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10 Types of PuffBar Vaping Flavors

What is PuffBar?

It is a small e-cigarette that fits in the pocket and looks like a pen drive. The cartridge is being heated up when you ignite it that heats up the vape liquid present in the device to create a vapor. You can use it for up to 300 puffs per disposal–almost equivalent to a packet of cigarettes. It also has almost 2% nicotine and 5% salt it is available in various flavors some of which we will be discussing in our article below.

PuffBar Vaping Flavors

The firm PuffBar, a brand name for e-cigarette related products was founded in Los Angeles, California, the United States back in 2009. They came up with a vision to provide the best alternative to the traditional cigarettes it came up with three agendas to accomplish their vision.

The first thing is that they made all devices simple so that the users do not have to research with a long length of time how to use them before they take their first vape and dispose of it as soon as they have used it.

Another thing that they kept into consideration is the pricing. Smoking is not cheap so the product they would sell should be able to provide health benefits within a reasonable price and that is exactly what they did. They are available at prices way lower than a packet of cigarettes.

Due to their growing popularity that comes with its team working effortlessly to bring in new innovation with its various flavors and staunch devices. They have available all across the United States now and also trying to expand overseas.

Top 10 Flavors offered by the company, Puffbar

Here are some of the best ten vaping flavors you can choose from their official page All the vaping device in the list is equipped with a 280mAH battery and has a direct drawn system. To start off the pre-filled device, just inhale it, after the juice and/or the battery is over, change it with anew PuffBar.

  1. Banana Ice – Available at $10.95, this may sound like a flavor mix up you may have never heard of. This has the odor of the bananas available in the equatorial regions. There is a cold menthol flavor added with the banana flavor that gives it a refreshing taste.
  2. Mango – This is amongst the most popular and also exotic flavors available. The secret, of course, lies in the special formula used to prepare this liquid that is both sweet and rich. This is available at 9.95USD
  3. Cucumber – The cucumber flavor has a mild refreshing flavor that is almost like the freshly plucked cucumber. There is also a slight tinge of menthol and ice. This is good for those who do not like anything sweet. It is a good all –day vape option. This is available at the Puffbar store for 9.95 USD.
  4. Menthol – This is a must be-option for any vape pen product line. The Puff Bar menthol provides the menthol smokers the best for its value. The spearmint menthol flavor gives the feel you would have while having a menthol cigarette or gum. This is available for 9.95 USD.
  5. Tobacco – This flavor is for those who cannot forget the flavor of their long left cigarettes or do have a sudden cigarette craving but have decided never to smoke again. The Puff Bar does have an earthly and mildly spicy flavor. A Puff Bar stick is available for 9.95 USD.
  6. Lush Ice – This contains a refreshing mixture of menthol and watermelon flavor that is enough to make you feel rejuvenated. This is available at PuffBar for 9.95 USD.
  7. Watermelon – The PuffBar is not exactly a slice of the original watermelon fruit but this has a distinctive flavor that is nearly close enough to the original taste. Using the e-cigarette of this flavor, you may also feel like you are having the original watermelon. This is also available at 9.95 USD from PuffBar.
  8. Strawberry – Filled with the flavor of natural strawberries, this is the perfect combination of juiciness and sweetness that will provide a genuine tang. Also available at PuffBar for 9.95 USD.
  9. Pineapple Lemonade– It feels like having a summer package in your hands. The lemonade offers a citrusy and sparkling flavor. The pineapple, on the other hand, gives a tangy-sweet flavor that makes you feel like you are strolling on the ice-cold water of the beach during a hot and lazy Sunday afternoon. This is available at PuffBar for 9.95 USD.
  10. Blueberry Ice – This is the great combination of the savory blueberry sweetness with an icy menthol that is equally refreshing. You can have it if you are looking out for a flavor that has a fruit that is not too sweet mixed along with the ice-cold menthol. This is available at PuffBar for 9.95USd as well.

Final Word

Although the top ten flavors have been provided here for you try out if you are a new kid in the block. However, do not miss the chance the experiencing the other fourteen flavors among the total pack of twenty-four flavors available at the online store-PuffBar. Do not forget it is tasty as well as health-friendly, which means having it will not have any adverse effects on your health unlike the usual tobacco-oriented products available in the market.

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