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Purple Haze Seeds for an Intoxicating Experience

Made famous by the legendary Jimi Hendrix song “Purple Haze”, it is one of the most popular varieties of cannabis on the market to date. This strain of marijuana derives its name from its flowering seeds which produce an incredibly blissful high and excellent stimulation to your brain. It has been reported to actually lower stress and anxiety.

Purple Haze Seeds

It’s a hybrid created by its parent strains that are rare but potent – Purple Thai and Haze. Its intoxicating effects come from its genetic composition of 70% Sativa and 30% Indica. Purple Haze is very high in THC at 20% and the outstanding high is very popular and loved by experienced smokers. During the day hours, it’s unbeatable!

The Facts:

Flavor-wise – it’s flowery, earthy, and sweet. The taste is medium and its flowering time is between 9 to 10 weeks. The THC is quite high while its CBD is very low. It’s very easy to grow and is native to the Mediterranean. Its yield is quite high and can be cultivated both inside and outside. The genetic constitution is 30% Indica, 70% Sative, and 0% Ruderralis.

About Its Production:

Even though Purple Haze seeds are quite rare, they are worth running down. This strain of marijuana is extremely easy to grow, very resistant to diseases and pests, and flowers very quickly.

This is a perfect plant for those who are new to growing and can be grown inside or outside but flourishes best in sunny climates. If grown inside, lowering the temperature will help speed up the production of purple buds. Also, growing inside will reap 19 oz of cannabis per square meter within 9 weeks. Outdoors, the harvest will be ready toward the end of October with a yield of 16 oz.

Purple Haze does not require a lot of feeding because the increasing phosphorus during flowering will do just fine. The leaves should be checked regularly for dark green leaves and no signs of spots or discoloration.

Its Flavor & Character:

It’s a beautiful plant with brilliant bright green leaves, long-running buds, and purple hues. The flowers have a coating of trichomes with thick resin production, making it rather sweet and somewhat sticky. When cured, the flowers are rich in fruity and earthy tones. After being ground up, it offers a herbal aroma with a rich berry sweetness. The smoke is quite flavorful with a somewhat hashy taste.

For Medicinal Applications:

The effects from Purple Haze come on very quick and within minutes it creates a wonderful buzz in your head and throughout your body. Purple Haze is perfect for helping those who suffer from depression and stress by boosting their moods. This plant is also a great centrepiece for conversation. To start growing this plant and get rid of pain and miserable inflammation including headaches, cramps, and migraines.

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