient and saves money
  • Lifetime warranty and money-back guarantee
  • Fair prices for starter kits

Smokeless Delite Review: The Cons

  • Refill cartridges priced higher than the competition
  • Three-part e-cigarette is sometimes unreliable
  • Two-part e-cigarette cartridges are available but not included with starter kits

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